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  1. Not really but I'm thinking of staging a comeback. I have some karma to burn. And some arcs in the story that need to be set straight.
  2. https://tubitv.com/series/2097/magical_meow_meow_taruto I found it on TubiTV and it was in the Children's section and yeah, it's for kids but I absolutely adore it! You should really watch it!
  3. I found the Goddess within all things including myself. Don't forget to breathe.
  4. @Poof I'm so sorry you have had these experiences. I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry and offer you a long, empathetic hug. I won't go into a long post about myself but I can relate because I've pretty much been abused by men my whole life. Men who have bullied me as a child, men who have fetishized me sexually due to my size ("I'll date you but I need to keep it a secret because my friends and family might not accept you because of your weight" and yes, even though this happened a number of times I went along with it because I wanted someone to love me and find me attractive), men who have molested abused and sexually molested me as a child, and, just recently, an ex I thought was my friend, raped me in February of this year. It seems like my whole life I have been emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, and rejected by men. Anyway, I don't want to hijack your post but I just want you to know I understand and empathize and if you ever need to talk my inbox is always open. ((hugs))
  5. Spanks your ass for insulting Slipknot. Then gently massages your cheeks for liking Stone Sour.
  6. @The_Hound OMGFG! Someone else who loves Slipknot and Behemoth! Can I come with you? Since we're best friends now? lol No, seriously, I'm so envious! You're going to have an awesome time. I received "We Are Not Your Kind" in the mail the day before yesterday and put in my CD player in my car. It was like a religious experience. Now I just drive around smoking and blasting "Unsainted"! lol
  7. @Poof and @discolemonade are going to be in my first all-girl threesome! @midnight can watch if he promises not videotape and upload on XXHamster!
  8. I always try to lighten things up, bring more absurdity, comedy, satire, whatever around here and people always seem to get pissed off or act all condescending. Can't we all just get along around here. I can't thrive on negativity. Let's just chill!
  9. It's just for fun. I mean, it's not trolling Fuggs hooha but it's just innocent fun.
  10. I rarely wear make-up but when I do I go quite heavy with the black eyeliner. My question is what do you recommend for an inexpensive, waterproof, black eyeliner EXCLUDING liquid liner (I simply cannot work with that stuff)? I have tried L.A. Colors, Wet 'n Wild (which is probably the best I've tried but I still get raccoon eyes), Elf, and some Chinese stuff I ordered off Wish for $3. I know this is a trite, silly topic of discussion but I thought it worth throwing it out here on the boards to see if I can gain any feedback.
  11. lol Yeah, I live in nerdy tshirts, flared/wide boot cut jeans, flannel shirts, and faux Walmart Converse Chucks! I'm such a fashionista!
  12. Honestly, I get most of my clothes from thrift stores especially jeans and flannel shirts. My fandom t-shirts I get in the men's department at Walmart. But, there is one thrift store here that is super cheap and has jeans for like $3 and often has "all clothes $1" sales quite often. I even get my boxer shorts, bras, and socks from there occasionally (about $.50 per boxer, bra, pair of socks) which is kind of gross to some people but a little bleach in my wash takes care of my germaphobia. I don't have much luck with shoes at thrift stores so I get mine at Walmart most of the time and they're around $10. Being on disability/Social Security has taught me a lot about being a frugal shopper but I've always kinda shopped at thrift stores it's just now I rely on them more heavily. I don't care about brands but I have Calvin Klein jeans that I paid $1 for and many, many Marvel tshirts from Walmart that were only $5.
  13. Now, now, you can't say that, you have to pick to someone. That's the cardinal rule! But, I'll let it slide since it's you.
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