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  1. eggs

    @midnight Just got done on my run this morning. Gonna make me another.
  2. Because the demographics are just not there. It could maybe be possible if 100% of millennials were voting as they are the most liberal generation currently. Gen Z is polling more conservative overall in everything I've seen recently so good luck getting something radical to stick for longer than 4 years. This is one of the big problems I have with the Dem party at the moment, their expectations are too high and they aren't talking about solutions that can actually pass Congress and make a difference. Some compromise needs to be made otherwise we are going to get nothing we desire and people are going to continue to suffer tremendously.
  3. Am I A Chick? Am I A Dude?

    There's nothing "unwoke" about being bisexual as opposed to pansexual. I don't know what you read. The biggest difference usually is that pansexual advertises they are sexually attracted to transitioning transgendered people. Though there are some other caveats. Bisexual is just "I like dudes and girls and sometimes both together". Rogue, for example, is actually a "Pansexual" and not just a "Bisexual".
  4. Am I A Chick? Am I A Dude?

    Oh well, that's fine, just the way it was worded made it sound like someone was pestering them about it. It wouldn't be the first time on here.
  5. Am I A Chick? Am I A Dude?

    Did someone here hassle you about this or something? Let me know and I'll put them on my shit list.
  6. Computer takes about a half an hour to boot.

    https://www.windowscentral.com/how-check-your-pc-memory-problems-windows-10 first one on the list here.
  7. Computer takes about a half an hour to boot.

    Have you tried running windows memory diagnostic?
  8. Computer takes about a half an hour to boot.

    Did you make sure it was disabled after reinstall? If you ran a linux dual boot at any point with fast start enabled it can cause memory corruption.
  9. Computer takes about a half an hour to boot.

    Do you have fast startup enabled? It's default on in Windows 10, I've had friends with older computers that have had trouble with it.
  10. Computer takes about a half an hour to boot.

    Do you have anti-virus software on your computer? I recommend running a full scan. Do you have a solid state or HDD in your computer? Long load times could be the result of Hard Disk Errors or a completely full drive. Never fill an HDD to the brim it can cause a ton of system instability. Try a disk defragmentation as well (only for HDD never for SSD).
  11. futa friday!!

    Isn't she unbanned today? I thought she was only banned for a week?
  12. ITN: Mueller report released

    Which includes sealed indictments. From what I understood some had speculated he might have further sealed indictments that would be charged at a later date. Was hearing some journalists speculating on this idea a few days ago. @Admin_Raptorpat What do you think? Law is not my field obviously. How does this sound for prospects about what the report findings could contain?
  13. ITN: Mueller report released

    The latest stuff on NBC and Twitter is saying they've received word Mueller is recommending no further indictments.
  14. ITN: Mueller report released

    Looks like the report is just being submitted atm, probably won't be able to actually read the text for a while, though I don't know how these types of releases generally work.
  15. ITN: Mueller report released

    Thanks, I hadn't watched any news today. But have been anticipating this. Is it available to read for the general public or are we just getting reports on it 2nd hand from News outlets at this point? If there is a download online I'd love to read it, but I'm not finding anything yet.