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  1. It was explained as Sho is linked to the Evangelist and Shinra was able to link to that because he is Sho's brother. Yeah I suppose the connection could be severed somehow. Yeah.
  2. Most of the Integrity Knights are kind of monotone like that, because they're supposed to sound all official, and got their memories erased and indoctrinated by Administrator. But which line was it?
  3. But there was some effort made to have the powers make sense before the three things you mentioned. Now it's just gone off the deep end. And the last one makes the least sense. Her fire powers heal because it's a symbol of healing...
  4. Senku still does some though, and he did a whole bunch when it was just him.
  5. It would have been any of them that had a humanoid form and size before they got turned into Arrancars. And I thought it was just said that a Vasto Lorde was stronger than a captain.
  6. Uhh people gain fat on their head and face, below the cranium anyway.
  7. Don't forget Aizen. I'm sure he has done some other variations too.
  8. I don't mean a literal camera. We saw strange views of the kids talking that were behind bushes or shelves or something and moving like it was from the point of view of someone watching them.
  9. I don't remember it being said that the samurai were more powerful, but maybe I missed that part. Oh yeah, I remember that thing with the Vasto Lorde. They were talking about that form of Menos Grande. That's when they said the big ones were "just foot soldiers." Well, an Arrancar Vasto would be even more powerful than an original Hollow Menos version. But fans kept going on about Vasto Lordes for some reason, when they would be weaker than the Arrancars! And they never did fight any Vasto Lordes Menos Grande lol. Yeah there should have been casualties. I had remembered hearing that Kubo wanted to kill off some characters but the editors wouldn't let him, fearing a drop in sales.
  10. Ray outed as the traitor already in episode 4! This show moved faster than I remember.
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