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  1. Doesn't that say it approved additional spending? Where does it say that the spending was lowered? Unless I just don't understand corporate speak. Also, everything is always BELOW EPECTATIONS for these corporations. They expect endless growth, even though the population of the Earth and their wallets are finite.
  2. Are you really going to go off of a random tweet from a noname account as your trusted source, again? And I didn't know Disney + had any anime besides Star Wars Visions. Anyway, it looks like new character designs have been released. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/bleach-thousand-year-blood-war-official-character-designs/ https://bleach-anime.com/character You can't save the images from the mobile page. Maybe you could on the PC, for sure with Inspect Element on Chrome. So, I can't embed them right now (well I could, but I'm too lazy to hop on the computer to do so.) Although, there's too many characters to embed them all anyway. You can click around on this site. Hey, I forgot that Rukia's birthday is only a few days away from my own!
  3. That filler squad, good lord. They're drawn so bad it's like they're not even from the same show, not even from the same studio!
  4. Eating a giant scorpion. Well, it's basically a giant land lobster... right?
  5. Lol at the filler explaining stuff the canon never did.
  6. Hot ninja nurse. I thought Ino and Sakura aren't supposed to be fighting anymore. A flashback within a flashback! So these three families have been partnering together for generations? Special earrings, really?
  7. There's no way of proving that that's Laboon's family. Terrible weather on the surface! Ah hell, the navy is here...
  8. Hah that whale likes Brook's song. Following the whales' current. Flashback montage.
  9. Hit something and bounced out? Hit what?? A giant sea monster is here now!
  10. Luffy is enjoying this?! The ship could get torn apart!
  11. Showering with a cloud. That's convenient. Haha electrocuted Sanji and Brook. There's always a bigger fish...
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