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  1. I do squares strating at the edge until the square is small enough to make that seem tedious. Then I do straight lines back and forth.
  2. No. My dream npcs are an amalgamation of actual people making a totally new character most of the time.
  3. Suck it this place was boring as hell last night.
  4. Oh shit is this 9-1-1... I swear I must've butt dialed you. I'll hang up now...Unless you wanna tell me what you're wearing. 🤨
  5. Did all the active bodies finally give up phishing for triggered posts? The other day one of our senior members...was like the only one posting lol. I uhh. Thought about pushing him back in from the balcony and calling a nurse or something, but... it seemed like he was having fun shouting gibberish at the void.
  6. My first day "alone" on my route could've went better. Just about everything that could go wrong did.. but most of that was out of my control I suppose. Equipment I just got assigned to me not configured for me to use correctly on the headend side, and working out of a truck with fresh supplies I havent had time to set up/organize..etc. If my supervisors would make a plan and stick with it things would go a lot smoother on my end.
  7. You're alive! Good on ya mate..
  8. Wow. I get why you might need a bit to process stuff like that into words. I've seen those situations before firsthand. 🙂
  9. Well at least your updates seem pretty well condensed lol. Mine are drunken, and often incomprehensible from what I gather. 🙏
  10. I...help I couldn't resist....The dad joke. 😫 🙃
  11. I'm no expert, but it sounds like your bluetooth needs a filling.
  12. -Woke up and drove 50 miles to work, wasn't late my trainer was and we meet at his apartment. -Used the work truck to pick up my groceries so now I'm all set for the week and no pov gas wasted...
  13. I like round pizza cut into triangles so Idk.. but on second thought. Homemade pizza I do like squares. That means you get pieces with no crust and those are the best.
  14. You know what I meant. I hate the Kardashians and Kanye... I don't even fucking know what to say about Kanye.....
  15. Big ups for walking your dog? Mine could use it.. but I'm pretty sure they're enjoying the coolness of my tile kitchen floor + ac right now.. Just a 'more you know' thing. It's considerate to walk your dogs either during the early morning or late eve in summer heat...They have no shoes to protect them from the side walk and asphalt heat which can easily be twenty to thirty degrees hotter than the ambient temp and fuck up their feet. My hairy ass border collies would be like 'wtf dude we should've just stayed inside' after about 10 minutes of running around the dog park even if I drove them smh..
  16. Today? -I woke up -I checked my mail. -I drove my jalope to get some booze I'm now thinking about getting all my household chores done in 100 degree heat with a sucky ac... Yesterday's big ups would've been better honestly. I'm fucking waiting unitl I only have barely enough hours of daylight to finish up my mowing. I work outside and in attics and crawl spaces in this shit enough as it is..
  17. Not that anybody views sigs anymore anyway.... It's for T-Shirt printing. Feel free to use if you're an MF DOOM fan.
  18. I honestly don't remember that one somehow...Oh her name was Popclaw.. Female Wolverine on super mollly I remember now. I had to look it up she doesnt get much screentime lol. How someone can forget something like this idk... I guess I've seen some pretty scarring shit.
  19. Which one I think I somehow forgot lol. There's a lot of good scenes in my defense though.
  20. Djinns are a cultural staple in a way and a way more massive construct....fuck Disney and fuck their street rat musical rip off of One Thousand And One Nights. If it wasn't for Robin Williams that shit what've been trash all around. There I said it. Good night.
  21. I didn't realize that was a side effect. I think I've tried a product or two that uses it and didn't notice that. I kind of dig the whole Vegata V thing I got going on anyway though so I've never bothered with the shit that much. Seems like too much of a pharmacuetical cash cow.
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