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Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

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I don't know what's more troublesome: recreating this thread after the original ASMB just randomly shut down, or recreating the recreation less than a week later because Luuv says the operators of the new boards hate us. [sigh] No rest for the wicked, I always say.


Welcome to Trunks' Watching the Anime Block Experiment #19.1: the land of the free and the home of the free.


[now get in the box]

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Alright, now that my opening post has been edited thanks to our complaints about the so-called "privileged" edit button, I might as well post my thoughts on this week's block.


INTRUDER III - Good start so far. I have a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this, even if it's not as plot-heavy as Intruder II nor as much of a game-changer.


DRAGONBALL Z KAI - Removing 16's bomb was brilliant in practice but terrible in hindsight. R.I.P. Brobot.  :'( In other regards, I didn't expect the Cell Jr.s to be so blue, nor for their beatdown of the Z Fighters to look so hilarious. Only problem was, all those shots of Gohan crying made it hard for me to really laugh at it. Well, at least there's always Mr. Satan's antics to serve as comic relief. TOP BILLING: Android 16, with Mr. Satan finally getting a credits mention!  ;D


JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE - If Dio's the most hateable character based on principle alone, then Speedwagon is the most loveable. Becoming a fan of him is the second step to really enjoying JoJo, after all. Speedwagon fanboying aside, this episode was just as fun and exciting as it was the first two times I saw it. (Yeah, still the only one here who saw the dub before [as] because I don't give a crap about DVD packaging.) Not dubbing in "I reject my humanity!" is regrettable, yes, but the dub's alternate sounded just as impressive and intimidating. Not too bummed personally about the missing "Even Speedwagon is afraid!" either. RATING SCREENCAPS: Dio before and after the Stone Mask.


MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS - I don't really have much to say about the actual plot of the episode (just that circumstance made Makanai unable to follow Tekkadan's plan exactly and his shadiness is the only way for every party to have their way), but you know something's wrong if the series kills off Biscuit's brother yet allows Ein to live. Well, at least Atra going full annoying harem girl on Mika was fun.  :D Also, if I was taking up Foley's reins in the top quotes department too, Angel's comment in the old thread about Fumitan lacking the Joestar mustache would've automatically gotten #1, not just for the excellent tie-in to JoJo but the hilariously wrong/sexy image of Fumitan with a mustache.


HUNTER x HUNTER - Recap was recap. The full version of Just Awake was fun, just for seeing it up to and including the moment Hisoka let out his banshee scream. Canary getting a fireblast to the head is still hard to watch, even after learning it was nonfatal.


NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Dragged out as Jiraiya's death may have been, at least it was better than the inaccurately heavy-handed flashbacks to Gaara's loneliness at the start of this show. Really, I'm just curious as to who Pain really is, plus what code was used for Jiraiya's last will and testament.


ONE PIECE - Weird that Luffy was nowhere to be seen this episode, if you don't count Oars. The teamwork this episode was fun, even if it didn't go exactly as planned. Between Nami putting fear in the eyes of those annoying squirrel minions and Robin's nonchalant refusal to partake in the docking maneuver, the female crew members this episode were on point. Very weird and mysterious that Kuma showed up, but I wasn't expecting his voice to be so... soft.


CHILDREN WHO CHASE LOST VOICES - Or according to 4chan, Children Who Chase Lost Debts. It's been forever since I've seen a Shinkai film - all I remember about The Place Promised In Our Early Days was that it was beautiful as fuck and I added a majority of its staff to Anime News Network when I first watched it - but the experience was fun, especially watching it live. The pacing could've been a little slower, and the plot a little more concrete, but it was still fun, if mostly because it was the first time we had a movie on Toonami since FMA: Sacred Star of Milos tanked the already-low ratings of the final Hellsing Ultimate episode even further. Hopefully it pulls through decently in the ratings. Also, the dub was better than I expected, mostly because I was fearing the worst from Steven "The Reason Sentai's Dubs Are The Same But Worse Than ADV's" Foster before I went into it. Besides a few hiccups, it was a decent dub. Makes me feel better about going into his other Sentai works. Except for maybe Penguindrum... 9/10, would watch again if it reruns.


[the national debt has been repaid]

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I feel like posting Holland in the washer would be passe at this point.


So here's a cow wearing sunglasses.



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does trunks even come by anymore? does he even watch the anime block? did he ever exsist in the first place?

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does trunks even come by anymore? does he even watch the anime block? did he ever exsist in the first place?




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In the aftermath of his deadly battle with the vampirized Dio Brando, Jonathan Joestar has sustained multiple severe injuries, of which he takes the time following the disappearance of his "brother's" looming shadow to heal, alongside an old friendship. However, whilst walking along the road of recovery, he encounters a mysterious man who not only reveals to him the truth of Dio's fate that unforgettable evening, but a mysterious power that can be used to end the wrath of the Stone Mask...


Tonight on Toonami, TOM tries to escape the wrath of one of those sand worms from Dune, Gohan goes SSJ2 on Cell and his hideous offspring, Tekkadan tries to simultaneously deal with Biscuit wanting to quit and the Gjallarhorn forces rapidly closing in on them, the first rule about Heaven's Tower is you don't talk about Heaven's Tower, we find out what Naruto and Sasuke's parties have been doing while Jiraiya was off living his final moments, Doflamingo's oft-silent pirate warlord buddy from the Skypiea arc arrives on Thriller Bark in search of Moria, and Saitama unveils the secret behind his super abilities.


12:00 - Dragonball Z Kai #93 - Unleash the Warrior Within! Gohan Takes the Offensive! - TV-PGLV

12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #4 - Overdrive - TV-MAV (broadcast), TV-14V (personal)

1:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans #21 - To the Place of Return - TV-PGLV

1:30 - Hunter x Hunter #27 - Arrival at the Arena - TV-PGV

2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #134 - Banquet Invitation - TV-14V

2:30 - One Piece #368 - The Silent Assault!! The Mysterious Visitor, Tyrant Kuma - TV-PGL

3:00 - One Punch Man #3 - The Obsessive Scientist - TV-14LV


[he who controls the spice controls toonami]

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The Wolf's Rain news is fine for others, but I already have the Bandai dvds, so it doesn't mean much to me personally.


Intruder III - Well, I was way wrong about the new intruder being a nanite swarm, and I'd bet TOM is glad I was. Sandworms would be a good reason for whoever established the outpost to abandon it.


DBZK - Given the yield of 16's self-destruct device, I can understand why Dr. Briefs would remove it. However, the things I don't understand are 1. how Dr. Gero could create such a powerful device and keep it small enough to fit inside the volume of a large human body and 2. why he would make the bomb that powerful at all. Sure, he really, really wanted to kill Goku and thus needed an explosion that he (Dr. Gero) knew would kill Goku, but an explosion that powerful would result in Dr. Gero's death as well. What good would that Pyrrhic victory be?


The mini-Cells were jerks, and the human fighters did well to fight them for as long as they did before being beaten down. Still, even if the mini-Cells are strong, they would also need to be much faster than the others, since they have inferior reach to everyone, even Krillin. Thus, I feel like Piccolo, Trunks and Vegeta should've had an easier time fighting them than they did. Oh well.


I feel like Kai didn't allow Gohan and 16 enough time to bond for his loss-of-friend-power-up reaction to be warranted. Eh.


At least Mr. Satan was able to muster the courage to take the severed, yet still speaking android head over toward Gohan. That took notable courage, considering he had a vague idea of how greatly he was outclassed.


JoJo - So, the head of the thugs was Robert E. O. Speedwagon. :) Like I told Poke, I know there are more to come.


I like that Dario was jailed in the past for trying to move stolen property, but it didn't surprise me that George was merciful and claimed to have given him the ring.


I like that Jonathan had the police there to arrest Dio for poisoning George. However, Dio was still able to enact his plan to become a vampire, even though his attempt to use Jonathan's blood for the process was thwarted by George sacrificing himself to save his son's life. I didn't like the turn that the drained victims automatically become vampires themselves. I must admire Jonathan's valiant efforts to defeat the vampires, most especially Dio, but I think Jonathan made an error in his choice of weapon. It looked like he grabbed a full iron or steel spear. He should've gone with a sword, because it would be harder for Dio to heal from a maiming wound than a stab wound, and decapitation should be fatal even for a vampire. However, since Jonathan didn't do that and the spear was not as effective as he would've hoped, he had to resort to fire, which did damage Dio and make him reel. It was unfortunate that neither the initial fire nor the conflagration of the mansion were hot enough to destroy Dio. It's also a shame for Jonathan that the Oriental Apothecary allowed Dio to truly survive. Surely, even in the rubble of the mansion, some sunlight would hit Dio and slowly burn him. By getting within Dio's reach and becoming his victim, the Oriental Apothecary gave Dio the blood he needed to recover while it was still dark and presumably escape before the dawn. At least Jonathan survived, though he was wounded.


