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  1. Yeah I think it's okay to bring back the ancient legendary ninjas, but bringing back literally everyone that died, and especially the Akatsuki, seems ridiculous lol.
  2. Yup lol. I think there may be something to the idea some have said of this war not being planned ahead of time. Why kill off most of the Akatsuki before you have the war? And if it was planned like this, that probably makes it even worse lol.
  3. The way you're acting is why you would've never gotten picked by All Might, asshole.
  4. IT WAS TOGA ALL ALONG! Man I hope the real Camie is okay. And so now she could disguise herself as Deku, right? And she had Uraraka's blood from earlier. Oh that's right she already turned into her during the exam!
  5. Yes but he was pointlessly causing destruction when he could easily just dispatch the Infernal without all that collateral damage.
  6. Bakugo LOL. Shut the fuck up Mineta. Seriously he is fucking obnoxious and has no redeeming qualities. What purpose does he serve?! What did she call Momo? Uhhh isn't that every case where a hero would do something? Lol.
  7. Yeah maybe. It still pisses me off though. I hope that his death isn't ruined by bringing him back here. That was so well done, and then that filler episode added to it.
  8. On the credits showed she wasn't even played by Michelle Ruff either. I know her too well from playing some of my favorite characters, like Rukia, Elie, Sinon, Fujiko... didn't think it was her lol.
  9. Hmm potential Detective Barnett spin-off lmao. Seems like a waste to not will the gem to someone. So, Isabelle is really dead, and not someone in disguise. Marie was Cassandra Lee Morris. Didn't sound like her. Isabelle is someone called Ellyn Stern.
  10. So did the countess have to wait until one of her maids or butlers burned her hands to enact all this?
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