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  1. Well I wish Mr. Zenigundam the best with whatever that is up there^ but I'm definitely going back to not watching these.
  2. That's been nothing but my life for the last few years more or less. I'm done caring.
  3. He does remind me of the guy a rented I room to a lil bit ago.. I mean without the legal teenage bullshit. He was actually part of a little skater crew I met up with and mentored a bit when I first got back here. Now apparently the guy shoots meth striaight into his veins.. He kind of looks like Zeni though I think he may have better teeth lmao.
  4. It's obvious who ever's editing this shit is a throwback geezer. This doesn't scream group project at all. Hope it's better recieved then my opinion of it..
  5. I so want it though. I can't lie. It goes hard by it's self anyway.. Imagine that line I typed spit kinda School boy Q though... I dig it. Not sure where i'd go from there though because I work for a living..
  6. Bro fine do I need to soundcloud my beat.. Nah. It's just so old even for his catalog now. Oh wait I don't have this one..
  7. I've just been chillin with these motherfuckin bread crumbs... I'lll at least have to loop that in though.
  8. Sigh.. I get why he went with trap...
  9. Ive just been CHILLIN' WITH THESE MOTHERFUCKIN BREAD CRUMBS; ready for the KILL WHEN IT COMES TO THE METH BUMS. cuz I aint DOIN' ANYMO; STUDIO TEST RUNS Fuck you, FUCK YOUR FAM AND YOUR BEST ONES Cuz they wont EVER BLESS A BEAT when IT says DONE... and that's it HAVE SOME ALL CAPS AND YA MAN'S DONE.. STILL got the bands, but not for the ones that have ta' PLAN GUNK AND DAMN I may be hung and low BUT YO I'M NOT NO CAPTAIN PLAN NUT. (I hate myself for this kill me now) but why am I laughing?
  10. I know plenty of people that'd bend their meat for that little glory hole of yours... Is that really what this is about though?
  11. Let's let the garbage pile up too whle where at it. Fuck it as long as the bags are kinda tied off idk...
  12. That Lysol really workin' dawg or you just need it too?
  13. Smells like unscented rock salt with a touch of toe fungus.
  14. You know the atmospehere here? I know you can't really think a dude with five active alts is easy to miss on a forum with less then a couple hundred true users? Wait how many are there even lol? Does it break 100?
  15. That was honestly the least important and topic related part of the post, but thanks for letting me know which part meant the most to you.
  16. Have you? Is that really even possible? I'm ignoring Buddy now since his main strategy is to write stoned love notes to his fans most of the time anyway, but no.. I know it's not completely true but bullying is a kids thing if you ask me.. That's why an old asian lady can beat the shit out of idiots that think they have a right to do the shit. Was that a case of bullying though? Yeah same principal I guess but people got their shit knocked in.... I'm just saying it doesn't work out as well for anyone in adulthood. Save maybe the rich and elite that can continue to buy support that honestly hates them as much as rest.
  17. I'll probably just vomit into dumpster fires and let the trolls there clean it up if anything.
  18. I wont promise that wont happen either. I mean I don't puke when I drink so... Not sure what that means.
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