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  1. Not that anybody views sigs anymore anyway.... It's for T-Shirt printing. Feel free to use if you're an MF DOOM fan.
  2. I honestly don't remember that one somehow...Oh her name was Popclaw.. Female Wolverine on super mollly I remember now. I had to look it up she doesnt get much screentime lol. How someone can forget something like this idk... I guess I've seen some pretty scarring shit.
  3. Which one I think I somehow forgot lol. There's a lot of good scenes in my defense though.
  4. Djinns are a cultural staple in a way and a way more massive construct....fuck Disney and fuck their street rat musical rip off of One Thousand And One Nights. If it wasn't for Robin Williams that shit what've been trash all around. There I said it. Good night.
  5. I didn't realize that was a side effect. I think I've tried a product or two that uses it and didn't notice that. I kind of dig the whole Vegata V thing I got going on anyway though so I've never bothered with the shit that much. Seems like too much of a pharmacuetical cash cow.
  6. It's late and I still got all my Power Points. Think I'm gonna go take care of that.
  7. I never have to log into this place even if I leave for a week.
  8. They should make an app for that.. SMh I bet it already exists somewhere.
  9. Same. The attitude of that one does seem familiar though. People are calling him Tic lol. I don't really give a shit either to be honest just curious because the two are popping in and out of threads together like the dumb and duumber crew.
  10. Oh you're talking about some dumb nabs-pasta in DF. Didn't look all that exciting to me.
  11. No. Should I be for whatever inspired the latest pool of alts?
  12. Yeah cable will be phased out altogether soon by the looks of things.. In my adult life I've never even paid for 'cable' tv. I did satellite for a bit..but if you know what you're doing WHY? I don't think there's anything more I can add to that. Even my trainer says the same shit to customers...and I thought I was being kind of...harsh on the shit with the last contracting company I worked for.. At least this company seems on the same page with the parent plus some..
  13. Is it even on the roof.. I feel like I asked you this before... I need more alcohol..
  14. Eww.. Yeah that sounds like RG 59, but damn your using a roof top antenna. Good luck with that lol IDK. I mean shit like that really isn't even worth the effort these days imo.
  15. I should;ve done that, but I was abit overwhelmed with running cable into old rich people's houses that didn't honestly know jack about shit.. I'll get this though..Really the weirdest part of being a 'cable guy' is people are like.. "The cable guy is here! I don't know shit about shit why isn't this working." *unplugs modem or updates tivo settings half the time* Problem fixed! That shits kind of cringey to me... My trainer had a trouble call where it was literally elderly people that had their tv zoomed in on aspect ratio or something, and they were complaining about not being able to see the writing on the sides of the screen on a bunch of channels... 🙃 One of those fuckers probably just sat on the remote and changed the settings, and couldn't fix it... Then...'Trouble call' 🙄
  16. RG59 is thinner than RG6... It's not used much anymore. RG6 is the standard coax cable most if not all companies use today...but like I said it wouldn't surprise me if you had RG59 ran through everything... It does experience more loss per footage than rg6... It;s honeslty only good for low bandwidth applications you should get RG6 ran through your shit for internet at least..
  17. Pssh honestly I'm new to the cable field in terms of installing and I don't even like cable.. The head company I work for does fiber and my trainer even knows how to do it and prefers working on houses that have fiber lines already.. The coax shit really seems last gen to me, but I mean I guess it's not.. The company I work for uses cable modems to do everything else as well (internet and phone) and is still the leading provider in terms of speed arounds here I'm sure even using just RG6 to get it done that being said.. but I always keep an open mind.
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