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  1. Does anyone wanna share this acct?

    To those of you who were invited - don't be afraid to raise this account to 500 post asap!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Will Smith

    Eating popcorn watching Will Smith movies right now!!!
  3. Does anyone wanna share this acct?

    I am here to make drama fun again! However this account will not participate in any drama by adding to i! I wish to block no one!
  4. Does anyone wanna share this acct?

    Keeping in character with the cuteness and harmlessness of this account I will be blocking you momentarily if you continue this! Have a good evening!
  5. Bowsette (NSFW)

  6. Bowsette (NSFW)

    you've trigged my trap card
  7. Does anyone wanna share this acct?

    Invites are going out to responsible users! Please don't ruin this for everyone!!!
  8. Bowsette (NSFW)

    I will never tell anyone who i am only admins and mods can rat me out and if they do then so be it but it will ruin the fun of this.
  9. Bowsette (NSFW)

  10. in the middle of my spam fest

    i keep hitting next thread by accident i apologize to those ive hit with the spam train
  11. Bowsette (NSFW)

    oops wrong thread
  12. Come here for me to follow you.

    im trying ok im busy
  13. Does anyone wanna share this acct?

    The rules would be Don't tell anyone who you are Do not participate in drama Only reply to drama with the main gif response . If you make normal replies to threads - keep them simple and on topic of OP Does that sound cute?
  14. Does anyone wanna share this acct?

    Is that an allowable thing? Albeit, the list of people I could trust with it is small - but I'm willing if your bodies are ready.
  15. //> those damn lantern flys./

    Please kill them as soon as you see them. They must be killed.