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  1. But remember when we were told years ago that the anime industry was going to go out of business because of piracy? There was an actual PSA and website about it that the industry itself started. I can't remember what it was called. Though piracy does have to have some sort of effect. But I guess there's enough people buying DVDs, Blu-rays, merch, and figures etc to make up for it. And some of the people who buy crap buy A LOT of crap! I don't agree with that. The actual streaming services (or TV providers) are almost always easier and more convenient to use. Not to mention "go-to" sites getting shut down. The way to beat piracy is to make the official option too convenient, which is what happened with the WWE Network, which was also priced very fairly. I have not pirated any WWE shows since it came out. If I could, I would watch every anime via legitimate streaming platforms, but I refuse to get Crunchyroll, because of the shitty merger and not carrying over account credentials, watch history, and queue from Funi, or even all the shows (I use Netflix, Hulu, Funi Now, Tubi etc,) and sadly, some shows aren't on any legitimate streaming platform. ~ As to the OP, iilluminaughtii recently made a video about how Crunchyroll is a horrible monopoly that screws voice actors, so I'm not sure all their PR is so great.
  2. The behavior becomes more questionable the longer it continues. You'd think they'd want MHA to last as long as possible? I hope Toonami actually has something secured this time. They cleared Yashahime and Made in Abyss off the schedule as quickly and cleanly as possible, and then had nothing to replace them.
  3. Yeah, like I said. I don't do that anymore, and for good reason. My breaking point was when Demarco said he never saw Fairy Tail several years ago haha. I probably ought to check out Spy x Family, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, etc some time soon. The thing with Chainsaw Man is weird. When the anime first came out, it felt like it had already been out several months before then. Maybe it's just a really hyped series, or I was conflating it with Jujutsu Kaisen. I watched the Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie but hadn't gotten around to watching past that. I probably should soon, though I may not be able to make it to the new movie, regardless.
  4. Yeah I heard that Log Horizon is about political machinations and people hashing out how to live in a game world. Not sure if they even try to get out of it or if they even can. .hack was good, and cerebral is definitely a good description for that one, too. Not action heavy, though it does have some. I only saw the first series, as I don't think the others are related to each other. But Demarco said he hates .hack so I won't expect the original series or any others to air on the block. I mean, looking into it, Princess Principal seems like a legitimate fit for Toonami.
  5. Yeah. And most of the bad stuff from history has been forgotten, unless they were so bad they're good, which is why older movies etc seem better than everything from more recent times.
  6. I was even more annoyed by the rating for the first season. It has an 8.16 There's shows way better than this that are lucky to get near or above an 8! Hahaha the show with hunters is a 9.04, so I guess it's not that much better than Food Wars, going by this logic. 🤣 There's also an obsession with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood always being the top show, which I'm not sure how it's maintained without spam accounts. It's a good show, but I don't think it's the best anime of all time. Yeah other shows have better fan service and are also more entertaining. Not only the quality but also the fan service of Food Wars was way oversold haha. Yeah, I have noticed that, after going over enough shows, most are in the 7s, and a show has to be really good to get near an 8 or above, and you have to wonder what the fuck a show did wrong to get in the 6s. But even given that, Food Wars' rating is ridiculous compared to other shows. I would probably avoid picking a show to watch I know I probably won't like, but for me it's only special occasions a show is good enough to deserve an 8, never mind a 9, and almost no shows are worthy of a 10. A few shows are subpar enough to get a 6, but not many are bad enough (that I've seen) to get much worse than that. To me, 7 is "pretty good." I would probably have more shows at 6 and below from anime aired on TV, than ones I watched on my own, since obviously not every show that aired was suited to my liking haha.
  7. Oh ok. Not sure how I forgot or misunderstood that. Thanks. Although All For One also turns the concept of quirks on its head. Not to mention the Nomus and the doctor's other roided up patients, like Gigantomachia and Shigaraki.
  8. Honestly that music is way cooler than Sasuke deserves LOL. And they must have played just a bit of this in the episode, because there was some other more evil music being used as well. Oh ok. So maybe that is the part that's filler haha.
  9. I don't remember Witch Hunter Robin being that, uh, memorable, haha. But it wasn't bad. Wolf's Rain was better, but I had bad memories associated with it, and swore off ever watching it again. I suppose I'm not really bothered by the girl I associated with that show anymore, and it's been many years and I've changed a lot since then. So maybe I could watch it again. But I do remember it was pretty depressing too so maybe not haha. I never saw those other shows you mentioned but sounds like they might be worth checking out.
  10. I'm sure Ian Malcolm would like to have a few words with Orochimaru about his perversions of science.
  11. Yeah I remember that stuff, but I don't remember her mother or her being with the Grass Village and just being used as a healing battery.
  12. So since Karin died in the Tsukoyomi does that mean she DIES IN REAL LIFE?
  13. Don't remember this incident with Karin being recaptured by the Grass Village. She killed them all? How did she cause that explosion?
  14. "Come on hurry up and bite me." 🤣 And there's the biting fetish!
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