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Andrew Yang 2024


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2 minutes ago, tsar4 said:

No, let's tap someone at random off the street.Β  Send some MiB looking people out to snatch the person - "Congratulations (Mr/Ms/Mrs) _____, you are now POTUS!Β  You meet with the G8Β in 15 minutes!"Β 

You're packardΒ 

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People get extra stupid around election time. Nobody can say anything without getting scoffed at.

Anyways, we need that dividend, which is basically a UBI, which is basically a step toward a resource based economy.

A few things are possible: Bernie's term ends and they use another "terrible" president (straw man) to get people on board with something more progressive, like Yang. They could also just skip to another terrible president to help drive the point home about what you shouldn't want before they get an actual scientist in visibly in charge.

The whole reason Bernie is being taken seriously now is because Trump has been a straw man. Remember when people scoffed at Bernie the way y'all are scoffing at Yang now? Barack was elected because Bush was a straw man by the same mechanism. "We don't want that guy! This dude we ignored before will save us!" They do this in a teeter totter back and forth pattern, because it's easier than explaining how nature actually works.

I wish they would just use the fucking space laser to incentivize people. It would be as vulgar is it would be fast & effective. We have species going extinct at an alarming rate, and it's our fault, and we will have to add ourselves to that list if we don't realize we can't afford to use money to organize society anymore.

Fuck most of you guys! ^__^


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