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  1. Up 1.6 points on @sahockeygrl15 with the Saints down 10 and seconds left on the clock. Drew Brees completes one final meaningless pass to get over 300 yards and I lose.
  2. And now Saquon tore his ACL and Mostert (both leagues) has a knee injury. Cursed year. I should drop Aaron Rodgers before he breaks his collarbone again.
  3. Breaking: The Lions are really bad.
  4. Fuck fake ass analyst Peter Schrager and the abomination that is Good Morning Football.
  5. UEMB league: Chris Godwin and George Kittle out. Other league: Michael Thomas and Chris Godwin out, AJ Brown and Devante Parker questionable.
  6. Down half a point. Even a single sack here by Steelers D could get me the win. And TD Slayton. I lost.
  7. They seem to have no clue how to use Lamb. Plenty of times he was open on a slant and could've gotten YAC, but instead Dak dumps it off to Cooper who is immediately tackled for a short gain. Just put the ball in his hands and let him run.
  8. Bench: Tom Brady, Raheem Mostert, Antonio Gibson, Jarvis Landry, Diontae Johnson, Denver DEF Bench: Roethlisberger, Mostert, Amari Cooper, AJ Brown, Devante Parker, Emmanuel Sanders Easy choice in the first league because who the fuck knows how Ben will play this year, and I'm up by quite a lot anyway. Second league is a riskier play. I'm only up 10 points and my opponent has Saquon left. Cooper and Brown are good, but they'll draw better corners.
  9. I'm starting Ceedee Lamb in both of my leagues tonight. I got a feeling.
  10. I wasn't aware Trubisky was the rookie RB who dropped the game winning TD.
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