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  1. It's all dumb ass decisions and qtes. I got this game for free and I want my money back foh 🖕
  2. Do that shit dry and keep it short. We got work to do mf
  3. Can't deny it anymore 😂 I mean there's still cool ppl here mfs just don't have time to make bomb ass threads anymore
  4. Nah homie they beat that shit into the mf ground
  5. Kano was great but they really beat his schtick into the ground
  6. Well they beat the whole "look they're saying fuck! Funny huh?" Angle to fucking death
  7. Ehhh. It was aight. There was a lot of weird plot holes and shit I wasn't too happy about. I almost walked out when johnny cage wasn't in the first thirty minutes
  8. You will or you won't. Either way you're a human being that deserves love.
  9. Its called The Boonies. It's on a bunch of stuff. I know for a fact it's on Amazon Prime. Watch it! Or don't lol idk
  10. Lit. You got mushrooms and onions on that shit?
  11. I'll eat pretty much anything except fucking coconut. Fuck coconut
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