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  1. Got fucking jury duty

    Dude there's no way they'll pick me up for two years lol ill piss myself everyday
  2. Got fucking jury duty

    I don't have time for all this shit tho lol. Btw your icon is cute
  3. Got fucking jury duty

    Shit I would rather go to jail for a couple days than sit in court early in the morning lol
  4. Got fucking jury duty

    What if I say I have a contagious horrible disease?
  5. Got fucking jury duty

    Cool I got both of those
  6. Got fucking jury duty

    I don't do courts and I don't do mornings. Shit is boring as fuck. I'd rather watch fucking paint dry
  7. Got fucking jury duty

    Hypothetically how do I get out of this bullshit? FUCKING CUNT
  8. You're not useless

    You can get laid Your ex was wrong Fuck the haters Idk who needs to see this but if it helps one person I feel good. Happy Father's day you fucking virgins
  9. The last five people who viewed your profile...

    Something like the hangover 3. Poof, shmagx, Vela and bnmjy go to Vegas. Bnmjy gets kidnapped for trying to flash people vagina pics they didn't ask for. Poof goes femme fatale on Mexican gangsters. Explosion. A sex scene somewhere in the mix.....credits
  10. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    Its 4am and I'm dressed like this doing a weird ass movie
  11. I think i cum too much per day.

    My record is 4. After 2 it was basically work
  12. One Way I’m Celebrating Pride

    This. That might really piss off some people lol
  13. I think cumming everyday is bad for energy

    This thread should die.
  14. I think cumming everyday is bad for energy

    Aw fuk bye
  15. I think cumming everyday is bad for energy

    Finally someone who isn't constantly fucking lol apparently everyone here stays busting nuts all the damn time.