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  1. I was going to make a thread about the SAO panel specifically but since people were already talking about it in here, it seemed redundant. Yeah, I could see that. You should have seen the new episode. It was godly. The art and animation was probably the best I have ever seen from SAO (though I still haven't gotten around to watching Ordinal Scale.) So fucking good. It had great action and also some emotional moments. Well paced, a lot happened in the episode. But not rushed either. I think even not-so-big fans of SAO would like it, but I could be wrong. I'm kind of biased since SAO is one of my favorite series. I guess I am probably one of the only people here who truly, genuinely likes the show, even with all its flaws lol (though I don't agree on all of what people say are flaws of course, but I get tired of relitigating that.) But yeah, I need to grab the screenshot of Mon Mothma when she gives the Bothans line, and put this for the meme text - "THE NEW SAO EPISODE PREMIERES" "MANY BOTHANS DIED TO BRING US THIS ANIMATION" Hell, you could even just watch the OP to see what I'm talking about!
  2. Ooooh interesting. Because G-kids sounds like the most basic bitch generic off-brand name for a licensing and dubbing company I've ever heard, haha. So then nothing has been lost. Good to know. Now to try to rangle things to get HBO Max set up. I don't think my Aunt ever tried to get it to work. Still just stuck with HBO Now I think.
  3. But, those expensive Disney actors did the dubs...
  4. The only thing he ever has sex with are girls' used masks. So he wouldn't have much experience with any kind of sexual activity, period.
  5. Good point. I have no idea why she was randomly dumped there lmao.
  6. I saw that and was like - DAMN IT SAO! Also really stupid since Leafa could have gotten out of it but "I don't want to kill anyone here without knowing what's going on." Really, Leafa? D.I.L. is clearly a murderous psycho-bitch! Also you can defend yourself without killing the attacker. But, if it's in self-defense, it's justified anyways. Ah well, hopefully that was the LAST of that crap. I know Reki swore of the rape scenes after this was all written. I'm just hoping there aren't any more in the arc.
  7. He criticices capitalism and teh ebul corporations, when he works for one... Praises socialism. Full socialism means the end to freedom. Don't forget that. Once the government owns your body and is the sole provider of your healthcare, you are dependent and beholden to them. They could make you do anything by threatening to withhold your healthcare. Also even if we took literally all of the money from all the evil rich people and all the evil corporations, it wouldn't pay off the national debt, much less "free healthcare." He was re-tweeting a bunch of anti-police stuff. Including one that said "fuck the police and they dead grannies." Then he pretends to be super woke and enlightened. Remember, it's okay to discriminate, as long as those you do it against are people you've already deemed are villains! #liberallogic If the whole APD police force walked out, as was reported was going to happen, and Atlanta were to burn again, would Demarco be there cheering as his house and Williams Street are razed to the ground? Would Demarco call the cops if someone broke into his house? Or hold up his Toonami badge and demand they leave the premises? And yeah, Demarco lies about the thing that is literally his job that he claims to be passionate about. So why should I believe or care about anything else he says? So yes, they are related.
  8. Hmm, I just saw something I didn't notice in the OP every other time I saw it. The character in the thumbnail IS in the OP after all. There are a few flash teases -
  9. Limited poses in these figures, but I found a cute/sweet one for SS Trunks and Majin Vegeta just a few minutes ago. (Going through my stuff and unearthing and reorganizing things.)
  10. We're not going to a new fucking thread.
  11. Dude I was barely paying attention. And not isn't because of my apathy to this show. Been sick af and having trouble sleeping. Hopefully the meds I got today help.
  12. I think he is from the Dragon Ball Earth's equivalent of yeah, basically what you said. You forgot Nam. Lul, when I googled him, I saw a theory that he is Uub's father.
  13. I can make lemonade out of lemons with this re-airing. I am going through my hard drive and found lots of funny and interesting Dragon Ball stuff I can post in this thread. I even found documents dating to 2002 with dozens if not over a hundred old DBZ fan sites! I wonder how many of them still work?
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