I lay blame for George's death, the destruction of the Joestar mansion and the deaths of several police officers not only on Dio, but also at the feet of the police officers as a group. Had they been quicker to shoot an armed attacker whom they already intended to arrest for the attempted murder of George and, if the police and Jonathan were feeling particularly ambitious, the murder of Dario, then the mask wouldn't have been an issue, since Dio would've fallen, fatally wounded, before managing to stab George. Thus, the police officers are at least partially to blame for all the pain and misery Dio will cause for failing to shoot him while he was still fully human.


MSG: IBO - I didn't spot that Nadi had prosthetic legs. Hm. I think we have more reason to call Gjallarhorn scum now, since as a propaganda war against former opponents, they vilified and dehumanized in the public consciousness war veterans who were maimed in combat. I'll presume that in order to keep with this "less than human" narrative, Gjallarhorn forbade its own maimed veterans from getting prosthetics which would allow them to regain normal physical functionality. What a bunch of nozzles. That said, I'm surprised Ein survived his injuries long enough to be put on life support. If he comes back as a cyborg, I can only hope he looks as cool as Kazumiah.


Our groups' reaction to the smell of the ocean (not the freshest smell at warm latitudes) and the idea of eating fish served to illustrate a few points. First, Mars, even terraformed to be human-habitable, is still a very dry world, so large amounts of water on the surface of Earth and the amount of life it would contain would be very strange to them. Also, since raising animals for food requires more water than raising plants, it would make sense that meat would be a rare luxury for the wealthy on Mars, in the Colonies and in the Jupiter Sphere (unless an ice moon like Ganymede were the site of a Colony, but then livestock would only be prevalent there) as well. Thus, out of necessity, most people off of Earth would have at least vegetarian, if not vegan, diets. Nutritional supplements and cultured protein compounds are likely a big part of non-Terrestrial diets. Still, when in Rome... so try the fish, guys. At least taste it to acknowledge Atra's preparation efforts.


Yes, it makes sense that the mobile suits would need different thrusters to operate in Earth's atmosphere and gravity. Since the Turbines already took this into account when altering their mobile suits, it would stand to reason that they would've needed to use far less than full thruster capacity during the battle before atmospheric entry. If not, then they may have moved too fast for the pilots to operate their machines effectively.


So, Nobliss sent Kudelia to an ousted politician. I get that the plan was for Kudelia to be slain before reaching Earth, and now he's having to scramble to get a satisfactory outcome from all this, even if it entails Tekkadan having to get this guy to some meeting when there will likely be armed opposition trying to stop them. It seems like a twist for a twist's sake to me.


It's a shame for Biscuit that Savarin was too hasty in his grief and sense of failure. Had he been more hesitant to hang himself, perhaps he would've seen that the negotiations the union people wanted actually happened and were fruitful for them. Instead, he probably killed himself after leaving the scene of the massacre which killed Mr. Novona, and now he's left his younger siblings, but especially Biscuit, to grieve his utterly pointless death.


HxH - Again, Gon wisely glossed over some of the scarier, more gruesome and more cruel aspects of what happened to him. Still, Mito's reaction at the end seemed almost like recycled animation no jutsu from the first recap, but I'm not going to seek it to confirm that.


Hisoka in a murder craze is still plenty disturbing.


Shippuden - Upon seeing the memory flashes of each of the Six Paths of Pain as they looked in the past, they do look substantially different now, so I can understand why Jiraiya didn't recognize them sooner. It is still strange that each of them now has Rinnegan eyes and act as a unit.


Yeah, I knew from spoiler amvs that this was the fight which would kill Jiraiya. Still, I hope that the person to whom he sent the old male toad knows the cipher to decode that message. Otherwise, Jiraiya's death and the pain the toad endured for this message to be burned onto his back would be for naught.


I didn't expect the touching and reassuring recollection from the past with Kushina and Minato, but it worked. Also, Tsunade will have to deal with losing another original squadmate and a longtime friend. I don't know if she spotted when the toad near the building disappeared, but if she did, she didn't let on that she did and understood it as a sign. Jiraiya's ghost hand touching Naruto's shoulder was much more obvious, and I'd like to think that it's because Naruto is dense and needs a clearer "farewell" incident. Still, I expect both of them to take the confirmed report of Jiraiya's death very hard.


OP - Brook and his milk were hilarious. As for why they even keep salt on Thriller Bark, it would be to accommodate the nutritional requirements of Dr. Hogback, Moria and Perona. Even if two of them are Devil Fruit users, they would still need some salt for their bodies to function properly.


The combo robot form was utterly ridiculous and quite funny, and Oars is still great for wanting to see the robot. I can't really blame Robin for refusing to embarrass herself like that. What I want to know is when the crew had time to discuss numbered tactics.

Did I imagine it, or did Oars call one of his moves a giant butt smash (or something similar)? If he did, then do we really, truly need Luffy's shadow to leave Oars? Can't we figure out some way for Luffy to survive sunlight without having to recover his Shadow? I don't want Oars to go.


Thanks, Lola, for catching Nami up to speed. Of course Nami would prioritize stealing as much treasure as possible over trying to help the others with Oars. :D At first, I thought it was a shame that all the treasure had already been taken, but then I saw Brook in the ransacked kitchen and remembered that Perona intended to steal the Sunny. That means she and her zombies saved our crew the effort of loading all that food and treasure onto the Sunny. As long as they can prevent her from taking the ship, she'll have done them a huge favor, but maybe that huge guy who mysteriously appeared on the ship will save them the trouble of stopping her departure. He didn't seem to be pleased with Moria, so maybe he'll be at least a temporary ally to the Straw Hats.


Remember, all that effort from the Straw Has was simply to knock Oars down. It's something, but it's a far cry from defeating him.


Children Who Chase Lost Voices - I liked the movie. It was mostly endearing, but it did feel a little preachy about humans being destructive to the natural environment and animals (seen in shooting the proto-whale many times to kill it and get to the portal). I also wasn't keen on the humans who lived in Agartha being bigoted against Topsiders, even though some of humanity's worst examples intruded on Agartha in the past. The ostracization of the mute girl struck me as particularly dickish.


As for Agartha, it was a different take on the Hollow Earth idea than I've seen in other stories. I did like the cross-cultural mash-up in Agartha, though, with Vimanas, an entrance to the Underworld at Finis Terra and calling some of the more supernatural denizens Quetzalcoatls.


When the dude asked to have his dead wife returned to him and it was made known that a sacrifice was needed, my first thought was that he was terrible for being willing to let his wife take over this young girl's body and subsume her soul in order to live again. Thinking about it later, I realized that it was appropriate for some sacrifice to be needed, since otherwise he would be getting something for nothing, but he was still a jerk for being cool with the girl effectively dying. After the girl reasserted herself, I'm glad the dude was more sad than angry and decided to stay rather than return to the surface.


One thing didn't make any sense to me, though. The dude and the girl took a boat toward Finis Terra. When she went back on foot through the water to keep away from the creatures which would've eaten her, what happened to the water? As long as she didn't diverge up some tributary, she should've had water all the way back to the home of the mute girl and her grandfather, and yet it looked like the water level slowly dropped to nothing as she went. I don't understand what happened there.


I went across train trestles on several occasions in my youth, and I must admit that the girl was wiser and more cautious than I was. She put her ear to the rail to feel/listen for vibrations which would indicate an approaching train prior to crossing. I didn't do that, but I think that the side walkway on the highest and longest of my trestles was wider than the one available to her, so moving to the side was a better option for me than for her.


I tried to record it on the dvr to watch again, but due to the time change and me not spotting that the record light went out, I didn't get all of it. I'll still watch what I have, but it would've been nice to have all of it.

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So anyway I have decided I will be rejoining the thread, if that's okay with everyone else.  New board seems as good a time as any to jump back in!  Plus you guys are the last of the O.G. ADer's. 

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Jojo- I would follow Speedwagon into hell. Oh hey it's his girlfriend I'm glad she's alright. Jojo's built like a damn monster truck. Take me with you, Speedwagon. MAKE OUT. Speedwagon knows when somebody's gonna get some. GO AWAY DIO. I'm surprised Dio's not Jack the Ripper himself. I like that fancy top hat. Well he looks fun. Okay maybe not fun. Now that's a healing power I can get behind. I love this dorky sandwich man. Nooo frog. Yaaay frog. Fucking Dio. Aww that's nice Jojo has magic flower powers. NOBODY LIKES YOU VAMPIRE DIO. How many frogs did you punch-splode before you figured this power out. Wait how old is fancy sandwich man? And that man was Jim Carrey. 'Bacchanalia' is a great term. And that's why you don't fuck around with mysterious masks you don't understand. BLOW HIM UP. Yeah this sounds like science. Just dislocating my limbs here, no big deal. HI SPEEDWAGON. Jojo gets a baby hat until he masters his technique. Whelp that guy's dead. NOOO HORSEY. What in the goddamn fuck. Kick his ass, sandwich man! I don't speak British so I'm not entirely sure what he just said. SAVE SPEEDWAGON AT ALL COSTS. Why are there so many knives. Sandwich man is not fucking around. Dude no don't follow him into the creepy abandoned secret tunnel. I can respect a man unwilling to waste booze. That sure is a thing alright. Always trust the booze. Don't fuck with Jojo.


