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  1. Then if she dies can we get married instead so I can live with Gordon?
  2. Hi Day Drinking, I'm Cau.
  3. The thought of you working is pretty strange.
  4. I've only been to one(my dad's side) and it was a basically they rented this huge shelter for a day at a park and it was a big potluck. But there's only so much they could do. I have over 23 first cousins of all ages on that side so with second and third and parents and wives and kids and all that there was probably 200-300 people there. I was also like 8 so I don't really remember too much except wanting to leave basically the whole time. On my mom's side every holiday is pretty much a family reunion but there's 20ish people at most so that's a lot more chill with the younger kids doing whatever somewhere in the house and everybody else drinking and chatting.
  5. You're sitting on the toilet making a twosie. The door opens.
  6. The pain of not being able to crack open a cold one with the boys.
  7. How big Big Willy's dick tho
  8. Why doesn't anybody talk about East Point?
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