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  1. It doesn't matter how terrible the filler is, cause pant-snake Kabuto and Obito gonna unleash some serious insanity and generally good fights soon.
  2. AP coverage: https://apnews.com/e8f432e5ef5247d8af8865310e88348a
  3. It is Iran trying to pressure the EU into accepting a bad deal over its nuclear programme. Honestly, the U.S. could just move to supply Europe, we have the capacity to do so with relative ease, and thus cut off Iran.
  4. I like this pick-up. The show is kind of everything Toonami needs right now: simple story that is easy to get into, good production quality, a good mix of action, comedy, a bit of fan-service. In all it should be a solid performer. A crazy douche-bag kind of ruined it, but if Toonami has similar titles in store then I think they can make amends for recent "WTF?!?!" pick-ups....
  5. I wonder how long before Britain does something....
  6. Too little too late. Oh, wait, these are grown-ass adults, it isn't that guy's fault at all.
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