Gundam- Oh hey, it's Twinkie and Ding Dong. EARTH CORN. Mika, continuing to not give a single fuck. I like the cute girl with the big boobs. I don't like that lady. I don't like that old man. Orca's the only one here with any kind of sense. Eat the fish, you ungrateful brats. Well this is depressing. "Hey girl who you fucking?" WHY IS HITLER STILL HERE. Fuck off, Stove Top Turkey Stuffing. Bang the cute lady already. Whoever makes up the names in this franchise needs to be fired. At least Mika's having a good day. Wow you suck at this. I do enjoy shirtless jailbait JYB. Harem Man is lucky to have so many good wives. Aaaand time for everything to go to hell. Thank you for shooting him. Kid don't get cocky, when you get cocky you die. As long as the wives are okay I'm cool. When in doubt just MECHA-PUNCH things. I'm not sure why Orca's shirtless here but I appreciate it. Things are definitely about to take a nosedive. Yeeeeah maybe you shouldn't have been sitting there in the middle of the fight. Whelp there goes McRib. Oh hey, Mika actually giving a shit. We'll eat for weeks! I know this is supposed to be sad but I keep getting distracted by sexy jailbait torso.


Hunter- I love these kids they're so cute. Oh hey, updated OP. Welcome to Fight Club, kiddo. Welcome to the Fisting Tower. My poor baby why is your family so terrible. Did Killua suddenly hit puberty? KICK HIS ASS, MY ADORABLE SON. And then Gon killed a guy. I'm so proud of my children. Oh dang that little one's got some moves. At least they get a free room out of it. Oh no am I gonna have to adopt another kid here. "Nah we just punch the shit out of things." Who's this nerd punch him and steal his money. I love these kids. Dang that's a lot of cash. START PUNCHING HARDER. How do I sign up for this I'll kill a man for that kinda change. HE'S SO CUTE I LOVE HIM. I'd easily spend that much on snacks. Oh no not my kids. He's such a cocky little shit. This is definitely Jack Sparrow's music. Poor little boy's about to get WRECKED. That kid might be dead. This kid's too much like Gon for his own good. Hey kiddo whatcha doin' there. Killua your overconfidence is going to get you killed one day. Poor baby come here let me hug you. That doesn't sound suspicious at all. ONE CHOOOOOP. ONE PUUUUUSH. This is going too well. Kil you were a toddler back then you're lucky you survived. I'm already lost here. I don't trust this nerd. Okay yeah always be suspicious of the weird nerd luring three small children to his bedroom. Oh thank god a new ED without SCREAMING.


Naruto- I wonder what angry murder boyfriend's up to. ANGRY MURDER BOYFRIEND, GO. God this girl is terrible. I really do enjoy how he's a Disney princess who talks to birds. Meanwhile, Uchihas being terrible and a pain to watch. At least that was a quick sibling fight. OH GODDAMMIT NOT THAT ORANGE DOUCHE AGAIN. Oh goddammit not Naruto again. I don't care about Sasuke just leave my angry murder boyfriend out of this, fish boy. I'm pretty sure I've heard this exact conversation is multiple gay pornos. DON'T INSULT HIM HE'LL HULK OUT. I forgot all these people were here. GODDAMMIT NOT THAT ORANGE DOUCHE AGAIN. It's a fight between people I hate who am I supposed to root for here. Seriously the bird-whispering thing cracks me right the hell up. Oh yeah great plan, use water on the shark man. I do like the dog. Why is everyone in this show so terrible?


One Piece- Don't get between Nami and money ever.  ;D "She made my everything hurt." I forgot Franky built that bridge. Poor Oars. Hey y'all are lookin' kinda evil there. DO THE DOCKING. Robin is going to kill you. Mini-Docking, GO! Whelp at least you tried. The true power of DOCKING is brutal insults. Oh, like you've never punched yourself in the face before. That's not just a Luffy thing, we all wanted to see DOCKING. Deep down, isn't meat a weakness for us all? You're just pissing him off. Well you two, good luck with that. Meanwhile, more shenanigans. MEANWHILE meanwhile, Nami getting shit done. Those ghosts are still adorable. Oh hi there. Two warlords on one island just seems excessive. Say Disneyworld. Big talk from somebody who got taken down by a balloon. Man, Jehovas Witnesses in this town are INTENSE. Pandaman sighting! Yeah I'd probably be running for my life too. Yes that's true his name is Ace and he hates shirts and we're married. The shenanigans continue.

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The Wolf's Rain news is fine for others, but I already have the Bandai dvds, so it doesn't mean much to me personally.


Same here. Thank god for my interest in watching that show before Bandai went belly-up.



[*]Considering how mad Dr. Gero really was, I don’t think he’d mind dying from the bomb blast, as long as he was sure Goku would die from as well.

[*]Those vampirized police officers came off less like legit, true vampires like Dio or that one guy he transformed with the Stone Mask, and more like zombies with a taste for human flesh, like the Ghouls from Hellsing.

[*]Nadi having prosthetic legs was surprising – I never would’ve guessed he even had them – but I loved the subtle hint towards it at the beginning, when he’s carrying cargo through the water along the coast and hopes that his legs don’t rust.

[*]I don’t think I would’ve guessed the true identities of the Six Paths of Pain either, obviously excluding Yahiko.

[*]If I remember correctly, a waterfall started to come out the walls of Finis Terra around the time Asuna was attempting to head back, and it was flowing quite rapidly once all the water in the river had disappeared. I’d assume it was all part of the Agarthan geography, that the soil at the bottom of the riverbed leading to Finis Terra was porous enough to slowly drain all the water and channel it into the aforementioned waterfall. Being a fantasy realm, of course it’d be hard to explain in scientific terms.



Even Cell Jr. is astonished!


Of course he’d punch Trunks the moment after he was mentioned.

“You’re getting warmer…” Damn Cell, try and make it sound less erotic, why don’t you…

The remainder of this match is for Cell’s eyes only.

I feel like his hair just got slightly bigger. Same with his forehead.


;D Finally, one’s down.

I think Vegeta felt that right in his pride.

Break its hand!

Or you could do that, that works too.

;D Goddamn Gohan, you awesome.

Watching him take care of all these little bastards is so damn satisfying.

??? Really? Only a shout?

“He’s not even breathing hard!” Insert joke about coming here.


INTRUDER III: Automatic defense lasers are the best kind of automatic defense when it comes to sand worms. The idea of a base that’s one story up top but somewhere near 50 down below is the kind of shit that excites me. And I loved TOM being all “not this shit again” about the idea of an intruder.

;D The reporter’s hiding in the three.

Mr. Satan sounds rather calm for someone pissed off at all this.

“He is in so much trouble when he gets home…” If he gets home…

Thank you, Ox King.

What about college?

Chi-chi is the worst daughter.

Well, if anything, the direction for this attack scene was pretty good.



Wait, but isn’t Krillin the Senzu Bean guy?

Oh, so that’s why Trunks has the beans.

“How’s Gohan?” “He’s amazing.”


Hmm, so Goku’s parenting skills weren’t as completely reckless as we first thought.

I love that he’s reporting without his mic.

;D Oh god he noticed.


“Dammit, my fist is stuck!” [pulls out] “Oh wait, now it’s not.”

Nothing’s impossible when you’re a Super Saiyan Level 2.

TOP BILLING: Cell, with Ox King stealing second place.



RATING SCREENCAP #1: Speedwagon waits dutifully!

Apparently, whenever the narrator’s out, Speedwagon fills in the position. I wonder if anyone can hear him…

You say it’s the dead of night, so I assume that blue light shining in is from the moon.

Oh hey, it’s aged-up Erina.

I take it Jonathan had a gut feeling she was Erina, but being the gentleman he is, decided not to assume until he got confirmation.

This is the closest we’ll ever get to Speedwagon speaking in the third person.

Helping a lady is a gentleman’s jojob.

Meanwhile, Jack the Ripper’s doing what he loves.

Oh crap it’s Dio.

Oh crap now Jack the Ripper’s on Dio’s side. Nothing good can come of this…

“Oh wow, I can’t believe my body’s already 75% healed.”

Well, Dio knows about it too, but enough about him for the moment.

How’d he even get there that fast? Must be some kind of super speed.


Surprise! That man with the delicious sandwiches and awesome hat is now your team medic.

“Lifting this rock is nothing! In fact, where’d this rock even come from?”

One question at a time. Perfect advice.

Well isn’t that ominous. ???

It’s amazing what water can do when you put your mind to it.

No, not my friend frog!

Oh thank god the frog is safe.

Sendo, Ripple, Hamon, they’re all the same technique in the end.

Holy crap he knows the mask and Dio.

“None of it makes any sense!” And that’s why you’re only a supporting character.

Nice, random flowers.

For an evil douchebag, Dio looks fabulous when the situation calls for it.

Gross, that eye pop.

I’m… not sure what that father’s reaction was supposed to be. Excitement, or anger? Only people raised in the ‘50s may know the answer.

RATING SCREENCAP #2: Jonathan learning the basics of balance.

