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  1. I never actually played anything but the starting thing so I might suck.
  2. yeah Far Cry New Dawn is the same map in a post-apocalypse
  3. and my brother in law comes up in my room and says "what no Dark Souls" and I'm like "this is real life, I'm in Montana right now, motherfucker!" and that game is set in Montana and it's a lot like the real Montana. to make a long story short, I once went to Montana for a bag of weed and ended up having to burn down a forest rangers station in Yellowstone park
  4. yeah it's Dark Souls 3. if you ever get that game and need help I can down most bosses in a couple of shots. I Make OP builds
  5. nobody likes to PVP me in this game because I got a one-shot spell on a lvl 48 character
  6. Add Mini_ghost420 to PSN I need more PSN friends. I might ignore this thread go on PSN and bitch at me about it
  7. most of the family on my mom's side are truckers
  8. I just walked the dog but that's coming soon. once it gets back here I will be gone for a while until I am summoned back by Fuggz. I know but she has the power to summon me at will
  9. I became trained by a Golden Dawn member. that's kind of why I got excommunicated from the Mormon Church
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