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  1. Starting a church when most are still shut down due to Covid restrictions? I say go for it.
  2. The_annoying_one


    Music is always a 'yes'...unless it's a 'no'.
  3. Don't think I wasn't tempted. 😋😅😅🤒😋😅 Sorry for all the smileys. Tablet/internet are fucking up right now. And to everyone else, thank you for your support in these trying times.
  4. Happened about 8 hours ago, and I'm still not fully over it. Guuuuuhhhhh.......
  5. My name is The_annoying_one, but you may call me Cousin It.
  6. Why do I suddenly hear the theme to Deliverance in my head?
  7. Looks like something I'd watch sometime. Or not. I'm very forgetful.
  8. I can't say I've ever taken an interesting shit, much less talked about it.
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