Wow, so we’re getting Zeppeli’s tragic backstory already.

And it turns out this series’ vampires aren’t so afraid of running water.

Wow, now that’s a tragic backstory if I’ve ever heard one.

Basically, using Hamon means that you’re punching with the power of the sun.


Nice of you to join us, Speedwagon.

So that’s where Tom Green got the idea.


See? Zombies.

Okay, this dude’s nuts.


Now he’s growing knives… okay then.

I call this one “the knife attack before the knife attack” for reasons that will be made clear if Demarco tells Jman to go to hell.

Okay, now that was an awesome speech.


A secret escape route! Only in Great Britain.

Is that Norse mythology I hear?

“If even one drop of that vino goes to waste, I don’t care how utterly you defeat the zombie, I will abandon you, here and now, leaving you with Speedwagon.”

I’m not sure what that thing he had was, but it looked frightening.

And so, with the power of deduction and observation, Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror came to an end. Awesomely.

FUN FACT: This episode was guest animated by Hoods Entertainment, who’s currently animating Hellsing spiritual successor Drifters and is best known for that series about the Russo-Japanese warriors who control the elements of the periodic table with the power of human breastmilk. Yes, that’s a real show.



Oh crap, we’re starting the episode with Biscuit’s sisters, no good can possibly come from this episode now.

Because Biscuit is an important member of the team. Why else would he have accompanied Orga and Kudelia to meet with Makanai?

Eco is the most forgettable regular of the Turbine harem.

Somehow Carta gets hotter the more she’s shown onscreen.

;D Orga’s still sour about his shadiness.


You’re awfully moody today, random blonde kid.

Was that a bomb?

If I wasn’t doing things shorthand last week, I would’ve brought up McGillis suddenly looking like he does normally while video-chatting with Gaelio during the phase where he’s currently Montag. At this point, I’d say the reasons behind it are a costume change and a backdrop that looks just like what you’d expect from a Gjallarhorn ship. Also, that purple hair being a wig, but that seems pretty obvious.

“Try not to start a socialist uprising while I’m away, will you?”

Huh, so they knew each other when they were kids. But how far back?

Hm, so even he has one of those back implants.

With Fumitan gone, Merribit’s now the person onboard we all want Orga to bang.

So that’s why that random guy looks and sounds so familiar.

REPLY TO ANGEL 1: “Whoever makes up the names in this franchise needs to be fired.” But it wouldn’t be Gundam without the ridiculous names. What fun would it be without hilariously stupid names like Revive Revival or Full Frontal?

Fuck yeah, giant sword.

Or whatever that is, that works too.

;D The interactions between Akihiro and the Turbine harem are great.

Great, now they have Mobile Suits and KLFs to deal with.

Okay, I’ll admit, I laughed when one of those posing guys got shot after their team catchphrase.

I could see someone playing football like that in the XFL.


Mikazuki’s doing a lip lick? That seems awfully out of character, but still pretty awesome.

Well then, this fight is pretty neat.


Oh, so that’s what the bomb was for.


Wait, now it did. So what was all that fire, then? Another set of bombs that I didn’t know about?

Yeah, they’re a bunch of children you don’t wanna fuck with.

;D This banter.


Sweet, that weird weapon has a claw function.

:D Mikazuki, you’re wonderful.


And then a heroic sacrifice happened.

Holy… :o D-Did Mika just say “bitch”?

So does that mean she’s dead now too?

The best ending theme is back. Shame it had to pop up here of all episodes… Then again, that makes this whole scene all the more moving.




WE FULL OP AGAIN BITCHES. Now with new lyrics and animation!

Those airships have the weirdest designs.

So there are at least four buildings in this universe taller than the Burj Khalifa? You insane, HxHverse.

Oh my god, it’s Bruce Lee!

That’s a cute desk clerk. Which once again raises the question, why are all the women in HxH irrelevant?

Those forms they signed are actually liability waivers. :P

;D Killua’s childhood sounds both crappy and awesome.

Welp, didn’t take long for Gon to go up.

Shut up dude, that kid has a Hunter’s License for a reason.


“When did I get so strong?” Weighted clothing. It exists for a reason.

50th, huh? Impressive.

Shotas make the most captivating badasses.

Look, it’s the Karate Kid!

Okay, that breakdown makes sense, I guess.


I’m not sure if the Hunter Exam counts as formal training or not, but it definitely helped in its own little way.

This guy sounds a little like Chuck Huber, but I’m confident it isn’t him.

FUCK YEAH PAYD-152 yen. Aw. :(

Who knew Fight Club could be so profitable?

So those were boxes of snacks and not juice boxes? Very interesting…

Oh wow, this is unexpected, and I glossed over the synopsis in prep for yesterday’s schedule post.

Holy shit, a stray eyecatch has been spotted!

Forget Goku vs. Doflamingo, I wanna see how Luffy does against Frieza.

Was that the fat guy from Fist of the North Star?

Another waifu-able minor ineffectual character has been spotted.

Wait, so the wager buttons were to determine who loses the match? Did not see that coming. Still, with the outcome and those profile background colors, I’m expecting the outcome to be a lot like this election: Zushi wins the popular vote, but Killua wins anyway.


That referee looks like he doesn’t know how to take a pulse.

Huh, didn’t see that one coming.

What’s this aura I’m seein’!?

Volume control, dude.

Wow, so we missed out on Gon’s other match. Eh, I bet it wasn’t nearly as interesting and potentially plot-relevant as Killua vs. Zushi.

So the aura was some sort of PTSD wave?

Ren? I feel like it should be called something else.


Because there’s no doubting the power of a main character.

Woohoo, private suite!


Hm, so asking Zushi worked after all.

;D Gon’s head is smoking.

Yes, what is Nen? We just don’t know.

Next time, superpower exposition!

So that Wing dude was voiced by Ethan Murray. Nice to see he’s still somewhat relevant.




How is that Venus Flytrap dude able to hide himself away so well?

Meanwhile, the Hebi has no idea what to do without Sasuke’s leadership.

Being tsun-tsun like that isn’t really your forte, Karin.

Jugo sure does love his birds. :D

Heh, Naruto’s clones are conversing with one another.

I almost forgot that Sai was even in this show.

Uchiha family reunion!

Neat, a flashback from the original show.

Sasuke may be edgy as crap, but damn was he awesome.

Well that ended rather quickly.

And of course it was a bunch of crows. Naturally Sasuke is only slightly frustrated by this reveal.

Speaking of feathers…

Oh hey, it’s the Valley of the End.


Well, one of his clones was bound to find Sasuke eventually, and they succeeded.

Nice of you to join us also, Kisame.

Dammit Karin, keep it in your panties.

Unimportant Land of Waves stuff.

I hope this fight gets at least some screentime, and if it does, that it’s at least a little awesome.

I don’t know what this Small Radios Big Televisions game is about, but it looks comfy.


REPLY TO ANGEL 2: “It's a fight between people I hate who am I supposed to root for here.” The one with less terrible people, duh. Remember, Naruto’s side has Kakashi and Yamato on it.

And surprise Shadow Clone too.

Oh hey, we’re actually seeing a bit of this fight. As expected, it’s pretty cool.

Karin is surrounded by idiots, and that’s saying something considering her own intelligence.


Hinata is so wet right now, and not just from the water.

[insert lack of good comments here]


And that, folks, is the power of teamwork.

;D He’s just popping up like a Whack-a-Mole and swatting at them with a switch. I like that Yamato dodged his.

In Soviet Hidden Leaf Village, the mole whacks you! ;D

Sasuke’s got his serious face on.



TOP BILLING: Usopp. He seems to get it more often than I expect him to. Also, those credits bastards spelled Franky’s name wrong!

And this, folks, is also the power of teamwork.


Yeah, fuck you squirrels.

Nami is definitely steering clear of Oars for the time being.

Bad news: Oars is pissed. Good news: he’s stuck.


And everyone else looks ghoulish too.

Oh, if only you zombies knew what was really going on there…

Hee, Robin actually looks embarrassed about the prospect of the docking maneuver now.

In which Sanji fails to follow his mantra of “think unsexy thoughts” for the umpteenth time.


This is the coolest thing… and now it’s the most pathetic. Eh, at least it was fun in the moment.

;D Okay, now it’s no longer pathetic.

Oh Sanji, you and your desire to impress the ladies.

Wait, so Usopp’s got an actual plan? Now this, I gotta see.

Sexiest “no” ever.


Bustin’ ‘em in the kneecaps.

And now it’s Zoro vs. Oars, one-on-one.

In which Foley fondly recalls Crispy M&Ms while snacking on some other candy.

Check it, Luffy just remembered that he has a brain.

Nice of you to finally join us, Nami.

Perona’s laugh still gives me conflicting feelings, even now.


“Whoever he is, he’s bad news!” So in a way, he’s… a Bad News Bear? [rimshot]

I can’t help but imagine what he did that was so terrible. Can’t have been worse than what they did to Ohara.

What an interesting question to ask.


And then she disappeared into thin air.

Even Nami is shocked!

What the fuck how is that koala man still alive.


A Bad News Bear indeed.



