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  1. You have always been an insufferable pill
  2. No not complaining. But to quote Zap... the spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and weak
  3. Small titties are built for speed... which can be fun.
  4. She's trying. She has been taking many loads lately.... dafuq is up with marriage.
  5. My right testicle is noticeably larger than my left. Having a baby is just keeping cum as a pet. Ducks are just chickens with kazoos.
  6. Let's go exploring....
  7. All done with my day. Now time for some bbq chicken and video games
  8. We just glazing over our newest quote from psychodonkeydick?
  9. I fucking crushed a box of blueberries for breakfast
  10. Oh shit my bad. Let me look
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