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  1. I don't think so.. Did blood donations as a soldier, but the plasma part which apparently pays more the people waived a big needle at me and said it goes straight to the bone I was like.. Ummmmm.... Maybe let me think about it...nah not today lol.
  2. Pokemon Trainer Red: .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  3. No way...We;re gonna add a moped to the lore now huh. You would drive a moped lol..
  4. To answer the question when I'm not working I play with swords.. Been an army guy, and that chick riled me though because I feel she's right. I don't have a gun even atm// Aint I a vulnerable POS....That's how the small talk goes here anyway....I think she's right and others though. I should have a firearm... I just .. After being raised by a gunsmith I guess it's hard to want them around me? Not without a safe and a lot of money... This is just me talking from experience working with someone that did loose their license to to do that anyway, but he was a good hunter, and I respect his shit there..He would take the blow for idiots that shot shit they shouldn't..or just shouldn't've shot at all to the dismay of his...family I guess. Good times..
  5. Quite a bit.. Sd domeone from Texas I gotta say I met a female NG soldier that carried a Faye looking what? 38 spec? I never asked the caliber to her because she actively tried to pump the weapon up to me and she was a good soldier though.. I think she was gonna tell me more bout it but I was like nah... Seemed like a trigger point and she accidentally let me know she had it.. Meh. She was more man than half the dudes there probably.. and her little piece was just part of the show it seemed for me..She was a legit soldier though.. She liked the little gun lol//
  6. I...my english typings there.... wtf. Just one more post saying I can, but do not follow completely because my japanese sucks.. All I know is apparently our lead vocalist is just like fuck...We're all about covid pandemics and disorder in a way... (meanining hes like nah world goes on) They don't wan't none lol... and they still rockin'./ Much Kudos. ๐Ÿ™
  7. Well I read that from an asian translator that was explaining deeper double ententres and shit to do with their japanese lyrics. They were from the old age of this group because this guys been the main vocalist for ages...I guess kinda like Black Sabbath and Ozzy... They've had their inner band shit as all great brands have is what I take from that// but again the transition between drummers was.. almost seemless. I want to start drumming again but its hard and loud.. idk. I can see their style evolve with the years but in some cases it's backwards from the u.s. and they still sound like an older "goth" band... from the U.S. I cant say anything for certain because we Gaijins listening to this I think. ๐Ÿ˜„ they fuckin rock though and basically that video I posted explained that normally he the vocalist wouldn't be making so much vidoes on youtube.. but he likes that it's easier to put stuff out so he's going to try especially with covid. Him and the band, to do that for a while.... Was what he was saying... He didn't disssapoint though because Toshishun was pretty dope..
  8. Also here's the friggin Japenese heavy metal father talking about being more active on YouTube and trying that since he's.. getting older.. dude. He's...so friggin modest as a death metal vocalist. His vocals take a gaijin likr me time to comprehend.. Someone fucked him up.. There should be english subtitles here but they just put it in japanese symbols again it looks to me wtf.. Lol damn gramps no eigo.. They lied to you.
  9. Umm feel bad since you beat me to it but yeah, apparently years ago the original drummer left Ningen Isu to work in natural gas in china or somethin.. Not sure.. That new drummer they got looks chinese still anyway...It's weird and I'm not a 100%on the facts there, but their old drummer was amazing and garneredd a lot of attention when that happened, because he thought he could make more as a natural gas tech than being their drummer... At any rate if the new guy drumming isnt him his stage presence is probably more charming.. He dresses like Jakie Chan on vacation and uses more than your standard drum set employing chinese gongs etc.. Def. one of my fav bands right now I posted "Toshishun" to my facebook even to try to get more americans to see how dope their metal is. ๐Ÿ™
  10. I mean it says tik tok on it so from the start I'm kind of like ehh. I want the original video and more scientific info about the experiment though if it's real.
  11. I think you may be fanticizing those I don't see them. Oh those two little black things.. Maybe if whoever is wearing the suit had some saggy tits... idk. Probably ground points or something.. I'm not going to attempt to describe how that suit is both protecting the sword wielder and conducting current through the sword.. I'm sure it's very impractical outside this expiriment becuase they don't show the electrical source.
  12. Here take my money, but this shit is making my dog whine when the lighting arc hits the hoop..
  13. Wasps bug me, bees not so much. Mosquitos are like a plague working as a cable tech in Texas right now. So much fucking rain I feel like I'm back in Georgia, and these mosquitos are going way too unchecked with so many unprepared people letting their weeds grow slash leaving shit that accumulates water out for them to breed. If you see me huffing mosquito spray just know it was the last act of a desperate man... Jk.. but really fuck this humidity. Still havent seen enough baby toads around either. The city is spraying the skeeters, but I remember when I was younger there was hordes of baby toads hopping around when we got flood weather. I've seen only a few here and there...
  14. He'll be alright I'm pretty sure. Someone ran a stop sign or yield sign on the highway.
  15. but I decided to check up on a good friend that I saw on facebook today. We barely hangout or catch up these days, but apparently the one day I decide to check up on him he tells me he was doing good until today..he got in a wreck and he's in the er with a brain bleed.. Stable enough to post on facebook I guess, but it leaves me with a very eerie feeling. ๐Ÿคจ
  16. Physical home releases? (Oh I guess you mean just straight to dvd or dvd etc adaptions)... Anyway I've been diggin amazon video a bit. I'm pretty sure I read something about The Boys going to HBO max for season 3 months ago, and who knows how long it'll take Incredible to release season 2. They advertise both of these still like it's their top money makers and you need to subscribe for more.. but as a fan of horror they linked me to Shudder.. which I'm probably being charged for seperately or I'm gonna be at some point.. Still I found a lot of new horror flics there I digged whether they were low budget or just poorly advertised I can't lump any of the movies I found there in with the b/c movie barrage Tubi would give me..
  17. Beep beep beep beep.
  18. Do senzu beans and other magical dbz restoratives count?
  19. That announcers introduction was fucked up lol..."Twenty-three year old Tareg Hamedi is trying to do something no one in his country has been able to do...and that's win olympic gold IN ANY SPORT!" ๐Ÿคฃ
  20. I mean.. I can't swim so I guess I'm fucked..Amazingly I made it through drownproofing in the army, but the ruck with the packing list actually floats when you jump in water so you don't really have to swim.. Still that's kind of a survival skill...Like I can fish and hunt and climb mountains and shit but you push me into a deep enough pool I'm probably fucked. I mean I think I can swim to save my life I've done it before, but poorly.
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