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What was the first game you beat on every console you've owned?


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NES: Mega Man 2

Gameboy: Super Mario Land

SNES: Ultraman: Toward The Future

Sega Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sega Game Gear: Bart Simpson Meets Radioacive Man

PlayStation: Mega Man X4

N64: Super Smash Bros.

Playstation 2: Spider Man

Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future

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Gameboy: Donkey Kong

PS1: Tekken 2

N64: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

PS2: Metal Gear Solid 3

Gamecube: Smash Bros Melee 

PS3: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

Wii: Bleach Shattered Blade

3DS: Fire Emblem Awakening

PS4: Nier Automata

Switch: Smash Ultimate


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SNES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
Genesis: Sonic 2
NES: Kirby's Adventure (somehow we had a copy that was in French)
N64: Super Mario 64
GBC: Pokemon Blue
PS1: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion
PS2: Dynasty Warriors 3 
Xbox: Halo: Combat Evolved
NDS: New Super Mario Bros.
Xbox 360: Eternal Sonata
PSP: Jeanne d'Arc
PS3: Valkyria Chronicles
Saturn: Shining the Holy Ark
Dreamcast: Soulcalibur
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land
PS4: Bloodborne (I feel like I might be forgetting something I beat before it)
Vita: Persona 4 Golden
Wii U: Super Mario 3D World
Switch: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I put the consoles in the order that I had them, not when they released.

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nes- super mario bros 

genesis- sonic 2

game gear- sonic 2

n64- super mario 64

playstation- tony hawk pro skater

pc- pandemonium 

dreamcast- sonic adventure

game boy- pokemon yellow

gameboy advance- metroid fusion

gamecube- resident evil 1

nintendo ds- pokemon pearl

nintendo wii- zelda twilight princess

nintendo 3ds- super street fighter iv 3d

wii u- zelda wind waker hd

switch- zelda breath of the wild


mostly in the order i think i beat them. might be missing a few...



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NES - Super Mario Bros

GB - Mario Land

SNES - Mario World 

Virtual Boy - Wario land

Mac - Oregon Trail

Sega - Golden Axe

GBC - Pokemon Crystal

Arcade - House of the Dead 

N64 - Killer Instinct 

Dream Cast - House of the Dead 2

PS - Resident Evil

PS2 - Tekken Tag 

PC - Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

GBA - Pokemon Sapphire 

DS - Pokemon Pearl

360 - cod modern warfare 

PS3 - Alice Madness Returns 

3DS - Zelda OoT

vita - Danganronpa

N3DS - Monster Hunter 4

PS4 - Digimon world

Xbone - Monster Hunter World

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  • Atari 2600 - I don't believe I can say with any confidence I truly beat any games on this system. 
  • NES - Super Mario Bros.
  • SNES - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  • GameBoy - Pokemon Blue
  • Genesis - Mortal Kombat
  • Game Gear - Surf Ninjas (fuckin' radical, dudes)
  • Nomad - Gunstar Heroes
  • Saturn - Guardian Heroes (I absolutely cheated)
  • Playstation - Medal of Honor
  • Nintendo 64 - Majora's Mask
  • GameBoy Color - Pokemon Yellow
  • Dreamcast - Zombie Revenge
  • Gamecube - Pikmin (closely followed by me no lifing the fuck out of SSBM)
  • Playstation 2 - Red Faction (my darling, dead franchise)
  • GameBoy Advance - Super Mario Advance
  • Xbox - Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Xbox 360 - Condemned: Criminal Origins (I only finished this one first because, and I vividly remember this, Perfect Dark Zero was such a massive pile of shit I rage quit)
  • Playsation 3 - Resistance: Fall of Man (good night, my sweet prince)
  • Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Playstation 4 - Destiny (if you can even count that as being beaten at any point)
  • Xbox One - Dead Rising 3
  • Switch - Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

Some of these I am extremely confident of while others I am surely shoehorning something in. 

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NES- The Legend of Zelda

SNES- TMNT IV Turtles in Time

Gameboy- Home Alone

Sega Genesis- Mortal Kombat

Sega Game Gear- Sonic The Hedgehog

N64- Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

PS One- Smackdown Know Your Role

Game Cube- WWE Wrestlemania X8

PS2- WWE Smackdown Just Bring It

PS3- WWE 2K14

PS4- Fallout 4

PS Vita- None

DS- None

3DS- Super Mario 3D World

Xbox One X- Batman Arkham Asylum 

Atari- None

Switch- Super Mario Odyssey 

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On 7/4/2020 at 7:02 PM, Kudasai said:

NES: Mega Man 6

Gameboy: Pokemon

Sega Saturn: Nights: Into Dreams

SNES: Donkey Kong Country 2

Sega Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Sega Game Gear: Sonic 2

Sega CD: Sonic 3D

PlayStation: Legend of Legaia

N64: Mario Kart 64

Playstation 2: Ratchet and Clank

Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Xbox: Halo: Combat Evolved

360: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

PS3: Assassin's Creed

PS4: Killzone: Shadowfall

Wii: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Wii U: Smash 4

Switch: Smash Ultimate


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