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  1. Good riddance. Lazzo was, in Sam Hyde's words, a "spastic coke-head faggot". He flips out over the smallest inconvenience/controversy. This is part of the reason why the programming was all over the place in the latter part of the mid 2000's. The next exec is going to make or break the network. Now that [as] can't rely on Fox reruns, they have to bring their A game to the table with original programming and Toonami.
  2. I only keep it installed because of the mods, if you catch my drift.
  3. we already have a thread for HSG.
  4. $300 is a literal steal for a console that built up a GOAT library in less than two years. Compare that to the Xbox One X which is $500, and literally has no games except for a decent port of Nier Automata. It's even more ironic when you see Microsoft bundle genuinely bad games with the One X like NBA 2K19 and FO76.
  5. PS4 Pro out of necessity. The One X literally has no games. I don’t like the direction Sony has been going in. They’re trying to turn the PS brand into the kosher console, similar to how MS handles the Xbox. It makes getting a Switch more appealing.
  6. Rumb0

    Let's face it

    The only reason why anyone plays Persona is to date virtual thots. It's a gimped Megaten with dating sim mechanics. I'm not even an SMT elitist either. But, Persona generally has better music and better characters than mainline SMT games tho.
  7. The auto aim in RDR1 was snappy, and actually stayed on your target as you tried to maneuver the RS for headshots. There must be some way to get it back in RDR2 by heavily tweaking the aiming settings, but I'm not going to bother.
  8. They're really putting the shitty localization of Persona 1 on the list?
  9. Controls in this game are straight up ass tbh. I don't know how Rockstar messed up the shooting, especially since RDR1 had really tight shooting mechanics.
  10. I never once got copyright strikes from my ISP by torrenting Chinese cartoons in the past 15 years. I didn't have to mask my IPv6 address either. Maybe if you lived in Japan, but elsewhere no one gives a shit.
  11. Make no mistake. The makings of AnimeGate is yet another (((psyop))) to ruin another industry (((they))) don't have control over. I don't like the shit CR does, but you can combat it by cancelling your CR subscription and resort to torrenting anime instead. There are plenty of public trackers and people who seed their shit, so there is no reason not to. Also, no company cares if you torrent anime, at all. Thankfully there are some based companies that their do job and understand the market, like Sentai/ADV. It's gotten to the point where Sentai stopped dubbing anime all togther, and just straight up sub anime for localization.
  12. DQ11 is pretty good. But that music is really bad tbh. It's not because of midi, but more so of ths composer. The main battle theme sounds like it came straight out of KND.
  13. It's free, colorful, has elements of Minecraft, and has simplistic shooting mechanics. Its ultra competitive nature ties into the appeal too.
  14. I tested this out sitting in the driver seat of my car, using the front-facing camera. It does not show me sitting on the left side of the car. What phone do you have.
  15. Did you take that with the back or front camera?
  16. Horizontal flip with the front camera? Maybe your phone you got from Metro, because no mid-range phone does that.
  17. Why are you sitting in the passenger seat?
  18. Xbox dudes have poor tastes tbh. One of the reasons normies shouldn't play videas.
  19. No matter how hard DOA tries to legitimize itself, everyone in the fighting game community will laugh at it and laugh at the players who take it seriously. Numbers don't lie either, official streams bring in less than 5000k total viewers. Everyone wanted Tecmo to make Ninja Gaiden 4, but instead we see them attempt to milk a dead fighting game.
  20. It's the only thing you have to look forward to in your ineffectual life.
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