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Do you think we actually went to the moon?


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I want to ruin this with a bit of astronomy or at least question the angle..

because if little sea monkeys entered the moons atmosphere wouldn't that make the earth the man?

plus the first encounter... still debated, and correct me if it's not, but the moon rammed the earth..

and it kept a little chunk of the moon to remember the occasion.


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 I have been looking at shit light years away?

Do you honestly think NASA would be lying about sending people into space when theres still astronauts

getting bad press for coming back manic and wearing a diaper so she wouldn't have to stop along the way on her journey to fuck up her ex husband.. or whatever her motiv was I forget.

NASA is a joint operation with other nations that would sell the u.s. out if it's leaders were to fabricate as much as skeptics claim.

That's my stance anyway. 

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11 minutes ago, PhilosipherStoned said:

The technology..that was or wasn't may have been discontinued.

but that doesn't mean NASA doesn't have better means and tech they could use at this point.

The problem is funding. 

Nope it actually isnt. Ive seen video of nasa saying they cant do it

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1 hour ago, fuggstop said:

Nope. The technology to go to the moon isnt available now today. Look it up.

you realize that a cover up that large would have required the Soviet Union of the 60's to not only cooperate with not calling us out, but to also have faked their footage of Yuri Gagarin going to space in 1961 and have the US also not call them out? think of two major world powers that hated each other more than the US and the Soviet Union in the 1960s. there wasn't one

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wrong year
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1 hour ago, DoubleDoink said:

No, all the equipment we left up there, footprints, and rover tracks that high powered telescopes can see has always been there.

What a fucking moron.

Don't forget Alan Shepard's golf ball.

Yeah, we landed on the Moon.  

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