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  1. Whatever the reason, he's sure done a good job of destroying good will between the fans and Toonami crew that was built up during the original Toonami, the April Fool's event and eventual return, and the following years. He's been acting like a real asshole for a while now.
  2. What was that downvote for, bruh? Unless you were downvoting what Demarco said.
  3. Whatever you want to refer to it as. They did something stupid as not promoting big name voice talent in the past doesn't mean they should keep doing that.
  4. I guess we won't know until another Lucky Lecher Lure scene happens! Either way, whoever is responsible better not edit it again!
  5. Two shows fell through but we have no idea what those shows were. A lot of people assumed one was Dr. Stone, in fact, but here it is.
  6. I don't mind characters being completely outclassed at times, to show how badass someone is. But Kishimoto keeps doing it to the girls constantly, which is what's shitty. I guess there are a few exceptions, like Tsunade, and Naruto's mom, maybe Temari, and the Mist Village kage? I think Hinata has done well enough when she rarely gets to do something. She did have a good arc too. But even the girls we know are capable, just get written out of the fight or just don't get anything to do. I mean you pretty much have to remove Tsunade from the equation, but in other cases... eh.
  7. Who else besides Momo can you be talking about? I doubt that is the reason. Probably just thought it would be funny (which it is.) There's tons of characters with this ability whose clothes just phase with them. But Horikoshi also made it more convoluted, with the power making him lose all his senses and be unable to breathe.
  8. Still seems odd what they did. They act like not enough people watched the show, so they death-slot it. But it did well enough and still does better than most of the other shows even being dead last. But they're treating it like everyone already watched it somewhere else, so might as well death-slot it, but they're going to come back to Toonami for Season 4 (if that is the plan.) But like I said the show did and still does well, so this makes no sense no matter what they're trying to do. Even if they aren't getting season 4, there was still no reason to kick a well performing show to the curb. And I can't really believe the political pettiness reason people thought it was now that they got Fire Force. No matter how I think about it, it makes no sense.
  9. Mirio is like a future Deku. Well, if Deku can ever git that good.
  10. To be continued in Season 4. T__T At least the wait isn't too far off now. But who knows if Toonami will get it.
  11. I don't think that's how physics works but okay. Someone show Neil Degrasse Tyson this episode. Guess we won't learn the quirks of the others. How did he get those scars. Turning experience into power. Seems obvious that you get better with experience. That is a tricky quirk to use after all. Cute blue girl! All Might had a side kick and we're just now hearing about him?! Plague doctor joining League of Villains?
  12. I feel like we should have heard about them before. He's got stage fright? Girl just keeps asking a ton of questions. And she's got really weird hair, even for an anime girl. Bad joke... These guys are the top students?! I would think 4th year would be top of the class. Unless this school just has three years. Phasing quirk... and he lost his clothes because of it?!
  13. Man, this is one-sided. Good job killing the inventor of mobile suits you dumbasses! What is Char smiling about?
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