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  1. Also odin: my first time in ib we bonded over shredder saying, “THEY’RE BABIES! AHHH!”
  2. From old boards. kneon_knight verpetas/welp the_entertainer—we used to cam and voice sex a lot, so i guess that counts as meeting lmao. @Derackthehunter @crackymckrackin because perseus was bae and my secret mod crush
  3. @scoobdog @That_One_Guy @André Toulon @Poof I wanted to meet rogue when we lived closer. I already met Musket and SmilezDavis. @stilgar @Misaka I might meet mumbo for lols, but he scares me. Saved my pics and just talked about his ex wife. @God-Says-No @ghostrek
  4. Just like you shut up my thread that was reopened? get the fuck out of here
  5. If it is ok for him to do what fuggs did and have his account safe, am i allowed to do the same?
  6. I get a headache and gas. :T
  7. I haven’t been there in a long time. I like the biscuits.
  8. I use an avatar because i liked using the ones on asmb. i put pictures in the picture thread and i don’t like people to know too much about me. Hence, no profile section.
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