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  1. Lol at least he's not a PC MaSTeR RaCe snob
  2. Shit was trash fr. Idk why they did it
  3. I'll take it. I've done much worse lol
  4. I think I make a decent towel haired chick lol
  5. Yes that's always in the rotation
  6. God ppl where kudo whores back in the day
  7. I will NEVER quit comedy. This is simply so I can have more stability in my life while I go for it. I'm tired of being broke lol
  8. I'm used to that man. Lol that's been my entire life.
  9. Definitely money.I'm sick and tired of being poor. Thank you for responding man. It'll really help with the decision.
  10. I'm very happy today. I have the opportunity to go back to school for next to nothing and honestly I'm excited to get on track to make a better life for myself. The program I'm in has several degrees available and I've narrowed it down to two. They are bachelor's degrees so it's nothing advanced. I'm either going to study cybersecurity or IT. I'm not sure which degree will have more carryover. It's hard to decide which one will be more beneficial. I know certs are more important. I plan on getting those when I have extra money. What do y'all think?Btw if you're gonna troll or joke I'm going to ignore it.
  11. No idea bro. It was a magical time tho. Me and my cuz would sit up all night drinking vanilla coke and watching that corny shit. Then we'd play dragon ball z. Which was a game that just consisted of us fighting and he'd always whoop my ass. I could take a punch pretty good for a child tho
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