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  1. I havent seen his vids since ninja warrior. Ever since i clicked on this one, i’m getting shit like this 😂
  2. Lol, those videos of zeni are so old. I actually think it says more about the guy shaming him than zeni. That ninja video is like 10 years old 😂😭😂
  3. His facial expressions and mouth size always got me.
  4. I do like Mr. Smith. He makes me smile
  5. Apparently Keanu and Carry are coming back for it. I watched the trilogy the last few days on netflix and rewatching them i don’t know why they were such a big deal when they came out. XD
  6. Lol, if you were bucket you would’ve broken character way earlier.
  7. Midnight is trying too hard. anyways, it’ll be my second celebrated Christmas since i lived in Pennsylvania. My family is very religious and don’t celebrate “pagan” holidays.
  8. I am tall. I’m 5’ 10”. I hate it sometimes. I feel like:
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