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  1. If the Charisma points add up bro I'm not the dungeon master. ha-ha.
  2. Meh. I feel it's more a tragedy than anything, but Shakespeare and all... I guess the shit does make for a cool story...bro
  3. Just tell me why I need sleep.. Like? It's getting important enough to put on a grocery list at this point. I might just bathe an melatonin and hit a bit freebase at this point. ๐Ÿคจ
  4. I don't know if I want 'rich person' energy. Just give me some energy shit... I mean my energy vortex would be more like:
  5. Definitely taking the phrase 'redkneck engineering' to the next level is my hot take on the photo. Can't imagine the looks you'd get cruisin by with that...Idk Don't take this the wrong way, but I wanna call that thing in the back a hobo bunker. Hell I'd hunker down in there though... I think it's the crutch as a door stop and the frieght crate full of..naw it's the ogre layers of sheet metal that really set that thing off. Very nice..
  6. What a Saturday. only rescheduled 2 out of 10 appointments total. That after having a TiVo trouble call where I have to swap the box out only to have the replacement take a shit and make me activate a second box to fix the issue at my first appointment. Second appointment was at an apartment complex fucked to the brim with apartments sharing splitters. Isolated my lines and got them spec'd up enough to handle 2 cable boxes and a modem fairly quickly only to have the cable boxes troll me and get stuck in the loading process... All in all not bad I say. One of the reschedules is going to need a complete overhaul. Their drop line sparked up when I unscrewed it to test signals, and had shit signal..No signal inside that house AT ALL..The line running to their modem runs...into a small cubby hole in the wall with a fucking two way splitter screwed in there..Most likely coming in through a f**CKing attic. Other one was an install on the outskirts of town with no drop line at all. No street lights, and no sign of a tap.. The headlamp I bought like a month ago is already dimming out though so fuck that... YAY CABLE. Fucking 6 o clock darkness is gonna make me looooooooooooooooooooose it before it's all over.. ๐Ÿ™
  7. I forget to pay my internet bill so much...Honestly it's Vexus now that provides sig to my house.. No issues. Like I said I think one stint I forgot to pay like 3 months.. there late fees arent even bad.. Vexus bought out NTS for fiber here I guess, Being honest their node set up or whatever isnt something I can easily fix as a tech though there are guys in my company that install both SL and Vexus. weird shit. I've never been trained in actually installing fiber but i get it. Most of it is hybrid coax anyway still in a lot of locations.
  8. [Also to be fair I considered me forgetting to pay the bill agin for the umpteenth time] It's just like my tech instincts kicked in whe n I suddenly had no internet... I was all like There is an evil in the aire.... **checks all connections from house to source**
  9. I mean working for an internet provider when my internet goes out... I just started trying to self diagnose the issue.... Turns out I didn't pay my bill fast enough and they put me in nonpay stastus, but whaaa... Pretty sure I've failed to pay my bill for like 3 months one time racked up the late fees and finally when it hit me I havent paid a bill for internet in a while I paid that shit off frantically and was fine...These fools not playing now I guess. I just went 2 months lol...On accident believe it or not. Auto draft enrolled I guesss. Awkward ass phone conversation when you end up telling them your a tech...
  10. Well This happened.. Can't say it's new.. Just inserted some previously recorded lyrics over his beat lol. tf I'm dead..
  11. Also what's been up guys? Hopefully everybodies been good I havent had the time to pop in but for a few posts really. Is cynicism still at all time high? Hope not.. So many people died. In my life, I .. I'm alright though guys don't worry.
  12. For myself. So I think I'm about to. This isn't it, and I have no reason to post it here anyway. It;ll probably be shit. Like all of them, but that's more than fine with me. The only thing I've really been scared of is getting caught up in editing,...and like averything that happens when you try to make something a finished piece.. so fuck it I may not even finish it.. Who cares. I like the beats I rap to. So many producers still offering the grift or gift. Call it what you will, but I think that I should spit.
  13. If it's anything like loosing a step father to cancer a few months after loosing the 15 year old dog that's been there for you since high school dunno.
  14. I have a confession to make.. I don't like StarTrek stuff.
  15. Hmm.. The folder I've been making for erotic animated desktop images might have an entry here. Not my own artwork ofcourse...
  16. ghostrek? buddy? What moron took control of your account and started a (more) coherent...whatever this is while I was away?
  17. Yeah. I think it's been a long running trend. Due to the holiday's manufactured roots probably as well. We got HallowThanksMas now 'mericans good job.๐Ÿ˜ท Samhain though everyone.. Never get's old for me. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
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