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  1. Just quoting this because I am interested. I work closely with tree trimmers and fucking tree executioners just because of my field. The dudes here often saw down trees that fall onto peoples (their customers) aerial cablle/network lines...They be like "Soddy soddy... Now you have to do dat again wow my bad"..Then they have break time, and just watch me fix their mess half the jobs I'm on.....Don't get me wrong I've had a lot of tree chopping connects come at me. There's good crews out there.. Here and a lot of places though only espanol will be involved if you want to speak to their workers. 🙄 So electrical short really? I doubt I'd buy a corded chainsaw...but lol hold on there cheaper right, here's a 100 foot constructruction extension cord we throw in... Naw. I'll leave the chainsaws to the dudes THAT TRy to get me drunk at their humble abodes when I install a bad ass line in their trailers/ bottom shelf apartments. 🙏 Stories for days there... The worker were asking me about me equipment, a lot I purchase myself you know...I like 'em.l and I'm sorry Viva la Mexico.
  2. Holy shit way to shine a light on my dilemna. Who the fuck are you again?
  3. So the moral of the story is dont use chainsaws on wet shit? Sorry I've never used a chainsaw to get rid of trees. (Or ever) My neighbors might've moved because they saw me use a katana and similar looking weapons in the same fassion.. This is not a flex. What happened to your chainsaw because I'm definitly not spending failing american economy amounts on a chainsaw or normal equipment people use to deal with trees unless I know I'm not fucking that shit up too...
  4. and it did Jump out at me, but I couldn't put a name on it because J.k. simmons hasn't really been an actor with roles I care about I dunno.. His voicework in invincible, and his boss role in Night Sky were pretty dope. Kind of funny how his grumpy old man role seems almost interchangeable with his omniman voicework. Man voiced a galactic conquerer without trying and it's funny..
  5. Until I watched another amazon original The Night Sky that he starred in thinking why does this dudes voice sound so familiar...Also didn't recognize Mark Hamil's voice as the costume designer in Invincible on the first watch through. Now I'm just gonna picture J.K. Simmons as omniman everytime I see him and I'm not sure how to feel about that lol. He does have that quintessential american dad voice going for him so I get why they thought he was a good fit for the role. Edit. Well that and his work in the Spiderman shit and other super hero series voice acting roles I guess. I knew his voice sounded familiar at first just didn't bother to look up the voice actors..
  6. Horned lizard decline cant really be contributed to lack of forestor ant colonies if you ask me.. My fucking duck lips being proof.... I'm sure the primary factor is man related, but red h ants def arent on the decline where im from. Longer droughts, being sought after pets? idk, but I do miss finding these lizards. Maybe even climate change. (Gonna place a holder here for scientific support then)
  7. Also these guys are fucking heavily endangered.. and I hope to see one in the wild again before I die, So parks and wildlife is kind of right...
  8. Yep..**Sigh**....Poisoning the heavily gaurded queen deep within their hole is your only hope of vanquishing this Texas sized insect, and I mean Queens mature and fly out of one nest to mate and create an entirely new organization of all but unimpenitrable defense. Definitely a staple for me, and the horned lizard...etc (whatever) that suppossedly gave coyote peterson his nickname. I like his shit less and less idk.
  9. I remember being the Bare Foot Bandit kind of kid I was in my youth, when I was about like seven or somethin, my answer to ghandi's walking on coals was walking across this massive ass bed of red forester ants that had gone unimpeded in the small town. I remember my grandmother of course fearing for my life..but that was my first measure of just how bad ass the ants were. My feet were pretty fucked up considering, but I wasn't allergic it probably spawned my addiction for seeing just what all this local powerhouse can do. I've also blown their mounds up with...alll kinds of explosives..flame-throwed, and tried to flood them out lol... Even put a bore and dripped a good bit of gasoline into the mound in front of my house recently...Thhat crippled the colony, but somehow not even that stopped them. Their tenacity is amazing, and they've won my respect especially amongst the insect kingdom in my years..
  10. Yeah, but the sting I got in the lip was more potent than a bee sting supposedly. I think I'm just gonna let nature take it's course at this point, because I really don't get bit by red h ants that much.. It's just every now and then EVEN THOUGH I'M CAREFUL and know the little fools are all over the ground one ends up climbing all the way up me and stinging my kneck or face. I think they're blind and just follow scent trails as well IDK. Red Harvesters are actually known to go full aggro with/without pheromones. They're basically like the killer bee of harvester ants. Even some hybridization has occured so idk..The good folks at Texas parks and wildlife apparently think all that shit is cool, and I should just welcome them into my yard.