[you are the worst shadow clone]

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I'll just drop some opinions on each show right here:


Dragon Ball Z Kai: Eh... I zoned out on this show a few episodes into the Android Saga. It's hard to believe that I was fully engrossed in it before. ::)

Intruder 3: The sandworm fight [(]with laser cannons[!)] was a genuinely cool action scene. I liked when the new Clydes came in to console TOM, as us all. And I really like this running gag that he's haunted by having tons of intruders come into his base at any given time. Seriously, TOM deserves better! And on a meta note, if they do another TIE in November 2017, I really hope it doesn't have a single Intruder in sight. I want to watch something different now, even if it's just a week or two of TOM struggling with galactic tax returns.

JoJo's: Señor Señor Zeppeli seems like a great dude. And, as rather cliche as Hamon seems, at least it fuckin' makes sense. This episode felt pretty lucid from start to finish, between his demands that Jonathan not spill any of his red wine to the vampire jumping out of the dismembered horse. What is this, the lyrics to an A.C. song?

Gundam IBO: :(

Hunter × Hunter: It's pretty obvious that the Heaven's Arena building was inspired by Dubai's Burj Khalifa, which is weird, since that skyscraper is actually the tallest in the world right now, and Khalifa is a One Piece character. But, to put it simply, I can see this arc going places. Though I hope the fights get more exciting, since this episode had almost every conflict decided by a single blow.

Naruto: Shippuden: ???

One Piece: I've fallen behind on One Piece, pence why I might not care about it being removed, but I guess this episode was fun. Or at least, Oars punching itself in the face was.

One-Punch Man: Didn't watch it because of it being a rerun, but Saitama's supermarket rant remains the stuff of legend.


[it's both political humor and a Log Horizon joke]

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Jugo sure does love his birds. :D

Which is great, because I've got some hooters for him.



Let's be honest, as long as that man wears pants I'm never satisfied.



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Holy crap.  I've had no idea people would continue an [as]-related board after they were removed officially.  Good looks to the folks that wanted to continue this.


Strangely enough, this was the first time in a long while that I've come back to watch stuff on [as]/toonami.  I'm surprised that:

- 1st season of IBO is pretty much done

- HxH 2011 dub is already at Yorkshin

- The dub for JJBA is so far, so good.


Hopefully, I'll try to be around like I used to in years past.

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Technically IBO has four episodes left and HxH is at Heaven's Arena, but still, it's good to have you back.



Even if I'm still a little sore about you calling me a jerk for asking what a masectomy was that one time.


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So, understandably, I've been pretty busy of late and haven't had a chance to watch much Toonami.

Intruder III  That's a big ass worm....


Also, not really feeling JJBA. I keep waiting for Jojo to be all "Thou sucketh much diseased cock for poisoning father Dio...."


Not much else, I mean, I guess I could post a pic of smug Trump or something, but eh.



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Also, not really feeling JJBA. I keep waiting for Jojo to be all "Thou sucketh much diseased cock for poisoning father Dio...."


If that's the case, then this thread probably isn't for you.  :-\

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Oh noes, I'm not in lockstep with everyone else.... :o


I'm still watching JJBA, I'm just not in rapture over it. Kind of the same way with HxH honestly.

I enjoy OP a great deal, kind of wish it was on earlier but I have a DVR, same goes for NS in a turn my brain off kind of way.


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Wind Knight's Lot: a small seaside town in rural England with a population numbering less than 1,000 residents, and also the current whereabouts of the evil vampire Dio Brando. With their arrival in the village, Jonathan, Zeppeli and Speedwagon prepare to do battle with Dio and bring an end to his reign of terror, right here and now. But even with Hamon on their side, defeating Dio will prove no easy task, especially when he has backup...


Elsewhere on Toonami, TOM goes down into the Vindication Base's basement in search of the all-new all-different Intruder, Cell pulls out almost every attack in his arsenal to combat the wrath of SSJ2 Gohan, Tekkadan maps out their route to the propane convention parliamentary session in Alberta while grieving over Biscuit, Wing teaches Gon and Killua the basics of their universe's equivalent to chakra, Sasuke and Itachi have their fated battle in the ruins of the old Uchiha hideout, Zoro gets serious against Oars while Kuma offers his assistance to fellow warlord Moria, and Saitama hunts down a group of Bernie supporters for giving bald people a bad name.


12:00 - Dragonball Z Kai #94 - Perfection's End! A Fury Beyond Super Saiyan! - TV-PGLV

12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #5 - The Dark Knights - TV-MAV (broadcast), TV-14V (personal)

1:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans #22 - Not Yet Home - TV-PGL

1:30 - Hunter x Hunter #28 - Nen and Nen - TV-14V

2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #135 - The Longest Moment - TV-14V

2:30 - One Piece #369 - Oars + Moria! The Most Heinous Combination of Brains and Brawn - TV-PGL

3:00 - One Punch Man #4 - The Modern Ninja - TV-14LV


Also, this.


[respek one punch]

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Since HxH came first wouldn't saying chakra being Naruto's version of Nen be more accurate? Anyway I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong, JoJo's has been good so far. The character designs still don't thrill me, but I've gotten interested enough to the point where I've been tempted to marathon it. Primary reason I don't is I only wanna watch the dub, and on my TV itself. I assume the dub's widely available online, but I lack one of those cable thingies to display my laptop on the tv. I feel pretty much the same for HxH, but that dub is definitely Toonami premiere so no luck there. Gundam on the other hand? Well it's become my "oh yeah, this exists" show where I make this face when remembering:


I kinda hope they don't go straight into season 2 when 1 finishes and push HxH up to being right after JoJo. Guess we'll see.

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Since HxH came first wouldn't saying chakra being Naruto's version of Nen be more accurate?


Technically yes, but you get my point.

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Okay I've never actually taken a close look at your icon before and I just now realized that it's not some kinda weirdly-shaped penguin like I thought.

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I haven't finished the part about HxH yet, so that will be a twofer later, but here's the rest from last week.


Intruder III - Where there's one Sandworm, there will likely be more, so that made sense. I like the idea of automated defenses saving TOM, but I must wonder what events in the base's past led to all but the top ten levels being sealed. Something getting inside is likely not a good thing.


DBZK - I'm glad Gohan rid us of the Cell Jrs. He even managed to snag the Senzu beans, then carry the news crew and Mr. Satan's entourage to safety while dodging Cell.


I liked the Ox King speaking up to his daughter, saying that Gohan was doing this to protect them and that Goku was right to prepare his son for this fight.


I smiled when the reporter kept talking and didn't even realize he'd lost his microphone. His advice to his cameraman about how to fix the broken camera was also quite funny. It works with my leaf blower.


JoJo - It was sweet that Erina cared for the burned and wounded Jonathan for days. but given how long she spent tending him, it made sense that she would eventually faint/collapse. It was impressive that the just-awoken Jonathan was able to catch her with a broken arm. I liked that Speedwagon observed her with Jonathan and realized that his new reason to live was right there.


This hamon energy sure is something, Baron Zeppelli. It looks like life energy, and I guess that it's logical that it that starts with breath, since oxygen is necessary to proper cellular metabolism. It was amazing that hamon healed Jonathan's broken arm in moments. It was peculiar that the Baron was able to send hamon harmlessly through the frog to his target, the large rock.


The Baron's tale of the ill-fated archaeological expedition to Aztec ruins where he found the stone mask was an efficient telling of a motivating backstory. I enjoyed how quick a study Jonathan was in learning hamon usage, spotting that the ripples in the wine were like the ripples he saw in the water when the Baron broke the large rock. Jonathan even looked like he took the Baron's advice about thinking what his enemy's next move would be to heart - anticipating rather than reacting. I like that the Baron was able to give Jonathan the training he would need in accomplishing his new purposes in life - stopping Dio and recovering/destroying the stone mask.


I found the idea of a long, dark tunnel into the city where Dio is hiding and regaining strength to be highly suspect, as if it was only there to provide an ambush opportunity to Jack the Ripper. It was neat to see that Dio was able to use his vampire powers to enthrall Jack. I liked the clarification that the drained become zombies, not vampires. Of course Dio is building an army to conquer world. Still, I feel like an army that can only operate at night would be very vulnerable to daytime attacks once that limitation was discovered.


MSG: IBO - Yeah, they really telegraphed Biscuit's death here. Still, he acted admirably in getting Orga clear of an attack they couldn't evade. I feel sorry for Cookie and Cracker, since they've now lost both of their brothers, even if word hasn't reached them yet. I hope that Orga will make arrangements to honor Biscuit's known desire to put his sisters through school.


It was a little surprising that the Naval bombardment didn't cause more damage and casualties. I would think that the Gjallarhorn Navy would have good targeting sensors, as opposed to Tekkadan having to shoot by feel like Akihiro did, but he did manage to critically damage one of the ships.


Good on Orga and Biscuit for successfully luring the Gjallarhorn landing craft to where they wanted them so they could be ambushed and captured. It's a shame Biscuit won't be able to help in formulating these strategies in the future.


