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  1. Welp, stay safe @avec Gonna be a long night.
  2. Oh no. The police are trying to disperse the unruly mob. What a bunch of gestapo goons amirite.
  3. Troll posts from, what, four years ago?
  4. I kinda like the first few episodes of the second half of this season, that latest one was really disappointing however. Just more "Oh man doesn't Jerry suck everyone? Look at how much Jerry sucks. Oh look at him, he's gonna go and really muck things up again because he's so incompetent and pathetic." Just more of their tired, lolsowacky dysfunctional family dynamics and, as you pointed out, no further progression of any sort of main plot line.
  5. I don't post "racist bullshit". Just because I look at things from the perspective of how they'll likely play out in a courtroom, and don't get swept up into a mob justice mentality doesn't mean I'm a racist. I know you're probably really busy working on your fourth chin so I appreciate you taking the time to put down the Ho-Hos for five seconds to fire off one of your insightful intellectual gems w/ those sausage link Hostess-pincers.
  6. How do you know that? I know that might seem like a stupid question, but things have to be accounted for.
  7. You're the one sharing potentially unverified personal information about people but I'm the one looking to lynch someone huh.
  8. You gonna cross reference that information? Better make sure you got the right names and the right addresses if you're gonna show up.
  9. If you're going to send someone to 6'x8' room for a long time, possibly the rest of their life, you better be able to prove that they belong there. I'll say it for the final time, I'm waiting for the autopsy and toxicology. And if it turns out that their actions directly resulted in his passing, they should be charged to the full extent of the law. I'm not trying to be contrarian, or argue for the sake of arguing.
  10. Like I said, I think it's important to wait for the autopsy and toxicology reports. To me, it doesn't look like they did anything to constrict his airway. If it turns out they broke a vertebra, crushed his windpipe or something not as apparently obvious, then they should be held accountable.
  11. It sounds like he was already cuffed and they had attempted to put him in the squad car. If he was intoxicated like they claim, and raging around, it makes sense that they would pull him out and try and get him to calm down. In the video I didn't hear any of them call in the ambulance; I'd also like to know when it was understood by the police that he needed medical assistance. The ambulance shows up only a minute or two after he apparently loses consciousness, meaning that it was likely en route already.
  12. I'm very interested to see the medical report. If you watch the video, the man is clearly able to breathe; his windpipe is not being crushed and he is able to talk for several minutes. In the video, the man also claims to be experiencing stomach pain. It looks and sounds like he had a heart attack.
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