  11. K now I need some actual Red Harvester Ant Broll what I put in the music thread looks like a few scouts stumbling into a fire ant mound or the fire ants just fucking them up... I bet it's because the harvester ants sting is more for larger predator defense, They can't really get a good sting on these little invasive cluster fuckers. Suprisingly little broll footage of these guys just coming and going from their tunnel entrance.. Might just go outside and get some. I have a nest in my yard... I stand right by it with a water hose watering my yard, and somehow don't have a worker crawling on my head. Not sure how or why they don't bite me, but I get bit by workers on job sites all the time.. Maybe the ones in my yard think I'm the rain god.
  12. It's ironic this is the song that's been stuck in my head even before that harvester ant went in for the kiss. I want to see these guys in action some more though. They are little bad asses, and they're everywhere here...Only sucks that I work outside in areas most people don't loiter in..Perfect habit for them.. I want to listen to this with some RHA BROLL.
  13. At least now I know these guys are actually good for the environment here, and that they're red harvester ants. I've known for ages they arent Fire ants like most people call them here. Fire ants are a lot smaller and build mounds. They are an invasive species to the states from South America named for the feriy bite they give. Per sting the little red devils that get me all the time are supposedly worse though. https://www.trulynolen.com/pest-control/ants/harvester-ants/bites-and-treatment#:~:text=These are often confused with,their sting is more venomous.
  14. Somehow one of these assholes got on my hat. https://www.gosanangelo.com/story/news/2019/03/31/harvester-ants-can-found-clear-across-texas/3319722002/ There was a nest right in front of the friggin door to the business where i was installing internet, but I was working on the side of the building far away enough I din't think I'd be having to worry about them. I get in my truck to leave the job site, flip around and get into the high traffic main road here, and one falls off my hat and lands on my lip. By the time I realize it's not a hair or piece of drywall etc from the building it had already latched on to my lip and given me a pretty sizeable back alley botox injection. Surprised to read these guys have some of the more potent venom, especially when it comes to local ants. There's still Tarantuala hawks, and a lot of other insects I could find around here that make this sting feel like nothing. Hell I've been desensitized at this point. The sting doesn't really hurt except for a little bit of burning right after. I just want the swelling to go down. I hid my face in a mask the rest of the day. Some coworkers rolled up and laughed at me because I lpretty much looked like this right after it happened...
  15. My town finally got a nice little thunderstrm to circle arond it. I hope for more turbulence there... and pray for more precipitation still.... Hopefully the super cell that gave us this bit will be a lil but like the DBZ CELL and fuck us up. don't care.. I ALREADY STarted NA calling this storm to do it's worst.. uggh,,
  16. Lol he's far from my favorite celebrity. I don't have a favorite celebrity. I found all this interesting and just due to the cocky nature of his lyrics I can see him being a Neo nazzi like racist, but I can't really pin that label on him all the same. I listen to Pantera for music alone. The band itself even predates the style of metal this one vocalist makes. Pantera pretty much was a hair band in it's infancy.
  17. So @Stonergoth187 just saying if this is true a list of symptoms..or just describing your experience with the virus would be interesting. I mean you ok? Loss of taste/smell, breathing problems, etc? All shit that is good to know for science and stuff.. Hope all is well, I had several coworkers quarantined at an automotive parts store that werent out long, but at the same time my mother lost a childhood friend to it, that I was pretty close to as well, and told me one of her coworkers in the large grocery/retail sector was young good health and died due to complications. So information, and of course knowing one of our own isn't the latest covid statistic would be great going forward to conclude this post...
  18. Yeah as far as the information hose goes you can expect anything from no symptoms to permanent disability and death.. I get that there's several different mutant variant strains out there, but the varying symptoms have been a constant thing. Am I still right that fever/ elevated temp is what we're using to flag this shit? Idk as a vet I feel disgusted like I'll be a mostly immune carrier spreading this shit...
  19. Still the same old Poof to me. DF was never intended to be a popularity contest ya kow.
  20. So I admit that didn't really help you collect any kind of data on the subject so here's another post so I don't feel like such an ass?
  21. preciate ya, keep doin' ya thing, stay black
  22. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/phil-anselmo-opens-up-about-racism-panteras-legacy-childhood-abuse-2-190726/ Oh ok so it's this bullshit. Meh.
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