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  1. Are you being serious? I still can't remember the names of most of the characters.
  2. I didn't realize we wouldn't have the regular block for three whole weeks. That's kind of disappointing. I don't get why they are doing the Fena marathon when they haven't done much holiday marathons at all like they used to. Three weeks is a long time without the regular lineup and I could see some viewers thinking the regular lineup has been canceled after that long.
  3. I thought it was really Clayface who was pretending to be Jason Todd. But it seems that isn't the case in the comic storyline either. I must have gotten stuff mixed up.
  4. People always break out from Arkham. And from prison haha.
  5. Joker you psycho you want to get blown up with all of them?
  6. Getting bashed into all that stuff and Jason's face is just fine haha.
  7. Yeah I'm surprised he didn't kill Joker after that at least.
  8. He stole the Batmobile's tires. I'm surprised it wasn't theft proof!
  9. Oh, you know, it only hurts when I laugh.
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