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  1. Finally picked up Dune, been reading it a lot lately and god damn is it good.
  2. I think my favorite part is this still took significantly more effort than the majority of NFTs being peddled
  3. Share pictures of your small loved ones! Cats, lizards, rats, all kinds! (I did a search and didn't see one of these! If I'm wrong and missed it please let me know!)
  4. Rereading Kanojo, Okarishimasu raw, starting with the high school outfit date. <.< I don't know why I just got really into the series, more than I usually do, and I impulsively bought 1-15 vols raw and have been using it to learn and practice, and it's great to have my S/O to clear up things I miss If you told me I'd be actually invested in some ecchi romcom manga I'd have scoffed, but holy shit I love it.
  5. Kasaga, same name as on before. :v
  6. Yeah, I knew her full name, I just don't know remember her RL name. I'm gonna hit him up.
  7. depends on how you play your cards i guess
  8. i've forgotten a lot of important people at the time. seeing "ESR" makes me thing that she was the person that was a really close friend who actually really helped me out on some stuff and I never heard back from. If esr was who I'm thinking of, I hope I can tell her thanks.
  9. Mine is more of a mess. (i have no idea how i'm going to clean this all up before you guys come this weekend)
  10. idk at some point i just wrote names of everyone in my IB social circle or something. details are hazy, I just uncovered it the other day.
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