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  1. Sorry if I was too much of a twat to you back in the day
  2. Winter is coming again and I’m not happy about it. Last year got into the negatives. My lease doesn’t end until the end of next summer so I’m basically stuck here for a bit. I want to move but don’t know where to move to. Cornfield, Ohio is a nice enough place to live. Relatively little crime, most of my friends are here, and I can ope with the best of them. I just never want to see ice or snow again. Maybe that’s why it’s cheap here. Things are nice but winters are misery. It’s a trade. I could move a bit south and be closer to family but their summers will end me. My sweet spot is 30-70f. Those kinds of places seem to be a fucktillion dollars though. Blah.
  3. ITasteLikeSex


    That’s a person, not a lake
  4. “Why didn’t you go to college” ”Why didn’t you get a real job” ”Why do your socks make the laundry room smell weird”
  5. 2x4 to the head and literally drag her to a doctor
  6. Force her somehow. Intervention, ultimatum, whatever.
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