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  1. that's it. the whole thing will provide only 35 permanent jobs all the rest are temp work
  2. I have. I been fighting with my Trump friends now because they keep crying about some pipeline and I'm like "GET SOME FUCKING SOLAR PANELS"
  3. she'd encourage because she likes renewable energy
  4. mostly "NWO" and "deep state" related ones and the idea that politicians and Hollywood actors were part of a pedophile ring
  5. because I have a bad habit of buying into conspiracy theories
  6. yeah I was unfortunately. but that might work out because I can try to get other ones to see my point of "give Biden a chance" from the inside
  7. I have a lot of work ahead of me Trump supports and Q anons to see it this way. I'll start with my own mother
  8. like his mask mandate only applies to federal property. that's not near a draconian as I was expecting
  9. I don't really care about that. I told my Trump support friends "just give Biden a chance" too. and I woke up to the fact Q anon is nonsense I told them that too LOL
  10. it gives me a sense of deniability so if the politicians fuck up, I had zero part of it. also my state is super red, it would go for Trump if I voted for him or not.
  11. I know I talked a lot of shit, but I don't think Biden is really that bad. I think he'll do alright as president. give the old guy a chance
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