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  1. The Bunny Brigade

    There are the cutest bunnies in my yard under my window. Two of them are so small and adorable and then there is mama watching over them. I put some bread and I opened a can of carrots for them last night. Things like this remind me that there is beauty in the world and life isn’t always so bleak and painful. I wish I could get closer to take some pictures.
  2. One Way I’m Celebrating Pride

    I believe it’s going to be rather fun. I bought a couple of water pistols at the Dollar Tree and I’m going to fill them with water and glitter and @katt_goddess and I are going to drive around glittering bombing people and yelling Happy Pride Month!
  3. Best Soup In The World

    It will help your tummy, feel good on your throat, relax you and basically cure everything that is going wrong with your rotting corpse of your body. It’s usually $2.78 at Walmart but right now the Dollar Tree has it for a $1 so I bought a whole case!
  4. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

    Have any of you read any of Cassandra Clare’s novels: The Infernal Devices Series, The Shadowhunters Series? They’re YA fiction but absolutely amazing! I’m giving a book review of The Clockwork Angel at the local library next week. I definitely recommend these books 📚!
  5. Pneumonia Sucks!

    I went to the walk-in clinic today and apparently I have pneumonia again. I’m coughing up a lung, my chest hurts when I breathe, my whole body is in pain and I’m too broke to go to Starbucks. Please pity me.
  6. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    Er, no. Just no.
  7. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    I hate wearing a bra but I have a bad back and I want be flat chested if I’m feeling male. I used to wish I had huge knockers when I was young like GGG cups lol! I’m still jealous of Katt’s boobs though. lol
  8. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    Okay, here is a picture of my rack. Seriously, it’s nonexistent.
  9. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    I want to first of all clarify that my boobs aren’t that big. Just a DD cup. But, I wear bras and clothes to minimize the appearance of my breasts or bras that bind them so I can pass as more androgynous. Anyway, over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that when I run Dow to the local convenience stores and I’m too lazy to wear a bra the men working there will often give me thing: free drink refills, free slices of pizza, free whatever and I catch them staring at my rack. Keep in mind my boobs are floppy and saggy so WTF gives? Any theories would be greatly appreciated.
  10. See? A lot of people gain weight after being put on antipsychs

    Yeah, I’ve gained about 40lbs. since I was put on Seroquel three years ago. It doesn’t make me eat more per se it just facilitates the cravings for carbs. I’m thinking of asking my doctor to switch me to Abilify or Geodon which are more weight gain neutral.
  11. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    Me first thing in the in morning. Well, first thing in the afternoon since I don’t do mornings.
  12. Pinterest

    I quite enjoy hanging out on Pinterest! I can look at dog and cat memes along with a billion other things that I’m interested in and I don’t have to be on Facebook which I’ve come to loathe. I’m not really into cooking recipes or arts and crafts type stuff but I’ve found some cool DIY skincare recipes and stuff. Are there any other Pinterest fans here? What do you like to pin?
  13. From 11pm To 3am...

    @PhilosipherStoned honey, you really can’t take anything I say literally. Even Katt never knows when I’m joking or not and we’ve been friends for 25 + years. Oh, and that energy drink sounds nightmarish. Lol
  14. Video Greeting To Uneven Edge

    Hmm...good question. I don’t know. I grew up here but I live with my elderly, disabled mom and she’s from Mississippi. Perhaps I’ve picked up some of her accent?