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  1. Here's the last thing I'll say (for real this time lol) If you don't like a joke you can leave the show, rip the dude on social media, complain to the club owner etc. Don't assault people cause you didn't like a joke. You could end up in jail, beat tf up, or even shot. My only goal in this debacle was trying to discourage the four people that come here from thinking its acceptable to come to a comedy show with the mindset of committing physical violence over a joke. Simple. I didn't set out to hurt anyone's feelings or disparage their race. Also, as a new member of the white race I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize for existing ha. But fr that's it. It was a bad joke. Will Smith didn't face consequences. Normal people will. Love, King Dick
  2. I said from the beginning it was a bad joke lol. Not defending the joke, I defend his right to tell it as a comic. I hate jokes about rape and pedophilia. I think they are shit garbage, but I don't walk on stage and slap every open mic comic (of which there are many) that tell them.
  3. See I didn't know this before i posted anything. My entire life I was under the impression that it affected everyone equally. While I do certainly feel sympathy for the black women affected by it and apologize for my initial ignorance, I stand behind my opinion that will smith was wrong.
  4. Nah lol nothing here can affect me like that. I was just speaking facts. Why tf would I keep posting if I was mad. Although this is that popularity contest shit I was talking about lol
  5. Bruh when did alopecia become a race specific illness? That's a serious question cause as far as I knew it can affect anybody of any race.
  6. I'm apache Cherokee and Pueblo Indian. Idk why this is even being brought up. This whole thing started because the fresh prince slapped pookie 🤣
  7. Bruh that wasn't much of a joke. It was light trolling. And I ain't sweating shit. This is the most I've posted here in like two years
  8. Not sure how? You don't see how completely disregarding someone's heritage (which they take a great deal of pride in) and calling them white is wrong? It's no different than when a black person doesn't use slang and ignorant mfs say that person is "acting white". I can't with yall 🤣 I get there are certainly social rungs to this, but two wrongs don't make a right. You can agree with her stance on Rock's joke without completely disregarding me as a minority. How many native Americans do you see walking around? Not many. We were mostly wiped out and guess who did it 😲
  9. This will be my last response to this because we're obviously never going to see eye to eye although I do agree with you that punching down is generally hack. To reiterate, I do not think his joke was good, but I defend his right to make it within the context of him being a hired performer. Also lol you know damn well it ain't in my head. People don't hate me here but if you think for one second they aren't automatically going to take you're side because they rock with you more, you're choosing to ignore the dynamic this weird ass message board is built on. Have a good day. I mean that sincerely
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