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  1. The memes have begun.... (These are from leftists)
  2. We lost power for a few hours, but we only caught the tail end of the storm line. Hope your service gets back soon. In the meantime don't eat anything from your fridge. You might be able to get your insurance to pay for groceries though, and sometime (rarely) the utility itself will give you a credit on your account for replaced food lost to spoilage.
  3. Mommy ftw I hope Mike is paying attention, this is how it's done.
  4. Haven't heard of him per se. If he is writing for the Trib he might qualify as "right", for Chicago.... Seems silly that they would go after him for going after Soros. Soros is funding some of this nonsense, but there are plenty of others who are also funding BLM and this kind of violence, so much so that there are now memes floating around about it. As far as Soros goes, I've heard everything from him being a Nazi collaborator to a guest on Epstein's island to being Santa Claus. I think he is just a leftist billionaire type who funds leftist groups and backs candidates for Sec. of State and D.A. offices to promote this kind of nonsense.
  5. Probably a bunch of privileged brats from Western Springs/Hinsdale/Naperville/Oak Park out for a LARP. Sounds like Lightweight is mad about this one though, no covering for it and CPD is gonna be out to arrest. This would never have happened under Daley, Old Man or younger.
  6. I'm glad I got out when I did.
  7. You could have just gone to Kroger and bought a Visa gift card to order his gift. You'd have gotten 4X fuel points with the digital coupon to boot. No skullduggery needed, but I do appreciate you affording me the chance to use "skullduggery" in a conversation.
  8. I scroll with my left thumb, which on my phone puts it at the same place as people's names. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  9. I don't know about the others, but me showing up on anyone's profile visitor list is a mis-finger on my phone.
  10. Yeah, why not? His interview with Forbes was interesting. Some of it was insightful and some of it was a person off his bi-polar meds.
  11. So, Biden won't be at Milwaukee to accept the nomination due to the virus. I'll bet now that will be the excuse to skip the debates. Kind of fascinating, he is running for President from his basement.
  12. Fried tenderloin sandwich. "Double decker" deep dish pie. (pizza) No ketchup (Yes it is spelled ketchup) on hot dogs. Ever.
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