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  1. My concern with an approach like that would be drawing a casual viewer to the flagship Saturday broadcast and having them see older shows and repeats. This might sour the potential for growth. It isn't easy to really grow if your title show is filled with programs that just aren't what your core audience is interested in. Certainly it doesn't help that licensing companies are having a competition to see who can hoard each other into their exclusive streaming platforms, but I think that DeMarco might be on to something by forging direct ties to the Japanese producers. Certainly a big premier show outside of Saturday can reach a wider audience, but you lose that draw factor to the Saturday broadcast by airing on more viewed nights. Double-edged sword I suppose.
  2. The Discovery people are purging cost ineffective projects and generally tightening ship. I think can survive, but it had better find an audience quickly that provides not only view ratings but online and social engagement as well. In short, a multi-platform engaged audience in the key demo is what the execs are probably looking for before deciding on anything. The best case scenario is that they believe Toonami has this audience, or the potential to create it, and is worth an investment. Worst case, they pull the plug, though I doubt that since there is an audience for anime. Realistic, Toonami transitions to an online platform. I am optimistic about Toonami now, since the higher higher-ups are interested in quality programming for broadcast, and Toonami has demonstrated a staying power. I wouldn't be surprised to see it transition from purely anime to action animation, but if that means getting reboots of Thundar, Thundercats season 2, perhaps a reboot of the old Dungeons and Dragons show, possibly Hasbro IPs etc., then I'm for it.
  3. Ginguy

    Official AEW thread

    MJF is the greatest troll/heel in pro wrestling today. Legend indeed.
  4. I'm sure Pat is beaming with pride. Still, it is good to see Toonami being promoted during AEW. AEW After Dark to lead off before Toonami needs to happen.
  5. Ginguy


    Pink orange blue
  6. I thought OP was going to say boobs. Now I'm mildly disappointed.
  7. It could be something as simple as asking for selfies from people watching Toonami, or their pets watching Toonami. Pics from people out in public with Toonami gear, or other anime swag (ideally from shows on Toonami) and have these images serve as bumpers during the broadcast. Fan art, contests for new t-shirt designs, perhaps even a podcast or some other kind of social media engagement designed to direct people to watching Toonami. The general idea being cheap, easy to do activities which promote audience engagement and involvement. If they went with the T shirt thing you also have a direct revenue opportunity as well.
  8. I think Toonami is benefiting from a lack of major sporting events, it has enough to draw some eyeballs and keep them reasonably engaged. I do think this would be the time to begin a serious social media/broadcast audience engagement project, with the economy stalling and people finding themselves with less discretionary income, the time is right to try and build an engagement program, particularly one that is free and readily available.
  9. At this point it's almost obligatory to say Queen's Blade....
  10. Not surprised honestly. The money isn't there for a niche product that doesn't produce much in terms of revenue. Uzumaki will air when it is ready, but probably not to much in the way of ratings, and possibly Bleach, though it might be financially out of reach.
  11. Happy Birthday Vamped
  12. Happy Birthday Ghostrek
  13. Croll's originals were crap because the budget was crap. It could be that Sony wants to expand anime in terms of its original IPs, that seems to be a trend among streaming services. It could be they just want to play the import game and try to corner the market. With Netflix going broke now would be the time to try and do that. Expanding original IP is tricky though, if you have trash you will eventually go broke much the way Netflix did.
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