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  1. Virtue Signaling Moral Narcissists : Arson for thee not for me....
  2. Interesting history lesson here. I think this is just a way for the Feds to show up and arrest domestic rioters, looters, arsonists and losers who attack people for no reason. The issue of course is that the next Democratic President will probably do the same to any "militia" or other group (which does not engage in violence but the media will fear-monger).....
  3. I don't think there will be civil war, but I do hope this will stop the stupid kind of crap that is going on right now. Cities like Portland might need to find a new Mayor too....
  4. Arson for thee not for me....
  5. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. This is no longer about seeking justice, it is about rioting, vandalism, looting and arson. It should be treated as such.
  6. When you roll a "1" on your arson skill check.... Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
  7. Where are the leaders calling out the violence? They seem to be encouraging it.
  8. So, media coverage on this kind of violence?
  9. Yeah, this is not going to end well for Twitter. People are getting tired of censorship, tired of these tech companies behaving in biased fashions and tired of them shoving it in people's faces.
  10. If Trump takes away their 230 protections, they could be sued over every single troll/insult/demonstrably false post. You'd be talking trillions in judgements just from raw numbers.
  11. So, let's put this in simple terms. Media: Those domestic terrorists aren't social distancing!!!! *pearl clutching intensifies* Rioters : refuse to social distance and only wear masks to prevent indentification Media : *crickets chirp*
  12. When Zuck the Lizard calls you out. To be fair, he did this to spare himself the wrath....
  13. Wow, rough go for CNN. They get their building stormed, their crew gets arrested and now Fredo's ratings collapse. The beclowning continues....
  14. Now they are just 17 hours away from docking. It is cool to see us do something great like this. The best part is that we can re-use the rockets, which saves a ton of cash and allows for more frequent launches. If we can get to the moon with the system, we will be able to reliably supply and operate a lunar base, which would be a huge step towards Mars. Also, Musk should sell ad space on the side of the rockets. Make em look like NASCAR....
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