I wasn't expecting mobile suits from the Planetary Defense Fleet to enter the battle from above, each using a re-entry heat shield rather than all of them in a single craft. When Akihiro shot one while Carta speechified with her and her subordinates standing in formation and asked for confirmation that it was okay to shoot, I smiled. What I wonder is whether Mikazuki will kill Carta right away next episode for killing Biscuit or they'll hold her, a ranking officer in Gjallarhorn with an influential family, as hostage to ensure their safe escape from the island.


I'm guessing arranging a boat for Tekkadan's passage to Edmonton (I think that's where it was) is the last real assistance McGillis will be able to offer for the rest of the show.


Oh, and for Ang's information, the second of the blonde haremettes on the island is named Echo Turbine.


Shippuden - I didn't expect Sauce to have his big fight with Itachi this soon in the show. Maybe this won't be it.


Yeah, Karin just wants Kisame to kill Suigetsu so she can be rid of him.


I think they're playing it a bit loose with Samehada's ability to absorb chakra. Unless Suigetsu channels his chakra into his sword like Asuma did with his chakra knives, then it would make sense that Samehada would actually need to hit Suigetsu to drain his chakra, but Suigetsu felt the drain prior to using his Water Man powers to get closer for an attack.


Tobi in his goofball personality is fun, but I can understand why our Leaf shinobi would be getting a bit irritated and flustered with their efforts being ineffective. They finally have a heading to find Sauce, and they can't get past this guy.


In other words, even if Jiraiya had been successful against the Six Paths of Pain, the Venus Flytrap guy was there to attack Jiraiya after he was wounded and drained by the battle. I can't fault the Akatsuki for their cautiousness.


OP - It was fun to see the Straw Hats' reaction faces when they realized that Oars was stuck. Unfortunately for them, he wasn't stuck for long. It was funnier when they decided to use the remnants of Luffy's personality to their advantage by distracting Oars so they could damage his knees and trick him into punching himself.


Of course Luffy only managed to find Moria's shadow. Lame, show.


When Nami confronted Perona, I was disappointed that Nami had not yet realized that the zombies robbed Moria for her and saved her the time of loading the treasure and food on the Sunny. I think that Nami was lucky that Kuma interrupted her impending fight with Perona. I also say that Perona was hasty to be so confrontational to Kuma, a Warlord. I didn't expect Perona to disappear when Kuma swatted the Holo ghosts away. Now I'm curious as to what happened to her.


OPM - Carnage Kabuto's tongue is still disturbing.


Remember that the hole Saitama punched in the wall to leave after splattering Carnage Kabuto caused about as much damage as the blast that Genos used to level the eight stories of the House of Evolution's H.Q. (and the hill behind it) that were above ground.


Somewhat related, I ordered volumes 1-10 of the OPM manga (among other titles), and volumes 1-9 are in my possession. So far, I've read the first volume and am a few chapters into the second volume. The first chapter was even better than the anime coverage of the same material for one reason; the girl that Saitama saved from Vaccine Man was wearing a shirt which read "school child." I loled when I read that. I also liked Genos' shirt in his first appearance; it read on one side, in English, "genocide" and had a stylized skull print above the word. I liked that bit of sound-alike wordplay.

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Somewhat related, I ordered volumes 1-10 of the OPM manga (among other titles), and volumes 1-9 are in my possession. So far, I've read the first volume and am a few chapters into the second volume.


Have you posted in the manga collection thread yet? Get on that if not!

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Jojo- Well this sounds like a cheerful place. Oh no Speedwagon is hurt we have to stop. Punch that kid until he helps you. Fancy sandwich man is fun. And then they caused an earthquake. EVERYBODY ZOMBIE NIGHT. GO AWAY DIO NOBODY LIKES YOU. Let the zombies eat the kid and escape while they're feasting on his tender flesh. Man, I wish I could weaponize my hatred like that. EAT SHIT, DIO. Whelp so much for fancy sandwich man. Ow that looks painful. Yeah that sounds like science. EAT SHIT, DIO. Throw the kid at him and then punch him in the dick while he's distracted. Sandwich man is not having a good day. Speedwagon with the catch. When my hands get cold I just shove them between my boobs. I'm not sure if he wants to kill them all or bang them. ZOMBIE KNIGHTS. Speedwagon will help! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. That's some weird hair. Meanwhile, Jojo gets his ass kicked. Hiistory, go! I'm just gonna assume this is historically accurate. Weaponized hatred is the greatest weapon of all. Sorry random zombie. NEITHER, HIS HAIR WIELDS THE BLADE. Exit, douche. Yeah this seems like a good idea. Dogs and medieval zombie knights do have a lot in common. Oh hey there's air. This song is never getting out of my head.


Gundam- RIP Bisquick. Still loving that extra harem wife with the big cans. I'd suggest cremation but the resulting grease fire would take out the whole island. It's hard to feel too sad when Orca's all hot and brooding and shirtless here. Still don't trust Schneizel. I have no idea who these old people are. I'm guessing you're about to make several wrong moves, sir. Boooo, she's still alive. Dude just accept your new cyborg boyfriend. I'm guessing this ties into the entire Gundam franchise but goddamn do I not care. "I'm totally not the mole, bro." So then Schneizel is fucking everyone over so he can be in charge. Send the cute lady to bang his pain away. SEX THE PAIN AWAY. Its all your fault, Kirito. I still don't trust this old guy. Nobody willingly goes to Alaska. You're creepy, grandpa. Bone his sorrow away already! WAIT A GODDAMN MINUTE IT'S NOT A REAL HAREM? Boooo he put on a shirt. Okay then Mika, YOU fuck the angst out of him. Reminder that Mika is fucking crazy. Orca's gone off the deep end and I'm kinda into it. This inspirational speech would be better if you didn't have a shirt. Nothing says revolution like laundry and graffiti.


Hunter- My children are strong and I'm so proud of them. It's been 30 seconds and I'm already lost. Yeah that sounds like a great plan. Okay maybe you shouldn't steal the nerd's wallet. Aww he hides in the corner when he's scared my poor baby. I don't trust this nerd. That boy must have a ribcage of solid granite. Ooh teach him the jedi mind trick. THAT WAS A GOOD SODA, YOU DICK. Poor kid can't even get juice. Oh no I hope they don't have to fight each other. Put some pants on. They're so talented! Hey asshole I hope you bought that boy a new book. Oh fuck is it that evil gay clown. This seems suspicious as shit. Well damn what's the point of playing if you don't earn any money. I KNEW IT. Get out of here you creepy clown bastard. Kick his ass, nerd! Alright boys you got three hours to learn the Force. THAT WAS A GOOD WALL, YOU DICK. Is there not a back door you could just go through?


Naruto- Aw fuck is it just gonna be Uchiha angst week. It's weird to see tiny Sasuke having a personality. Are all the Uchihas just terrible? The entire town is ninjas why would people think ill of them? I don't care, where is angry princess boyfriend. And you've made the mistake of assuming I give a shit. Imagine how much trouble we could have saved if someone had just taken Sasuke out now. Mom Uchiha appears to not be fucking terrible, so I assume she married into the family. And then he killed everyone. Just go eat all the dicks. Joke's on you, he doesn't have any friends. LOOK WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYES. Oh hey, Sasuke actually didn't suck and fail for a change. Hahahahah just kidding. I hope angry princess boyfriend gets to talk to those crows about how crazy these guys are. Oh what the hell. Please tell me it's not that orange douche. An entire episode of Uchiha angst is hard to sit through.


One Piece- Fuck that shadow. Good memory there, buddy. Meanwhile, Oars. Zoro just wants to play wth his new toy. Don't fuck with Zoro. That is a lot of fat you have to dodge. Luffy's one major weakness: his brain. Oh shit, good weather. Goddammit Oars. Are those the squirrel dudes? Hey dumbass, remember how your prize zombie will die if Luffy gets in the sun? Howdy neighbor, do you have a moment to talk about the Lord? I miss Crocodile. OH FUCK THAT GUY. Wait if he became a warlord that means...OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO MY HUSBAND. Hiiiiiiiiii Travis. I hope Blackbeard chokes on a dick. Moriah is in a bad mood. No, you absolutely cannot handle them. This totally won't go straight to hell for you. Aim for his fat stomach! Oars is a good boy. BIG OARS, IT'S SHOWTIME. Heee Chopperman. I love Franky's giant nunchucks. Well this could be going better. BROOK TO THE RESCUE!

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It’s weird starting a Toonami recording and not hearing the “closed captioning for Family Guy” ident beforehand.



Last time, the show provided actually decent justification for Goku’s terrible parenting skills, and it was awesome.

Welp, Krillin’s officially a fanboy now.

And, of course, we have Vegeta worrying about his pride as always.

Looks like Cell’s trying to go Super Saiyan now.

Aw shit, the DVR’s pausing randomly now. Dammit, I was hoping that’d be limited to the On Demand stuff…


It’s always entertaining, watching Cell get his shit punched in.

The green blood is a nice touch, but awfully reminiscent of The Exorcist.

Welcome to DBZ, where everyone holds back their true power level.

Wait, when did his blood turn purple?

