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  1. no man Christeans worship Yaldabaoth and atheists worship the fake reality he made The first time Sierra ever did anal I said that I would only put part of it in but I lied and put it all in there sorry if TMI
  2. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ain't seen yuu in while. listen man go look it up, or don't it doesn't really matter in the end you're in the dream of Azathoth
  3. from the inbetween I say to you you everything is false. inbetween thr shadows and the light Christians and Atheists are both the same thing to me because they both worship the false god Yaldabaoth
  4. meddings and I are great friends and we talk every damn day! All hail meddings! yes! that's something, right?
  5. lurky lurk lurk

  6. I'm okay even if I'm not, I thrive in darkness and love it 😁
  7. oh okay I should know better than to get upset 😁
  8. just leave me alone and don't talk to me if you're going to act like this.
  9. the colored names pop out more.
  10. I traveled in time once to look at some other guy traveling in time
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