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Damn, my first thought, because I know we kinda had the same issue at one time, was to post a bottle of liquor....but then I thought "that's a bit insensitive when if someone did it to you, you'd get mad" 

So then I was like "what else can I post" then this generic Viagra commercial came on and I have irrational hatred for certain shit, like this commercial, and while I was thinking, the guy went BOOM.....I really hate when he does that because it's in reaction to him getting a price on boner pills and I'm just like "it's not the serious" then I thought about how I can't wait for ED and the Greg Giraldo bit where he says that and then I started thinking about other comics from that era and was like "man I kinda miss Patrice O'Neal" So I stopped watching Dorkly and looked for old Patrice clips which led me to Opie and Anthony.....Then I was like daaaaaamn, I forgot I used to love this shit ...so I sat here and looked at that for a while then remember.....

What was the  

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