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Who here misses the good ol' 60's?


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7 minutes ago, GaiusIuliusCaesar said:

oh well if that's the issue just take a couple dabs of acid, and while you are at it pass me a few.

it's all about DMT these days

or ayahuasca

get on that Rogan fan boy train, bebe

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Just now, Mix said:

Yeah, is it all parody or what?

its a podcast, its kind of hard to describe. They do politics and current events, from a socialist perspective, in the most irreverent sarcastic and offensive way possible, probably while drunk and high. Which is basically the only way I can consume news now without wanting to kill something. 

This is the last episode they did, the first 20 minutes or so is them rambling about the new harley quin movie.


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7 minutes ago, Doom Metal Alchemist said:

I miss Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors...

I recently found out that the non-descript building where those bands played in late 60s in Chicago (which I only knew in its final days as a roller rink before being torn down for condos) was also where "Ted Healy & His Southern Gentlemen (aka Moses Howard, Shemp Howard & Curly Howard)" performed.  Larry (Fine) was the emcee at the place (1928) and joined the team, eventually being renamed "The Three Stooges".


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16 minutes ago, tsar4 said:

Older brothers of friends (or possibly even younger Dads) sweating out the Draft - yeah, barrels of laughs, that was.

Yeah, that was rough for US....but WE made it through....OURS was truly are the best generation

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