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  1. It says el torro grotto. It was a masons lodge in this little podunk neighborhood. Lol I thought it was a Mexican restaurant but that logo was the most ethnic thing in there 😅
  2. Ok bump just to show yall the range of gigs I have to do lol. Last night I did a show full of crazy twenty somethings that screamed hail Satan. Tonight, fucking church ladies lol. I had to be 100% clean couldn't so much as curse. Went well tho
  3. They had gas heaters on the wall. That's it. This room looked straight out of 1976
  4. YO! No worries man. We don't deserve it this year. Our defense is trash. I honestly just hope Tua plays football again. I feel horrible that his career is in jeapordy. Clemsons bout to win it all lol
  5. It really was. I thought I knew rowdy crowds. I didn't know shit
  6. It was a lot of fun in an uncontrollable chaotic way lol. I wouldn't mind doing it again for like $50
  7. I gotta get paid to do that shit again lol It was a fun challenge but I can't be doing that shit for free. There was a table yelling Hail Satan! after almost every joke I told lol
  8. Craziest fucking show ever. I have no voice and my stomach hurts from yelling. They were a mosh pit type crowd all the way. I was performing between bands (really good bands btw) These people immediately started screaming as soon as I went up. They were hyping up every single word I said. It was insane. I had to match there energy to the point I was actually screaming my jokes at the top of my lungs and I had to take my coat off because I was so damn hot lol. They were just insane. When I got a laugh they went fucking crazy. Jumping up and down and bashing on tables and shit. Making them laugh made them that much crazier. Doesn't help that I was the last comedian to go up and they had been drinking for five hours. They were all fucking wasted. I have a joke about a kid named Dylan bullying me. When i said his name they almost didn't let me tell the joke. They were too busy screaming "FUCK DYLAN! HE'S A FUCKING PUSSY!." These people even chanted my punchlines. For a brief moment I felt like a cult leader. I repeated a joke for two ladies that walked in and this guy said " YOU ALREADY TOLD THAT FUCKING JOKE!" to which another dude responded "WELL HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO REPEAT HIMSELF IF YOU'D JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Shit got really intense and a fight nearly broke out. At one point a random lady screamed out that she had hepatitis. I think she was serious. For the first and only time in my comedic career I had no idea wtf to do. It was wild man. Just the most insane cluster fuck you can fathom. Ironic part is that all proceeds from the show went to mental health lol
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