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  1. In Soviet Russia, poncho fucks you!
  2. Cats are assholes. Maybe get a dog instead.
  3. I read that as "Gonorrhea". Just thought you should know that. *awkwardly exits thread*
  4. I'm gonna have "Good" stuck in my head all night now.
  5. Felt like 117 the other day. 99 today almost felt like winter, by comparison.
  6. Maybe she was catnapped.
  7. Just forget about forgetting it, and then you'll..... Wait...what was I saying?
  8. I haven't seen df in weeks. Nevermind the fact that I haven't been here in weeks...>_>
  9. Eh...I'd probably watch it.
  10. HailNado Coming soon to SyFy.
  11. Why do I seem to forget everything, except for what I want to forget?
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