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  1. The Taliban is based as fuck. They stopped the use of opium and the practice of Bacha Bazi in their territories of Afghanistan. Our ZOG military ruined what would have become a trad nation. I hope Blumnf rectifies those mistakes.
  2. They hate her because she's not a ZOG bootlicker. She also has nice feet.
  3. It was a hoax. Wh*toids don't watch Empire.
  4. LOOOOOOOL http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/rapper-21-savage-taken-into-custody-by-ice-in-atlanta He’s going to be deported back to the U.K. Holy shit.
  5. FFX is better than the PS1 and PS3 FF’s. Tidus is less annoying than the FFXII MC. FFVI is Reddit-tier faggotry. FFV was better.
  6. He gets released when he’s 69 years old,,, judge knew what he was doing/
  7. I work in a loud, hot, and depressing server room all day. It’s like a prison cell.
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