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  1. I had never heard of these things before you guys mentioned them. So this is what they are. A lot of them have those puns like that. https://www.hamiltoncollection.com/products/907513001_precious-moments-you-took-a-pizza-my-heart-bisque.html They aren't THAT cute. And this damn thing costs a 100 dollars! Says it's only 5 inches wide, so it's not like this is some huge statue!
  2. Also Naruto is going to be pretty disappointed that talking to a bunch of dead guys is what changed Sasuke's mind, and not his own talk no jutsu.
  3. Hype... now let's hope these Hokages do a better job than the modern kages did. That was a major disappointment!
  4. Itachi just being a psycho who craved power was better than this BS convoluted retcon of trying to make him a tragic figure.
  5. Jackass... I had really hoped we had gone beyond the point of that being considered "entertainment."
  6. Why do they just sit there and let him kill them? Also it's obvious he killed them by surprise originally before that got retconned.
  7. How the hell are his priorities out of order, Madara? How did Madara survive that?
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