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  1. I never said it wasn't racist rhetoric, is that why you're so upset? My point has nothing to do with that. There are many different types of racist rhetoric and ideology that exist, surely you know this, I would be surprised if you didn't know this. My point was in the specific details in how they are different. Neocons aren't race realist, but they could very well still hold racist views, in fact many do and it tends to come in the form of American Imperialism because they are big fans of spreading democracy to cultures in the middle east. That said, you won't find Neocons talking about the genetic inferiority of black people as it relates to IQ quotients that is rather specific to the race realists, which is an ideology that is well known, which is popular among neo-nazis and the alt-right. I'm not sure what you mean by empathy. You seem to be suggesting that I don't empathize with those affected by racist rhetoric which is just not true. It is for that very reason I think it is very important to understand precisely what racist people believe and espouse otherwise you can not combat it effectively and you certainly can not have a genuine argument with those people.
  2. Living in a state of denial about what exactly? You are just wrong, Ben Shapiro is not alt-right his view of the world is entirely different it doesn't matter what the end result is. Again this is like saying that progressives and liberals are the same because they share some overlap, it's simply false. Of course if you have video or text from Shapiro espousing a white ethnostate or race realist rhetoric then I will change my mind, I don't think you'll find such things considering he's an orthodox jew but I'll be willing to listen if you have something to show. Your reasoning is reductive, and it is important to distinguish core beliefs between different factions of any world view be it religious, political, or philosophical, otherwise you can not accurately address what they are espousing.
  3. Also he's very popular among older liberal voters: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/12/21/election-2020-pete-buttigieg-attracting-older-democratic-voters/2664703001/ I'm assuming Naraku doesn't know many octogenarian democrats so that could also explain a few things.
  4. God can you imagine 6 months of nothing but platitudes and pandering about the most whacky of fringe issues no one has ever even heard of? Pete reminds me of a College kid who took a couple of poli-sci electives and is doing an Obama impression aided by an AI phrase generator.
  5. The neocons have been around since the 80s, I didn't name any of these I'm just describing what they believe in that is different from eachother. Things like race realism are very specific and core to the alt-right, Ben Shapiro as loathsome as he may be is not a race realist and has nothing to do with the Alt-Right. This is as reductive as saying there is no difference between a liberal and a progressive in the Democrat party.
  6. If the establishment is smart they will find a way to convince Pete and Klobuchar to combine ticket (probably with Klobuchar on the presidential side) and get Joe to drop out before Nevada. That is my most probable prediction for they are going to try. If they don't make that happen before super tuesday there is no way in hell a normal voting process can even hope to stop Bernie. They could still try to push Bloomberg (who I think might even name Hillary as his running mate) at a brokered convention, they are already talking about super delegates and how many normal delegates would need to be pulled off of Bernie to make it happen. There was literally a guy on MSNBC (can't remember his name), saw a clip where he was saying (paraphrasing) It's more important to stop Bernie than Trump lol....
  7. I have been saying for months that her core supporters are the "Yas Kween" twitter posters, the same was true with Kamala (arguably more so with her). They just want to take selfies and have woke soundbites. Pete's followers have a similiar component to them, his supports seem older and kind of like "well I just like his demeanor". I don't think Bloomberg is going to recover from the audio tape released yesterday, it sounds really racist. It's a problem because he can't argue that it was just a policy, it is more about the tone and how he described it that people are going to have a real hard time accepting or explaining away. I mean he literally said all crime in New York was caused by 16 to 25 year old minority males and that the only way to stop them was to throw them against the wall and frisk them, what the actual fuck. No way is a guy who said that less than four years ago going to get a nomination by voter support. Maybe he could snag it through a brokered convention.
  8. I mean she is a fake regardless. They are going to need to collapse Klobuchar/Pete/Biden voters into a single centrist candidate if it's going to work. Warren staying in through super tuesday helps the establishment I think. I don't see Warren voters going to the centrist candidate, even if they are mostly deluded woke twitterati types that care more about pronouns and banning straws than they do wages and healthcare. Warren shot herself in the foot with her blatant pandering, it revealed the actual underlying opportunist that she is.
  9. Thanks for reminding me how much I hate Python's syntax, lol. I would very much recommend familiarizing yourself with any base concepts from questions you missed on the test, working through them all to make sure you understand exactly how each line works. This is the best way to learn next to actual coding practice, imo (I mean in depth analysis of written code line by line). Take that same concept then create challenge similiar to the one you missed such as "Check all digits in number A for a specific digit X, and return result for whether or not X is present in number B the same count as in A". Coming up with projects to reinforce skills is how I taught myself programming and it can be effective at helping someone work through the actual functionality of a specific example.
  10. Are you planning on going into Computer Science?
  11. One other thing, what Computer Science course is this that you are taking just out of curiosity?
  12. You should go see a College Counselor. Most colleges have free counseling services on campus. Therapy can be beneficial to those with depression. I would also recommend guided meditation once a day.
  13. It's just how I abbreviate it. I don't know if anyone else uses that. But yes the media industry is in league with the CIA, NSA, and military contractors. And these people claim to be liberals and progressives it sickens me to be quite frank. They bring on commentators from Raytheon and the CIA all the time. And some times they don't even say, "hey this guy worked for the CIA". But you can go and look up their guests or contributors, you will find a lot them worked either in the intelligence community or big military contractors like Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin. Or giant financial institutions like Goldman Sachs. And these are the people they get to comment on news.
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