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WHo remembmers that shit? With the clouds and whatnot. And maybe a wolf or something.

Well did you know you can enable status updates under edit profile and it'll be like the same thing?! Except minus the clouds and probably a wolf and also it actually workds.

If this thread is boring, heres some blog I worote on the fan collective wayback when about Conan the Lolbrarian. I have made it yellow and comic sans font as was tradition.

As a young lad, I dreamt of trafficking fruit to impatient passersby as they raged their gas-guzzling gizmos towards their occupation. But the market for roadside fruit vendors was terribly oversaturated. "Damn illegal aliens with their banana probes!" Eventually I put aside my adolescent ambitions and became a librarian.

"No, Bobby, you can't check out the last copy of the latest Harry Potter book. It's mine! Now get out of my library before I check out your faise!"

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