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  1. Yup. Lol I was looking for a fire suit and an ice resistant suit. Lol my dumb ass
  2. Probably killed himself after he saw his crotch, mate
  3. Look closer. My man is smiling with eyes wide open lol
  4. Oh thats facts. She's BOUGIE. She needs a little dude that she can walk all over and drain his wallet while she gets banged out by like 10 different dudes 🙄
  5. Not a wuss just naked
  6. Don't matter how big he is. You can't let another man bounce your head like a basketball and not do shit. Thats a bitch move yo. If you get knocked out you get knocked out, but at least you stood up
  7. yea but he was garbage. He got slid too and didn't do shit lol
  8. but I found them! Didn't even look it up. Makes me feel so accomplished
  9. I'm cool with bare. My place looks like an army barracks half the time. Three hots and cot, bitch!
  10. Thats my dude lol. you dont talk shit on doc z
  11. If it's any consolation I'm not doing all that great myself
  12. I'm very sorry. I'm here if you need to vent. I'm bored af anyway.
  13. Best of luck man. That can be scary shit. Do whatever the fuck that doctor tells you.
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