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  1. You feel me guys? Of course not, but there's probably a fucking lot of weather related, and inclement weather related threads to be found in my user history and now you know why.. What is to be the second day of fall is in fact like just the 40th day of? Idk but there's a thing here that I abide by more than the average persons idea of seasons... Let me find it. Stand by... This one's good enough I guess.
  2. That shit always misses us though. We literally got like half a week of rain this whole summer due to some systems that pushed shit through Texas just enough to scrape this area. If you live in Texas I must be too far north... I mean people don't realize how much of a massive geographical area Texas is....but the forecast for me is 90+ degree weather tomorrow with swamp humidity from the dumbass half a week of rain we got. Weather in Texas is definitely not all for one and one for all lol.
  4. .....Damn. LOL I get it now. Well played @stilgar. A fucking old ass movie I have not seen. Guess I got some pulp to watch.🤷‍♂️ 🤣
  5. I have not seen it sorry. 1979 is a little over a decade away from my birthdate, and I've somehow managed to go over 30 years without someone directly refrencing it. I will now apologize to you both I guess. Whoops. 🙏
  6. Coincidences...Divine intervention. I don't really give a shit at this point. Are you and Stilgar keyboard warriors? Sure as fuck mate, and have at it.. Like I said the clanging or whatever seems to be working. 🙄
  7. The fuck u talkin' bout warriors? Bang some fucking pots Stilgar I think it's working my AC just went off by itself on energy saver fir the first time since mid spring. 🤬
  8. I refuse to hold hands, but I'm here in support of the seance..
  9. Tune in next episode for my afterlife concepts. (heaven and hell etc.) I'm thinking my version of hell is I just no clip you out of the realty I made for you into an infinite backrooms setting filled with shit you don't like waiting for you in every dark corner. It could be Elon Musk waiting to pop out and deliver another shitty hipster joke in person or just an entire office building filled with the wallpaper from Ghostrek's house. Doesn't matter I know what you hate..
  10. 1. Wipe McDonalds out of existence. - When asked what I'd do with ultimate power (which I'm assuming can be summed up by the 3 words, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omnipowerful as most monotheistic gods have come to be described..) I usually wouldn't bother mentioning McDonalds, but you used it in your refrence so fuck McDonalds. 2. Compress the universe into one twightly wound and precise ball of matter/antimatter, and all those other neat things inbetween in such a way to cause another big bang simultaenously destroying this universe and bringing about another. (Starting from scratch.) 3. Wait as long as it takes for the natural processes that create the building blocks of life as well as the processes of evolution and natural selection to create a race even remotely as sentient and self aware as human beings. (Or don't wait at all? I doubt I'd really care though. Depends on my peception of time if that's even a thing for someone like me. This is the part that sounds the most fun to me however, but if it's boring I'm fast fowarding through it or some shit..) 4.This is where I get creative I guess because I'm already kind of bored with the idea of infinite power...Shape this new race with whatever divine nudges needed to make 'em all look like the guy below. (Praise be Cthulu) 5. Free beer volcanoes/virgins/drugs etc. to all those that don't complain about this new universe I've created without the need to wait for a new existence in an unverifiable after life. They just randomly gen on any habitable planets my chosen ones explore. (Which can be good or bad ya know you still have free will...and beer volcanoes sound pretty dangerous as are drugs and hoes...Fuck around and find out) 6. Fuck around and find out some more. 7.Rinse and repeat process based on how I'm feeling that eon. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Hey, and like most times I'm glad it's not about me, but when I post a hindu spiritual that mummified his arm by raising it and never putting it down and then allude to John Wick can you really blame me for thinking I might be the one you're talking about lol? Anyway solid OP. I couldn't help myself from adding that post..
  12. I'm the one that made it super cereal didn't I. Well I mean I was only philosophizing.... Give me a break lol. 🙏
  13. I mean I feel this is true.. I told fuggs this more often than not, but if you like to eat bugs and crabs and shit be my guest. If their was a market for the former you could start your own shack maybe ;D Hmm...I digress I saw a few wterbug roaches in my crib this year. I've never had an infestation but I havent even put screen doors or properly fumigated this house since I bought it though. I think the prego wolf spider that mangaed to dodge all my company and skate past my computer chair in the dark while we were in cinema mode is the most unsettling thing to happen here yet though.She was gonna blow soon and that thing was fat...🙃 Probably what I get for never killing them and just scooping them in a jar and releasing them around my property though..
  14. One man is seldom powerful enough or probably more to the point motivational enough to bring about a revolution...There are people on this planet that have raised an arm to corruption and never put it down...literally. The science of a feat like that is what makes it stick in my memory I guess, but just in case I get the incoherency card pulled on me... https://www.jpost.com/omg/meet-the-man-whose-arm-has-been-raised-for-almost-50-years-688399#:~:text=Amar Bharati in 1973 decided,small local bank in India. So let's get to the meat of the matter though taking up arms, and giving the system your best John Wick.. Well how well has that worked out for the action hero himself? I mean he lives...but with one less finger, and betrayed by the same man that appealed to his sense of righteousness so my point is one man aint gonna bring about a revolution...Alone anyway.
  15. I mean if we're being contemporary here it does seem like the universe has decided to say "Why not both." With all due respect to a man that's helped me through some dark times historically... Fuck the whole hero/villain shit in it's traditional context anyway..
  16. That's kind of why I started using it anyway. My handle on alot of things is namestex, and people that don't get it's two words 'name's Tex' put together for a handle try to pronounce it like some form of namaste...
  17. I started using it as like a bow gesture idk.. Is it two different hands high 5ing?? 🤷‍♂️
  18. So how much for the ceremony? if it's anything over $14 we got massive red flags.. I mean idk I was trying to play off of the barbie bullshit but if you get the right kit that might amount to a typical wedding.. Anyway if I thought a fucking doll was my soulmate we'd elope so hard over taco bell it'd raise serious questions about some of these tlc types marrying battleships and attack helecopters.. hell I mean that I can see, but dolls, whether the newborn (I had an abortion so now this is my baby dolls) or any dolls fuck you. TLDR version fuck dolls literally and don't spend money to marry them. 🙏
  19. The folder layout starting with Current Events, and not GD. Finally goofed as well I guess. I am irrationally bothered by this fact and I really thought you should know. Good-day.
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