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  1. Thanks, man. That’s exactly why I’ve been posting so much lately. I don’t mean to burden you with my problems, though.
  2. I still prefer people on the internet over people in the real world. >_> Sorry. Can’t seem to shake this cynical mood I’ve been in lately. 😆
  3. Yeah, I’ve been lurking/reading it all. I don’t know what to make of it. You’re more than welcome to stay here, though. 😋
  4. And having fun is what it’s all about! I just….overthink things sometimes. >_>
  5. Random observation for today (2-3-23): I’m starting to think this thread feels like “What Are You Thinking About?” and “Haters/Complainers” both rolled up into one. I’m not a plagiarist, people! I promise! I’m just a little….unoriginal and lazy. >_> That’s worse, isn’t it?
  6. Careful what you wish for, man. Also….bots have birthdays???
  7. This is me as well, 1000%. I HATE being complimented. 😅
  8. That was the most interesting video I’ve seen in quite some time. I shudder to think of multiple mes running around this world, though. Nobody needs that. 😂
  9. Are you really sure we’re not long-lost twins? I mean, this post alone makes me think you may know me better than I know myself. You are most certainly NOT too much. 😛
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