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  1. Probably not much in terms of profit. I'm surprised San Diego didn't build a new stadium, but they might well have been broke. Going into a market to be number 3, even in a large scale market, doesn't seem like a long term winner. The Rams always wanted to move back to LA. The new stadium was an incentive to be sure, but the desire was there. St. Louis would have probably offered a new stadium to attract an NFL team, the Chargers were in the drivers seat but chose to be a number 3 instead of a number 1 draw. The fan base in St. Louis is consistent, they would have welcomed the team, given them a new stadium and had good attendance numbers. It would have been equal to what the Chargers get in LA as a number 3, but the team would have its own facility in essence. The Blues would have likely gotten in on the action as well, or possibly even the Cardinals. The incentive was there for the Chargers to make a move.
  2. Oh, forgot to mention, svores updated and week 3 picks are up. Chargers would have gotten a new stadium with a move to St. Louis.
  3. Glad to hear it is making money. These kinds of epic films really should be done all at once, for continuity sake if nothing else. The issue however is cost, WB probably didn't have the money to cover the cost of such an expansive project.
  4. I'm surprised the Chargers didn't move to St. Louis. Honestly they never should have left San Diego, but if they had to move, why L.A.?
  5. Week 3 - Giggity? Thursday Panthers v Texans Sunday Chargers v Chiefs Cardinals v Jaguars Bears v Browns Washington v Bills Colts v Titans Saints v Patriots Falcons v Giants Bengals v Steelers Ravens v Lions Jets v Broncos Dolphins v Raiders Buccaneers v Rams Seahawks v Vikings Packers v 49ers Monday Eagles v Cowboys
  6. It's one of those multi-part films, so be prepared if the second part never quite gets made. Hopefully it has already been filmed and won't suffer the fate of Alita.
  7. We lost Wentz and don't have a backup. Feels bad man.
  8. The LA movie might be interesting. Netflix has just decided to own the market, it is a matter of budget. AT&T doesn't consider the niche market to be worth fighting over, when they can spend their resources competing in more mainstream markets.
  9. Sorry, no changing LOL or GOAT picks or else everyone will be in week 16 changing the LOL to Jets/Jags. Also, the Jets might just pull off a victory this week.
  10. This happens every year. The programs will recover slightly and stabilize around the 0.12-0.14 range, slightly higher if the weekend college games are trash.
  11. Scores are done Week 2 is up Lol Pats lost to the Dolphins.
  12. Shame to hear this, he was a gifted comedian.
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