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  1. I would love to see Fairy Tail on Toonami. I think it would be a great fit.
  2. Picks are up and scores are done. Should be good games this weekend.
  3. ********DIVISIONAL ROUND******* Sat 4:30 - Bengals v Titans Sat 8:15- 49ers v Packers Sunday 3:00 Rams v Buccaneers Sunday 6:30 Bills v Chiefs
  4. I wasn't expecting One Piece. If anything I was expecting Boruto, and it still might show up after Shippuden finishes it's run. Starting after the time skip makes some sense, and you get a couple really decent arcs to start with, before it goes off the rails utterly. I guess DeMarco has managed to do good, so props to him for the effort.
  5. The scheduling chaos is probably hurting, 4.5 hr American Dad blocks in guides/DVR is probably not helpful. The key demo numbers aren't terrible though, which is a positive sign. I still maintain that the key to Toonami going forward is to generate real-time and community engagements with on screen viewer content, similar to the old "watch party" type bumpers on LivePD.
  6. Happy Birthday Mewnz For the record, House of Gucci is pretty decent, I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. Scores are done and include GOAT and LOL picks Goat - Greenbay Packers (booooo) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Brady FTW) with 13 wins Lol - Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars with 3 wins Yes, this means that the Colts weren't the only team to be beaten by the Jags. Still feels bad though. Picks are also up. Playoffs start Saturday . Good luck to all.
  8. !!!!!!!!! Wildcard Weekend !!!!!!!! Saturday 4:30 - Raiders v Bengals Saturday 8:15 Patriots v Bills Sunday 1:00 Eagles v Buccaneers Sunday 4:30 49ers v Cowboys Sunday 8:15 Steelers v Chiefs Monday 8:15 Cardinals v Rams
  9. The only team the Jags beat this year was the Colts. Feels bad man
  10. Not surprising, scripted linear television is trash. Scripted streaming isn't much better in terms of quality, however the sheer number of outlets is dividing the audience and tilting the numbers.
  11. It's gonna be BRBL followed by Ass class x 2 and then Queen's Blade, cause DeMarco has just given up at this point. 😝
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