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  1. Don't use hot tap water to brew tea. Also, cigarette butts are not acceptable as "tea leaves".
  2. People wonder why the comic universe reboot didn't work out so well....
  3. Only his career apparently....
  4. Yeah, there is never an excuse for liking Weezer.....
  5. Well, yeah, I suppose. Having been to a bunch of these dinners, I'd honestly rather hear a 30 second clip. The pricing however remains insane, given that most of these people I have never heard of, and I follow these things.
  6. You should see the pricing for keynote speakers. Even a former cabinet undersecretary of pothole filling will command ten to twelve grand for an hour speech.
  7. Didn't watch the trailer, still feel as though Bob Johnson owes Black America another apology.....
  8. Found this, made the day easier at the office....
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