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  1. I was trying to find out the status of any of the shows but it looks like there are no updates yet. When I googled "Toonami news," "Is Toonami cancelled?" is the top suggestion for people also searched for.
  2. But if Asuna was able to use that power endlessly there would be no challenge in defeating Gabriel. It's a literally a god power that lets her reshape the landscape (and heal her severed arm apparently.)
  3. It was in the related videos, heh. Well, she did the fighting demon version too, with a few minor alterations.
  4. @DangerMouse That girl you posted in the MHA thread also did a pretty nice Nezuko cosplay. No idea why she keeps making the bedroom eyes, though! Well, I guess that is supposed to be Nezuko's scared/shy expression lol.
  5. Well he had a scene all to himself where he vowed to defeat Kibutsugi. No reason for him to put on an act for himself, so I don't think this is another Vangeance/Patry situation. There is definitely something weird about him and those twins though.
  6. Link didn't embed. D: But I fixed it. Good cosplay! I still think Mina has a quasi-cute-creepy look. She would look fine if it weren't for her eyes being black where they should be white. But I have been getting used to and warming up to her look after a while. But then I see cosplays and it brings it right back!
  7. I detailed it in this thread. The compositing director, an integral position, was having issues with depression. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-04-03/sword-art-online-alicization-war-of-underworld-anime-2nd-part-english-subtitled-trailer-streamed/.158280 Yup the last cour is still coming out later this month, just as they initially announced when the delay was announced. So I guess production mostly wrapped before coronavirus hit Japan. I have no idea what will happen with the dub or Toonami's airing, though.
  8. Well at least Naruto isn't an asexual protagonist. He's still an idiot though.
  9. It's so weird that they used a canon villain in this filler.
  10. Looks like 54 yards. But by the time it gets to kilometer vs mile and kph vs mph the difference gets way larger. Anyway, that's a 164 feet! I'm not even that good with yards. That sounds like a lot! Now there is no way she survived a 164 foot fall!
  11. Scars from a fall and not an epic ninja battle? Hated exercise so his arms were weak LOL. Could you really be THAT weak though? And what about adrenaline in times of crisis we always hear about? Like people moving cars off of people?
  12. I don't get the idea of pricing it so high. They would have more sales from selling more copies at a lower price than a few copies at a high price. I guess Aniplex must be using the Japanese pricing model for their releases. Hmm from what I understand original creators would get royalties from those sales. And the Japanese companies did try to combat piracy in the past with that website and initiative they started a few years ago. Can't remember what it was called or if it's still going. Oda told people to read another manga if they wanted romance stories and I don't recall him getting any flak for that. It made me think of how extremely nice and diplomatic Yuji Naka and some of the Sega guys were about criticizing the original Sonic design for the movie. https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2018/12/13/the-original-creators-behind-sonic-the-hedgehog-react-to-the-new-live-action-movie-reveal/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2019/11/13/yuji-naka-gives-his-take-on-the-new-sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-redesign/ That said, according to people following the current SAO arc in the novels - So it seems he meant what he said. Anyway I think the way the women have been dealt with isn't nearly as bad as some have said. But more screen time and adventures won't hurt.
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