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  1. A proper way to wake up.

    I got my glass of water, salad, cup of coffee, and a bowl filled with weed. Life is good. Let's try not to take it for granted today.
  2. Who actually waits for their oven to preheat?

    She loves the tapeworms In her intestines, they make good pets. #hater
  3. corn

  4. I'm REALLY fat, you guys.

    Yeah, I'm 312 lbs. It's the most I've ever weighed and intend to weigh. I need to get back into my old routine.
  5. how deep is your love?

  6. Meanwhile, in Michigan...

    At least he was smart and keep his identity a secret.
  7. what's your morning fix?

    Sitting in front of the computer until I finally decide to get a glass of water and something random to eat after like a half hour. Then I waste a good majority of my day doing close to nothing; eating sporadically, until I finally decide to make myself coffee and realize how much in the shit house my productivity is.
  8. tweeters list

    I like Twitter but I sort of wish I had more followers since I'm not returning to FB any time soon.
  9. Lets trip balls today

    I'd rather not die from cancer if I can help it. A family member of mine just passed away from lung cancer, if that not be a motivator than certainly a warning of some sort.
  10. it's a rainy day out

    Pretty nice here today. In fact I might go for a walk.
  11. Lets trip balls today

    Nah, I'll just continue to sit here and smoke my weed until I die from lung cancer.