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  1. I honestly lost all potential interest in this when it started taking forever for it to get released past its announcement date.
  2. Oh, I can just smell the bullshit on this post, even as a fraction of the whole.
  3. All right, I've pretty much failed to do anything this month anyways, so maybe that will be a good starting point for the buildup to next year's NaNoWriMo.
  4. I mean, yeah, I guess it's an obvious HBO Max plug, but it's still a pipe dream finally being realized, so who cares at this point? 12:00 - Primal #1 - Spear and Fang - TV-14V 12:30 - Primal #2 - River of Snakes - TV-14V 1:00 - Primal #3 - A Cold Death - TV-14V 1:30 - Primal #4 - Terror Under the Blood Moon - TV-14V 2:00 - Primal #5 - Rage of the Ape-Men - TV-MAV 2:30 - Primal #6 - Scent of Prey - TV-14V 3:00 - Primal #7 - Plague of Madness - TV-MAV 3:30 - Primal #8 - Coven of the Damned - TV-14SV 4:00 - Primal #9 - The Night Feeder - TV-MAV 4:30 - Primal #10 - Slave of the Scorpion - TV-14V [probably genndy]
  5. Air 10 Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima 9
  6. Considering the season was always planned for 14 episodes, I'm not too surprised at it ending there. The real news is that this means December 19th will be a (relatively) normal night. The question now is, will we be getting a marathon on January 2nd, or won't we? 🤔
  7. Well to be fair I was 13 when I first saw Geass, so... Still doesn't change the fact that I only started caring about the action in Geass after watching Code MENT.
  8. I honestly found the school stuff in Geass much more engaging than the actual plot and associated action. Probably because it was the only way I could see anime fanservice on [as] at the time.
  9. Yeah, anime has a real bad technobabble problem. There's a reason "in English, please" is such a widely used trope. For reasons concerning the re-refining of my fictional writing skills, and to honor the Streams, I'm posting my show thoughts later than I normally would. As for why they've been truncated into just a few sentences each? Let's just say it's preparation for when I finally leave the NEET lifestyle behind. SAO ALICIZATION - It was probably the lack of a laptop today that made me really realize this, but the whole "Alice sad over Bercouli dying mostly in vain" and "pugilist boy and stabby girl fall in love" subplots to be more than a little manufactured. Really, I'm more interested in the Korean gamer and his Chinese lady-friend who are skeptical over the whole "Japan players bad" narrative Gabriel's crew is pushing. (Love the random hashtag tho. ) Surprisingly light on language for something with a TV-14LV rating, but at least the bloodier moments matched. FIRE FORCE - I'm actually kind of enjoying Inca so far, even if she is a little on the "potential psychopath" side. Charon's also starting to come around, he's pretty fun when he isn't asking Haumea countless questions. As for Haumea herself, she's still hard to really enjoy, what with her "can't keep her tongue in her mouth" quirk, and the radio jockey thing's not helping in the slightest. (Also, I don't remember her ever using electricity last season, but then again, that's like Fire Force to throw out important character tics that fly over the heads of the less observational.) Charon blasting off part of the torso of one of Inca's lackeys made for a good graphic violence indicator, most pleasantly surprising I've seen since the Coralian guts in E7 44. ASS CLASS - Boy do I hate main campus, but I was able to handle their douchebaggery this episode better than normal, and not just 'cause E-Class won for once. Some of Sugino's buddies acting jealous that he's in E-Class, and the ace pitcher subtly suggesting he might make it to high school despite his class assignment... definitely preferable to those two douchebags wanking themselves off to our protagonists' suffering. Baseball!Koro was fun, but Karma's trash-talking the audience was what really got me. That and Hellabitch somehow not understanding how baseball works.. Same with the first vocal demonstration of Kaede's dislike for big boobs, a brief yet appropriate baseline for intensely suggestive dialogue. (Man, she would hate one of my main OCs, also voiced by Monica Rial and the only reason I'm in such disbelief over #KickVic's demonization of her...) GEMUSETTO - This show makes me cringe as often as it does with those of you bothering to watch it for whatever reason, yet I still enjoy it. Because who's gonna successfully stop me, the Good Taste police? Ha! They don't even exist! SHIPPUDEN - It's a shame it took until his death for me to realize how good a director Kazunori Mizuno was. His work on this episode was surprisingly good, and it helps that it was a Granny Chiyo episode. [the car no go]
  10. And let's not forget the Major's war speech being followed up with this ending theme animation of all things.
  11. Fixed. For god's sake, man, there's a time and place for overusing punctuation, and this is not it.
  12. Maybe if you're human, yeah, but TOM's a robot and SARA's a hologram, they probably don't share those same concerns we do.
  13. You say that like liking super sentai is a requirement to like Gridman, Elfie. You have much too little faith in us.
  14. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima 8
  15. "Pfeh. Main Campus." "I hate Main Campus." 12:00 - Dragon Ball Super #93 - You're Our Tenth Warrior! Goku Approaches Frieza!! - TV-14L 12:30 - Sword Art Online: Alicization: War of Underworld #15 - Instigation - TV-14LV 1:00 - Fire Force #27 - A New Flashpoint - TV-MAV 😲 1:30 - Assassination Classroom #12 - Ball Game Tournament Time - TV-14D 2:00 - Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) #5 - Db6 - TV-MA 2:15 - Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) #6 - D7#9 - TV-MAL 2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #319 - The Soul Living Inside the Puppet - TV-PG 3:00 - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba #6 - Swordsman Accompanying a Demon - TV-14LV [slams on the gas]
  16. Dammit, I was planning on posting that promo with tomorrow's schedule in the Trunks thread... but you doing it here works too.
  17. When it comes down to it, it's a mix of my recurring issues towards people disliking shows I have even a tiny bit of appreciation towards (which is more immediate than long-term, meaning I'll get over your overall dislike sooner than never), and that whenever I see you voice your opinion on this show, you basically say the same things about it every time, which comes off as repetitive.
  18. I blame SHAFT. David borrowed a lot of the animators they have on Fire Force from them.
  19. I'm pretty sure Franxx and SAO were made by different people, even if A-1 did animate them both.
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