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  1. Bama is playing like fucking trash against Tennessee. Bullshit
  2. I remember that shit. Didn't someone have like 12 lol
  3. Tbe only reason you'd ban me is to be cheeky about this thread. Don't be an extension of the purse
  4. Loved you bb Seriously she was so dope.
  5. Lol I actually loved the helpers. Especially Duzie.
  6. If I was a mod just do whatever the fuck you want. Act like a bitch your nuts will get slapped. That's it.
  7. Damn right. I made a thread about getting a famous chick pregnant lol. If a famous chick ever wants to have sex with me imma try lol
  8. Wtf is a yockel? 🤣🤣🤣
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