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  1. Peacefully in old age, surrounded by people who love me.
  2. Did I out him? As a Kidney sexual.
  3. I am a fan of the spaghetti personally, and make a pretty mean baked spaghetti. Just sayin
  4. Viper is permanently banned, as are Fuggs, and Bucket. Packard is pre-emptively permabanned because I do not have patience for that. Everyone else is welcome, as long as they are friendly, do not intentionally cause trouble, and abide by the (very few) rules. Which are on display.
  5. It's too late, I already did hun.
  6. I sweetheart everyone darling.
  7. If you are a member here and would like to hang out with people from the community (including some older members who are not present here), or if you would like to meet new people not from ASMB who have joined the crew, then come check us out. We have 150+ members and all rule abiding members are welcome. We have the following benefits: Game Nights, multiple days of the weak. Our busiest days with upwards of 20+ active streamers/chatters are on weekend nights. Community Minecraft Server Other Community Games Emotional Support Groups Technical Advice Channels covering various topics A Music Bot Live Streaming + Video Chatting Community Activities Please make sure to read our rules. They are basically the same as the forums, while it is a rather relaxed atmosphere with minimal moderation (by design). Please note that Moderator and Admins may use discretion to refuse membership or ban if they believe you have violated said rules. Namely and most importantly: WE DO NOT TOLERATE HOMOPHOBIA / RACISM / TRANSPHOBIA / BIGOTRY IN ANY FORM. As well, persistent unwanted harassment will get you warned and banned. So do not come there with the intent to cause trouble. We are an 18+ server only as the server contains several NSFW channels, do not join if you are under the age of 18; you will be banned if you are discovered to be under the age of 18, period. 😄 Welcome and thanks for checking us out, link to the waiting room is here: https://discord.gg/FwpXVJs Sincerely Signed from the UEMB Discord Server staff: Owner: Sandstone "Sandy" Co-Owner: Rogue Alphonse Administrators: RaptorPat, Quackers (KidneyPunch), Major Moxie Moderators: Jehuty Ninja, Athena92, Naraku4656, Azalar Hex, Xanatosvr2
  8. Yeah, I do some intermittent fasting as well, periodically (like every 3 to 4 days). It actually makes quite a difference I think, because it supposedly helps re-jump the metabolism. However, I have to be very careful with it cause I have blood sugar problems.
  9. I don't consider myself old. Old is subjective, in my opinion, unless you're an octogenarian.
  10. I dunno, I just hate my body in general and always have. I know plenty of people who have said I look cute as is. But I'm not satsified. But I'm a perfectionist in everything, it sucks that I just can't ever be happy.
  11. Sandstone


    I'm seriously curious what store this is lol...someone fill me in. Also their marketing person should probably be fired for negligence.
  12. Sandstone


    Am I bad gay for not knowing what store this refers to?
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