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  1. Bears gave up 9 sacks and had 1 net passing yard. Worst debut for a rookie QB since... everyone in week 1.
  2. How many weeks into the season does Urban Meyer pull a Saban?
  3. "Davante Adams said he has talked with Aaron Rodgers about the double teams he's facing and that maybe they need to just push the envelope on those and see what Adams can do." OR... maybe throw to the open receiver? Maybe to the middle of the field for a change? Or God forbid run the ball. But no... throw into double coverage. What could go wrong. It's no wonder the Packers are undefeated when Adams is out. Rodgers has no choice but to take his head out of Davante's ass.
  4. Packers regretting not trading Rodgers right about now.
  5. WTF Tennessee... I knew your D was bad but yikes. Chandler Jones on pace for 85 sacks this year.
  6. At least FSU wins best cheerleader reaction.
  7. The Toyota Tankathon is on! Everything must go! I wonder if they'll take an '89 Camry Newton. 🤔
  8. That OL is surprisingly dominant despite losing some good players to the pros recently. Easily handled the strength of OSU's defense.
  9. 5 turnovers, 19 penalties and 3 missed kicks.
  10. Louisville scores and the crowd goes wild.
  11. These targeting calls are a joke. Four players ejected in one half of the Louisville-Ole Miss game. Refs could eject every player on Ole Miss' defense and Louisville still probably wouldn't get a first down.
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