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  1. It sure is sugary! Woop woop!
  2. Lol! What makes you say that dawg? Faygo is actually pretty good! Woop woop!
  3. You gotta know where to look! Woop woop!
  4. They have those at Walgreens too! I have not tried them yet! Lol! Woop woop!
  5. The Fruit Punch one is definitely my favorite! Woop woop!
  6. Word! That is one of my cousin's faves! Ha ha! Woop woop!
  7. Aw man! That really stinks! I've been a huge fan of that show since it came out! Dang! Woop woop!
  8. Wow! I can't wait to return to Middle Earth! This ish is gonna be lit, fam! Woop woop!
  9. Wow! You really did a good job cleaning up there dawg! My kitchen is pretty messy too! Lol! Woop woop!
  10. A close 2nd for me, would be Cotton Candy! Woop woop!
  11. I went to the DMV with my cousin one time! It was dope! Woop woop!
  12. Yo. What's ya'lls favorite flavor of Faygo dawg? Mine is Firework! Woop woop!
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