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  1. Really, I am thankful for this year. I have a really good job, moved to scottsdale, and i’m the healthiest i’ve ever been. ❤️
  2. I was up at 4am googling how to make keto stuffing because i can’t have turkey without stuffing. Someone help
  3. Will say this one time i was looking for my phone hard body and it was in my hand.
  4. He fell asleep eating. Why is my tortoise like me.
  5. Got a tortoise. His name is Raphael. Lil baby self just eats and sleeps for now.
  6. I used to eat like a little robin. Then he took me to a steakhouse and he knew he made a mistake
  7. Wondering why i let things happen regardless of the red flags.
  8. What kind, if i may ask? i had 3 baby ball pythons and one had pushed it’s way out of its cage. i got one of those hot packs and made a trap with a box. Put the hot pack under it in the location i thought he was and eventually he ended up under the box. I just kept looking. They are always looking for a warm place
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