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  1. Being anywhere near Fuggs IRL does not sound like a good time from what I've seen here I'm sorry. That's even taking into account all the trolling she got.
  2. What kind of cable is it RG6 is the standard now, but knowing you... IDEK....
  3. Even if I ever found myself attracted to that I feel like we'd end up fighting each other before that happened.. and she seems crazy enough to win honestly.. Can we just leave it at that? I think I'll play my cards elsewhere, but if ever I feel suicidal again. Maybe.
  4. This one chick doesnt look like a trap fuckgirl account, but she's supposingly a social media manager, and I think I've seen her on every dating app I've tried so it seems weird. Waiting for red flags.. Now she says she is originally from Romania 'the land of vampires' lol... Well I mean I can believe that from the pic lol, but still.
  5. It's like nothing then all the sudden five matches with 3 people trying to talk to me at the same time.. At least someone that doesn't seem sketchy wants to meet in hometown I guess. I'm a bit nervous though ever since I found out she's a correctional officer.. I mean I worked the job before, but I thought it was stupid as fuck. It does pay well though. I think these other two matches need to be weeded out anyway they look like fuck girl accounts and have me talking to them on instagram...Meh..
  6. Isnt that a male pattern baldness treatment...
  7. NO I'd never blame other people for my disgusting butt stank... HAVE YOU EVER... lied to a cop about how drunk you are? >_>
  8. No, had a female sergeant that thought she was the shit drop an overly expensive Iphone in a porto pody in Iraq though. HA BITCH! Have you ever lost interest in a thread?
  9. Here crybaby. Yes only every fucking day for quite a while, but don't worry the local flora is adept to dealing with the shit (history lesson for another day) and I'm sure the ground will end up quite parched again soon enough.
  10. Hey I took an honest second or two to come up with that question and you shit on it.. Leave me alone I'm editing my original post already lol.
  11. Bullshit that's not an answer to the question, and I don't believe you. no I havent fucked any food items be them weird or not either, but I just thought I might be missing out. I swear I either saw the chicken thing in a movie or it was an elaborate joke.. but how does it feel to fuck a rotisserie chicken? 🤷‍♂️ The shit doesn't last long enough to fuck in my possession! Have you ever... (dammit I thought the last one was good)...Uhhh..Misjudged a random person in public that seemed drama worthy only to find out later they had a reasonable motive for acting that way? (To the point it was comical) and bnjmy really I thought the premise was if you havent done the thing in the question you don't post, but this is your show. 🙄
  12. Holy fuck on the gore honestly.. From what I've seen of the comic story I had to cut my self off on after some research the believability goes south after omniman flees earth though.. Not saying any superhero shit meshes with IRL physics and science, but... Honestly if there's a fan of image comics here fill me in. I finally had to check out invincible after some of the viral Omniman memes. The new animated series reminds me of the live action "The Boys" series that honestly was a lot of fun to watch, but in comparison it gets way more goofy with the super hero science iand physics I think. I'm not a scientist and super heroes aren't ever really a testiment to science I know, but still what the fuck.. Is there imagery of Omniman fucking a giant mantis? This is just one of many questions I have at this point after watching the prime video series..
  13. I once stole like probably over $1'500 worth of tech from an old school video/book store (not gonna say the name) Kind of like a jewlery hiest at a museum lol. I've always looked down on domestic burgulary, but back in my teenage years especially; my rebel ass didn't understand how theft hurts retail as much or to whatever degree it does...meh usually there's insurance and write offs to counter act this..but still I woudln't do it today.. I'm not sure how many of the top gig Ipods I got with the help of a paid inside man that was relocating anyway, but I think I got one for each person in on it and then some to make sure everybody that knew how I did it stayed quiet. It was quite a bit of $$$ though. Karma eventually got me though, and that shit turned up missing when a sticky fingered friend of a friend was around though. Have you ever fucked a rotisserie chicken (or depending on sexual preference a simularly wild food item)? 🤷‍♂️
  14. ^Lol that one's blocked too. Sooner or later there'll be a fresh one to block and that'll net me some laughs.
  15. Well fuck I clocked out with .35 overtime and it's only wednessday.. I blame you guys. but honestly I was just clicking through 'must click through online training while bullshitting so I don't feel bad. I also had to retrieve an assigned user/pass from my prof/work email that's still inundated with veteran and other work related shit not to mention I had to drive 50+ miles home to even get started on this signal calc portion.. I'll be prepared for Monday though. Main boss says the supervisors are supposed to call me periodically for pop quizzess so yeah that too.. I clocked out when they told me to more or less.. Well it should've been six, but I'm sure it'll get fixed if anyone's tripping. Now time to switch gears and get ready to work automotive YAY! 😄 😷
  16. I think the guy training me probably only remembers about half of this shit honestly, but what scares me is his memory is still better than mine.. We have a meter we can hook up or splice in if we have to calculate this shit for us anyway.. (Signal loss, and transmit) but there's still a lot of starting values and values used for the computation I need to remember here. I fucking hate relying on memory, but I did freakin' video this online trainer guy computing the values to a whole bunch of house set ups so I think I'm good.
  17. ^Oh, and I definitely look for this fuck 'unprovoked'.. Lol whatever I'm not going to bother reading that comment. I figured that thing would end up here sooner or later though.
  18. Same here I'm still working technically I've been calculating RF drop loss for cable due to the amount of footage and passive devices in a given house set up for an online training thing and that definitely escalated my crabbyness. It's not that complex of an equation though I get it.. There's a fuckload of diff splitters and amps and remembering what values different cat cable handles... uhhh I'll get this.
  19. Who is less powerful here? That was just a psa chode. I'm not going to tolerate people using outsiders in my love life or shit... no duhh of course (my family) in any kind of desperate act to maintain drama. Again though you may have spurred the comment with a fuggs insertion I hope you arent taking it too personally...You of all people. Tactless, tasteless bullshit.. I have no regrets if shit like that's a trigger for me here.
  20. Against you for a recurring fuggs insertion? No? You're just a knat with that shit don't flatter yourself. I'm sure the right people will see it though. I don't honeslty care about the whole thing between you and fuggs it's pretty juvenile. Sorry if you felt threatened though..
  21. You aint anywhere near the bitch. As far as I'm concerned she doesnt exist anymore anyway. I wanted to give that anecdote just in case that situation or my love life crosses the mouths of any pleb here again. I will go for blood given the chance if you bring people in my actual life into your twisted bullshit given the chance, and I'm not afraid of the prison system..
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