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  1. Because Miami has won a Super Bowl. As for worst teams in the league, Bengals will probably be worse than the Bills and Lions. Unproven coach taking over a below average team. Washington probably won't win many games with a rookie QB. Giants were already shit last year before trading away most of their best players, so can't expect much there. Lions should be good enough for 6-8 wins. They managed to whoop the Patriots last year. Bills are good defensively, but have a horribly inaccurate QB; basically Ravens north. I would expect both to struggle to get to .500, but they're not doormats.
  2. "I dont want his attitude I dont know i just feel it" "When i got to work in japan i need to pay for him..for the expensis" He probably had debts and married her to have her work and pay them off.
  3. That could only describe two people, and she is neither my father nor my proctologist.
  4. Its hilarious. And no, I've never even met her.
  5. I've read annulments can cost 3-6k dollars there. So uh... I'll pass on that.
  6. So wait... you're not going to be on Star Trek? Do you at least get to meet Patrick Stewart?
  7. So I've been conversing with this woman for over 2 years now. Then today out of nowhere, this... Classic. 🤣
  8. Pre-Preseason Predictions
  9. Visas go through the DHS/USCIS; you cannot bypass the DHS by going to an embassy. You cannot gain citizenship without being in the country; it requires 5 years of continuous residency. It does not cost $1300 to get into any country with a US passport. Australian passports actually cost more money to obtain.
  10. Heyman teasing Brock again. I hope he comes out and pins Becky.
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