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  1. Merry Easter or something.

  2. Happy Bunny Day!

    Don’t worry I rarely smoke. 😋
  3. Katt & I Are Having A Hot Sensual Sunday

    Whatever. Don’t listen to her we’re soul mates in the strictest sense of the word and when I say strict I mean goddam she’s a mean one!
  4. Katt & I Are Having A Hot Sensual Sunday

    Katt says hi to everyone! lol
  5. Katt & I Are Having A Hot Sensual Sunday

    Hi from us both! 😎
  6. Katt & I Are Having A Hot Sensual Sunday

    Yeah, she’s right here and we’re watching SheRa: Princess Of Power and laughing at how camp it is! lol
  7. Katt & I Are Having A Hot Sensual Sunday

    Well, we’re actually having tea and playing Mortal Kombat but it’s 62 degrees and still pretty hot!
  8. Random shit found on internet

    Found out about this movie and it happens to be on Tubi. Quite brilliant.
  9. Very sad today.

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this and being bipolar 2 I deal with major depression all the time. Suicidal ideation is very common in major depressive disorder and something you need to address with your doctor. Med adjustment is definitely most likely going to make you feel better. This is resource I have used a few times. They have a phone line, online chat line, even a phone text line. The people are great. Also, you can always talk to me. I’m not a doctor but I’ve been there. ((hugs)) http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
  10. Attention Whorin’

    Oh honey, you have no idea.
  11. Attention Whorin’

    She's mine all day tomorrow. 😁
  12. Happy Bunny Day!

    A little early but I'm feeling fucking festive!
  13. Do you have a porn addiction?

    @Poof I’m sorry to high jack this thread for a moment but I just wanted to say you are so beautiful! I’m jealous! 😁. Okay, that’s all!
  14. Do you have a porn addiction?

    I went through a short porn watching phase but it helped me understand my own sexuality. It was difficult to find what I enjoyed though which was transwoman on ciswoman. The actress Belladonna did a few of these scenes. It took a long time though to realize I just don’t like sex so I guess you could say I’m a pansexual asexual. I whored around in my 30s and I didn’t enjoy any of it. Honestly I would have sex with someone just so we could cuddle. So pathetic I know. Anyway, Sometimes I look at hentai but I just think it’s funny.
  15. She-Ra: Princess Of Power

    You can stream the entire She-Ra: Princess Of Power series on Tubi for free!!! Needless to say, you know what I’m doing tonight. 🤓