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Alex Trebek has Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer

Satou Kazuma

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20 hours ago, cyberbully said:

Aw, a lighthearted joke to end it...So Alex.

At any rate, I wonder what 2 star comedian they will try to replace him with.

Welcome to Jeopardy, with Daniel Tosh

If you watch Drew Carey's old stand up, he was fucking hilarious. At least Steve Harvey gets to (try to) be funny on Family Feud. I have no idea why Drew is letting his talent go to waste.

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21 hours ago, SwimModSponges said:

100% certain this will be his replacement:


Strangely enough this could be a contender. His only stage character to date is a super genius with knowledge of virtually anything and in real life he does have a sense of humor to carry things through. He'll have a few more years to work out other options until Trebek's contract runs out.

And I say that because I'm rooting for Trebek to see his contract through and then some. Fighting something like this is easier when you have other things you can focus on too. He doesn't have an expiration date stamped on his ass, why should he act like it after all. :)

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22 minutes ago, bnmjy said:

I wouldn't be too excited yet. The guy who played Robbie Rotten had almost all of his tumors gone, yet he still died.

He's 78....He's dead as far as I'm concerned....But he made the announcement like 2 months ago.....I kinda want to call BS.

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