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  1. Heres the last thing ill say about it as someone who has been doing stand up for four years. First of all this isnt a race issue. Will wasnt supposed to "play nice for the white folks" he was supposed to conduct himself like a professional. If he felt some type of way he could have pressed chris after. There are obvious double standards here. Ive heard comics (professional and local) rip on dudes for having no hair and nobody bats an eye. But one millionaire actress princess gets the same treatment and you really think the comic deserves to be physically attacked? Please never come to a comedy show. Chris Rock didnt do anything but there are plenty of comics who will. This is why im trying to close this "we can attack comics that offend us now" door some people seem bent on opening because the fresh prince did it and mostly got away with it. It wont end well for anyone. At best youll just get kicked out. At worst youll get your shit rocked and go to fucking jail. Seriously lets be adults here. Walking up to someone in the middle of the show and doing a bunch of yelling after you land a weak ass smack in a setting where that type of shit isnt expected doesnt make you a man. Walking up on the dude man to man and confronting him about it and going from there does but its all good. Hes rich so he can assault people and its cool i guess lol idk. I think youd be singing a completely different tune if it was your man that got smacked. Secondly lets not pretend that baldness is a fucking disability. Shes not in a wheelchair or handicapped in anyway. She cant grow her hair. Thats very sad but again dudes get that rip all the time and nobody gets smacked for it Bottom line if you think running up on comics and popping them because you didnt like something they said is ok i really hope you dont pop the wrong one lol
  2. Lmao so weinstein, epstein, and pauly shore just never happened in his mind?
  3. I insulted this dude for having a douchey haircut and he showed me girls he fucked on tinder and called me ugly lol thats as bad as its gotten for me 😂
  4. I dont disagree it was a bad joke but chris rock was up there doing his job. You dont just walk up and crack someone while theyre working. Especially over that weak ass joke. Willard was clearly being commanded by jada. Dude was laughing hard af till she looked at him sideways. He looks corny for that. He looks even cornier for stealing on a 120 pound 60 year old man and not dropping him
  5. If i fucked him up im sure you cucked him too lol
  6. Css can suck my mediocre penis
  7. Dude took me 3 tries. Lol wtf he was waaaay easier than margit. Slow ass windups, predictable patterns and a light ass second phase. I expected way worse
  8. Go get some ass. Fuck you doing here? Lol
  9. This is really how ive felt since bloodborne and you worded it funny af 😭 Not all the bosses are ugly. Dancer from ds3 can catch meat
  10. Hey how did you get over this? This shit shook me mainly because i could have been seriously injured and i never thought it would happen to me. Serious question lol
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