;D All these strained grunts.


And here comes the Mankanshokusappo.

The fear in Cell’s face. It’s marvelous.


When all else fails, use the Kamehameha.

Turns out the above advice doesn’t just apply to Cell. Good work, Gohan.

And there go all the normal people.

And then he blasted off into space, where he froze to death.

INTRUDER III: This was a pretty great episode. The intruders being sandworms all along, TOM experiencing the strange joys of molecular transportation, SARA becoming a much less annoying version of Navi, and Shogo 162 exploding in five minutes. Say what you will about the Toonami crew, but when they make a T.I.E., they almost always knock it out of the park. With the possible exception of the IGPX Microseries being not as good as the full show, but that’s just personal preference.

Whoa, that deflection turned that landform into a desert.

Because of course Cell isn’t dead yet. :-\

Okay, so maybe the green blood was just his saliva.

More decent Goku parenting skills, everybody.


Is Goku just ignoring the fact that Cell’s still alive?

Dayumn, Gohan. :o


Did he just get uglier? I think he just got uglier.

“He’s so focused on power, he’s not paying attention to his speed!” Or his looks. Seriously, fix that nose.

And now I know the source of yet another reaction face.


All this buildup can’t possibly be any good for my cold.

Hm, so 18’s back. That’s good, I guess.

In which Toriyama tells his editor to go fuck himself. SEMI-PERFECT CELL IS BACK, BITCHES.

Welp, this should please the inflation fetishists watching this show, if anything else.




RATING SCREENCAP #1: A nice little bird’s eye view of Wind Knight’s Lot.

;D Well, so much for Speedwagon being useful this arc.

Oh no! Their luggage has been stolen by British Tom Sawyer! Which means yes,

is now relevant.

;D What the hell is that walking pose even?


Wow, sunset already.

And now we’re in a zombie flick.

Dang, Dio’s here already.


Love the Zoom Punch.

If anything he’s done before didn’t scream “ego”, what he said just now certainly did.

How many breads have you eaten in your life?


Wow, didn’t expect him to know what he was doing so soon.

To Dio, anything involving him being evil is a compliment.

Ooh, that’s gotta hurt.

, you say?

And here comes the backup.

The snowman deserved it for singing before Christmas.

RATING SCREENCAP #2: A simple shot of Jonathan.

Who knew that Queen Elizabeth I could be such a tyrant?

Never mind, turns out Speedwagon’s useful after all. Even if his methods are a little on the homoerotic side. ::)

Bloodsucking hair tentacles. Even before STANDS, JoJo sure had some crazy powers.

That’s the biggest dagger I’ve ever seen.

And now for a history lesson from our dutiful narrator, Senketsu.

Mary was awfully helpful for a crazy bitch. Same for Elizabeth being kind of conniving in spite of her popularity.

REPLY TO ANGEL 1: “I'm just gonna assume this is historically accurate.” Yeah, I doubt Tarukus and Blueford were real people, but the whole “Mary being blamed for the death of her husband” sounds like it’d be legit.

“I knew that severed head looked familiar!”

Talk about foreshadowing.

Why can’t more protagonists be like Jonathan?

He can definitely see the irony in this situation.


Dio is so outta here.

Of course the dead can speak underwater.


In hindsight, Jonathan’s father had plenty of decent parenting moments.

Thank god this anime has the sense to give its protagonists above-average intelligence.

“Underwater Turquoise Blue Overdrive” is the best Hamon attack name I’ve heard thus far.

The “dadadada da da da” at the end of “Roundabout” is my personal favorite part of the song.



I had a feeling Carta was still alive; that blow Mikazuki gave her mech didn’t look like a fatal one.

In which the rain drowns out all the bad news and grieving.

Telling Biscuit’s sisters about his death isn’t the problem. The problem is also telling them that Savarin hung himself.

Propane convention in Alberta first, giving Biscuit a proper burial later.

Orga’s thinking about taking up drinking.

Meanwhile, McGillis is really enjoying himself right now.

Fuck you, old lady.

“Impetuous” is a great adjective to describe a tomboy.

Impetuous indeed. 8)

I say pull the plug.

You aren’t giving up being human if you still have your brain intact after the implantation.

And that, children, is how the Alaya Vijnana system came into being, and also what purpose “Gundam” serves in this entry to the franchise.

REPLY TO ANGEL 2: “I'm guessing this ties into the entire Gundam franchise but goddamn do I not care.” Actually the Gundam franchise spans across different universes, so it’s not like they’re all interconnected in respects outside the name “Gundam”. IBO’s just one of several universes all their own, so you don’t need to understand the rest of Gundam to understand it specifically.

Fucking around with GIS. That’s a good explanation for them sneaking under their radar.

Another Gundam, I bet.

Like a roast from Satan would go over well…

:D They actually put nutritional facts on that stock waterbottle. God, I love the little things in these shows.

The black man says STFU.

Clearly the solution to getting Orga out of his depression is for Merribit to have sex with him.

Or you could have Mikazuki fix things, that works too.

We going to Alaska now?

Hm, so trains are for the most part extinct in this future, then.

And that’s why Kudelia’s the third main character.

I can’t stop staring at Makanai’s crazy beard. Almost compensates for his regular-sounding name.

I also can’t stop staring at the hole where Sydney used to be.

What a generous means of building up your own harem.

“Maybe he should just be alone for now.” “He’s been alone long enough.”

But what was the rest of the sentence? “Make Tekkadan Great Again?” I’m gonna believe that’s what he said.

And then Mikazuki fixed things. Or at least, he tried to.

“You’re gonna take me, aren’t you?” Okay, things just got slightly gayer.

Of course that little pep talk would work.

Technically Biscuit’s still in that body bag in the cargo, but I digress.

And for Fumitan also.

Stay out of this, Merribit, we already know you’re jealous that you weren’t able to fuck Orga back to normal.

Ah, rural Alaska. Ain’t it beautiful?


I love you, crazy ice-sculpting Grandma.



Fuck yes new expositionary cold open.

Wing reminds me an awful lot of someone I know online, only explicitly hetero.


Oh, Flame.

Huh, that sounds simpler than I expected it to be.

But is the posing really necessary?

Aaaaaand his shirt’s still untucked.

That stare would be enough to knock a normal person out cold.


Well that was an exciting lesson.

Wait, so was what he was saying a lie, or was there more to it than just what he said?

;D I think you were a little too rough on him there.

Either that or he’s super-resilient.

Yup, lie it is.

Okay, this real Nen looks pretty damn awesome in and of itself.

Poor Zushi…

Their opponents are a kung-fu Cylon and a greased-up masked wrestler. ONLY IN THE HEAVEN’S TOWER.

Jennifer Aniston: Grinch of the Year. And if you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother, you’d know that I don’t really mean “Grinch”.


To floor 200!

It’s like he wasn’t even there to begin with…

Fancy elevator. I love marble walls and checkerboard-patterned floors.

The red carpeting for the floor itself also looks nice.


Turns out it was just an ordinary clerk. ;D


That is some intense Nen I’m sure they’re feeling.

Oh hi Wing.

Ah, so it was a semi-lie.

3 hours and 30 minutes left. That should be enough.

I had a feeling all those phrases would involve different kanji readings.

Okay, so Nen is less like Chakra and more like Haki.

Some poor contractor sure has his work cut out for him.


Bestiality: not just for humans anymore.



I never really thought of Itachi as one to paint his nails. Maybe it’s something that comes with being an Akatsuki.


No way, Sasuke used to be upbeat? And kawaii too? Unthinkable.

“Gah! My leg!”

Okay, what trouble did he get in with the ANBU?

I think you mean, “the mission is classified”.

Before he had brother issues, Sasuke had daddy issues also.

I take it these guys are extended family, they all have the Uchiha popped collar.

Ooh, a suicide note.

Well, that meeting went over better than expected.

…Or not.

And that was the first time Itachi got pleasure out of harming family members.

It’s criminal that Crispin Freeman isn’t in as much anime as he used to be.

Shut up, young Sasuke.

“I’m truly sorry.” [coughbullshitcough]


So what’s great about this DBZ/One Piece crossover game again?

Holy crap, I’m more considerate towards my own parents than Itachi is towards his.


I will never forget the first time I saw them flashback to the Uchiha massacre and my biggest takeaway was that they had a TV set.

And that’s how Sasuke became the edgemaster he is today.

How did I not notice that his cloak had the popped collar until now?

Seems like an awfully specific condition for eye hax.

But who else has the Mangekyo Sharingan besides Itachi?

Welp, here it is. The moment most have you have been waiting for, ready to get it over with.


Wow, that was easier than I expected.

I-Is that a gang sign?

Nope, just an indicator of genjutsu, should’ve figured.

Or maybe it was a crow clone, probably one of the weirder clone types out of this show.

[teleports behind you] Pssh… Nothin’ personnel, kid. [stab]

Alright, so it really was genjutsu all along.

I don’t know whether to call Sasuke asking the same question as me predictable or deductive reasoning. Either ways, BOO YEAH.

Wait, who are you going to kill? My DVR glitched right when you said it.

