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  1. I'm legitimately not good at anything

    I even suck at posting lmao damn can't catch a break
  2. There's stuff I like to do, but I fucking suck at pretty much all of it. The only thing I'm really good at is being above average looking. And that has nothing to do with me It's really a bitch when you're mediocre at everything you try. It's fucking frustrating. Sometimes I really think I should just give up on everything and focus on just making the rest of my life comfortable. Because I can honestly say none of my passions are ever going to get me anywhere. Some people have it and I just don't. Sometimes you just gotta be real. This is me being real. Sorry to bother yall with this but I can't vent like this anywhere else. If I do this on any of my social media I'll just get hit with bullshit like "DONT SAY THAT YOURE SOOOO TALENTED!" and that's part of the problem. People never wanna be real and just tell you when you're trash I can vent here and just get out how I'm really feeling because none of you have any reason to kiss my ass and fill my head with bullshit. Btw I'm not looking for pity or really anything. I just really need to vent. Because I've felt this way for a really long time but lately I've really been feeling it, and I feel like I can't tell anyone in my personal life. Again, don't pity me. I've made my bed and I'll sleep in it eventually. I just needed to bitch a little bit. Disregard this shit.
  3. flip flops weather has arrived

    Fuck Elvis. He's a child molester. People accuse Micheal Jackson with no proof. Yet don't give Elvis shit when he knowingly fucked a 14 year old
  4. sex dream w/uemb member

    That picture really disturbs me for some reason
  5. sex dream w/uemb member

    I'm paying you 14 muh fuckin smackaroons. So you best be shutin tf up 😡
  6. sex dream w/uemb member

    I sith Lord can take it
  7. flip flops weather has arrived

    Look I'm just saying there's all those mountains and not a lot to do
  8. sex dream w/uemb member

    It better be a megabus
  9. You guys ever see the Garth Brooks Facebook video?

    I was waiting for a song to start the whole time lol
  10. sex dream w/uemb member

    I want gunstar to dress up like the magic School bus chick and whip me
  11. Who's more talented?

    You just introduced me to new Layne. Love ya betch!
  12. sex dream w/uemb member

    I better be bleeding after Knock my teeth down my throat. And I want you to dress up like one of the big bad beetle borgs.
  13. flip flops weather has arrived

    Neither of us are from Tennessee so these are just jokes
  14. sex dream w/uemb member

    Tease 🙁
  15. sex dream w/uemb member

    Well that's absolutely disgusting! As soon as I'm done shopping for syringes online I'm telling everyone how gross you are