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  1. I know you're probably wondering.. WHAT RACE IS THAT GUY!?!??!?!
  2. Yeah he said that his dad is from india......his moms from Japan ....HE'S LIKE HAROLD AND KUMAR!
  3. Update: submissions are closed and judging is 1/3rd of the way done. Once it's finished I will post the final results.
  4. I'm seeing so many jokes about Kobe's death on my fb. Made mostly by garbage comics that never get on shows. Shit's fucking stupid.
  5. Like idk if i'm sad or not tbh. I just feel like it's really weird
  6. thanks man. Hopefully I'm slaying noobs with Geno tonight
  7. Thanks man. I'm getting a battery and a soldering iron today
  8. Thanks for the help y'all. I know it's just a game but it just sucks that I lost everything. I'm pretty bummed and I'm gonna sleep it off. Life's a cunt sometimes.
  9. If it were to be changed could my data be restored?
  10. I was considering trying to do a playthrough and save but I'm so disheartened I'm just going to bed I might have to trade it in
  11. I went to play Super Mario RPG and my save file is just gone. Like wtf I checked several other games and everything is there so there must just be a problem with Mario RPG. I had a similar thing happen with Glover. Very fucking disappointing to say the least.
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