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whiny early 00's emo thread PTSD edition


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This probably belongs in the music folder.


But that's besides be the point.


I actually have a soft spot for emo/screamo etc.


I'd also like to point out that I have a very encompassing view of what I personally consider 'emo'. For example, I think the majority of Modest Mouse's work could be classified as emo.


Then again I have a proclivity towards sadder, more somber sounding compositions than, say, shit like 'Uptown Funk" and "Get Lucky".


Individual perception of music is widely subjective, with only a small place for rigid objectivity.


What I really look for in music is something that speaks out to me. And the things I identify most with when it comes to music are themes of sadness, despair, meaninglessness, powerlessness, obvious yet depressing truth, and so on.


To open this up even further, I would say that music that connects with you on an emotional level is, well, emo.


It doesn't have to be the pigeonholed, "CAN'T WAKE UP!" meme that it's been swept into for a long time.

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