Okay, all these DVR glitches are ruining the tension.

Only now, Sasuke’s heard of him and he cares. He cares lots.

REPLY TO ANGEL 3: “An entire episode of Uchiha angst is hard to sit through.” And yet you made it.


How’d they even get a black panther on set?




I personally believe Kuma’s “small talk” was more than just small talk.

Meanwhile, Doppelman’s still the worst character this arc, besides Perona’s chipmunk minions and that damned koala man.

“I’ve been bamboozled!”


He says the sun’s gonna melt him, but his imagination showed him disintegrating. Different means of obliteration, Luffy!

Whenever Zoro sees a challenge, do you think he’s gonna back down from it?


And then the step-dance of death.

Sometimes I forget that Franky has those huge pillar nunchuks with him. :D


;D Not even Zoro saw that one coming.

Well at least part of the slash hit him.

The tone of Usopp’s voice does not match how wide he’s opening his mouth.


Yeah, but it’s not like Absalom and Perona are gonna fight Luffy, considering one’s getting reverse-raped right now and the other just disappeared from the face of the earth.

So disintegration is melting, then?

Thanks, fog. Thog.

Yes, blame it on Oars, see where that gets you.

Okay show, you made me curious as to what these two guys look like.

I forgot all about Moria’s annoying minions. :-\

Those are some huge men.

Uh… what. (It’s up to you what ad I’m talking about.)

I knew it, the small talk wasn’t just small talk after all.

Oh hey, it’s that guy who fought Ace last year.

But aren’t the Straw Hats already on Thriller Bark?

Moria takes offense to… pretty much all of that.

It’s always satisfying to watch Lucci get his shit punched in.

No way, he was hiding inside Oars this entire time?

It’s perfectly natural to blame Hogback for any weird body mods.

Goddammit, more DVR glitches.

;D Robot!Oars is the greatest thing.


[sigh] If only I knew how to bring up the closed captions on my HDTV…


Huh, new FUNimation logo music. That’s odd.

Welp, guess I’m rewatching this On Demand next week.


[glitches suck]

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Well, I like that this forum now looks more legitimate, but I wish the bolded words weren't harder to discern. ???


Intruder 3: Well, you all asked for a new TOM, but you ended up getting a new SARA. She's much smaller now, but she has a body again, and that's really all that matters. I'm still hoping for the big reveal to be that the Vindication Base is actually a ship, and that it will take off once Shogo 162 is almost finished imploding. But there's the issue of what might happen if a sand worm hitches along for the ride. I hope they get the friendliest one to travel with them. Seriously, it could be a friendly sand worm, voiced by Marieve Herington, and it would be the best thing to come out of 2016.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Good episode. I guess Dio's newest power is to engage Halloween mode and summon zombies. I bet AL-err, Owlchemist got his morning wood from that. And the scene at the end where Jonathan needed just a little bit of oxygen from below a rock was pretty clever. It's the little things involved with the show that make me moist.

Hunter × Hunter: Now I'm interested to see how high Heaven's Arena actually goes. I bet there's a floor cut-off where all battles are fought to the death. And it was nice to see Hisoka again plus the [email protected] producer character base model.

One Piece: Now I'm just agonizing over how slow this thing has become.


And now it's time for commercials:


Generic Tax Defense Thing: Seeing this ad somewhat pisses me off because I feel it has the same "no better option available" quality as the Gerber Life ads Hack-SIGN_John used to go on about. Though I do get a kick out of how Bob Eubanks mangles the enunciation of "hrrrefund".

Pop Tarts: Okay, this one just pisses me off. I get that seeing the titular Tarts get their comeuppances is the point of the campaign, but this one is just oddly cruel. The A&W Root Beer and Orange Crush Tarts go to get soda, but the pump is aimed directly at their faces, and it shoots enough soda to make them unable to move. My god, that lady is just fucking savage.

DBZ/One Piece Mobile Games: Which get advertised, and not Love Live!: School Idol Festival anywhere. Not even on Mnet America.



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Sooo if anybody wanted to get Kill la Kill without paying Aniplex's highway robbery prices, Rightstuf's got it in their Black Friday sale and you can save $100 on it.



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Although Jonathan managed to turn his fight with Blueford around in his favor, that certainly does not mean his victory is assured. The resurrected knight remains a fierce opponent, fierce enough to keep any opponent on edge, especially one as skilled as JoJo. But even his battle is easy compared to the one about to come with Tarukus, whose desired battleground may prove fatal for those who dare oppose him...


In slightly more serious matters, TOM and SARA now have to find a way to deal with Shogo 162's impending implosion, Cell prepares to do something similar to the Earth as he activates his own self-destruct protocol, Carta and her remaining subordinates challenge Tekkadan to one final duel before they reach Edmonton, with only a few hours before their 200th floor eligibility expires Gon and Killua learn how to use the true Nen to get past Hisoka, Itachi tells Sasuke all there is to know about his special eyes, the terrible duo of Oars and Moria prove a real challenge for the Straw Hats while Luffy receives a power-up from some unlikely allies, and Saitama breaks several world records but still only barely qualifies for heroship. Also, who thought there'd be regular programming on Thanksgiving weekend?


12:00 - Dragonball Z Kai #95 - A Hero's Sacrifice! Last Chance to Save the World! - TV-PGLV

12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #6 - Tomorrow's Courage - TV-14LV (broadcast), TV-14V (personal)

1:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans #23 - The Final Lie - TV-PGLV

1:30 - Hunter x Hunter #29 - Awakening and Potential - TV-14

2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #136 - The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan - TV-14V

2:30 - One Piece #370 - The Secret Plan to Turn the Tables! Nightmare Luffy Makes His Appearance - TV-PGLV

3:00 - One Punch Man #5 - The Ultimate Master - TV-14


[go bucks]

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I understand that reference. ;D


Also, at least you didn't have to cross out any TV-MAs.

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It took me a lot longer than it should have, but I eventually got it as well.


Also, this is a test. This is only a test: murder.


Intruder III - That sounds like bad news, Shogo breaking apart. If SARA and TOM don't have a ship accessible from one of the sealed levels, they'd better hope the base is actually a partially buried ship. The second scenario would even help with the intruding Sandworms, since the ship would be open to space, and SARA and TOM don't need air, so they could let the vacuum take the Sandworms.


DBZK - Yep, Gohan sure looked like he had things under control. I don't understand a few things, though. First, why did Cell vomit 18? Wasn't she digested/integrated into his Perfect form? Second, if Gohan was able to counter a maximum power Kamehameha from Perfect Cell, why would Semi-perfect Cell self-detonating, which is what it looks like Cell intends to do, be a problem? His Imperfect form has less energy at its disposal, so the blast should be less powerful. I don't get it.


Once Cell reverted to his Semi-perfect form, I thought that should Gohan not think it was worth finishing Cell, then Trunks, Vegeta, or even Piccolo should be able to destroy him.


JoJo - Maybe it was a dub thing, but I don't think I would consider where the mining town was to be a valley. It was surrounded by  high cliffs rather than being a broad area flanked by hills or mountains on each side. I also don't think that having a tunnel to access the town made sense. In a time when such an effort would be made with steam and muscle power, possibly with the aid of some explosives, people wouldn't bore through a mountain to lay a road if it were at all possible to make the road go around it. This isn't like two spots along I-77 in Virginia (okay, part of one tunnel is also in West Virginia) where in order to maintain Interstate speeds, a straight path was needed. We're dealing with horse and foot traffic here, so a winding road around the mountain would be no problem in regard to speed of travel. Oh well.


The trap with the mind-controlled boy was a good one. As for Dio blocking hamon, I'm not sure I buy it. The Baron was able to send hamon into a large rock, something with no flowing blood, with destructive effect. Jonathan was able to send hamon through rocks, which had no flowing blood, to hit Jack. It seems to me that the problems the Baron had were an unexpected medium and targeting. He was unable to send hamon into Dio because Dio changed the nature of the medium through which it would travel, his arm, by expelling heat from his cells (incidentally, I think that would raise the temperature of the area immediately surrounding Dio's arm, since that energy would need to go somewhere, so unless Dio diverted it to the rest of his body, it would go into the air. Thus, if the Baron were to suffer any injury from his hand being in proximity to this heat transfer, it would be a burn, not frostbite, but that would rob Speedwagon of his selfless gesture of being a voluntary Tonton seal for the Baron.). Now that Dio's trick is known, I would think it would be a simple matter to adjust the hamon attack to send the energy through the water ice of Dio's arm and into his chest or head.


I saw two problems with Jonathan's battle so far. First, the air trapped under a rock in the lake/river, since we're dealing with a mining town, may not be atmospheric composition. If the air leaked up from fissures exacerbated by the mining, then gasses from the mine, which would include methane, ethane and other combustibles that would be bad to inhale, could be present. It might be breathable, but it probably wouldn't be the same as the air at the water's edge, and thus Jonathan might not be able to generate as much hamon as he would need. However, if the air was simply trapped under debris from the mine that was dumped into the water, then that would probably be the same as the surface air, so there is a way around my first concern. Still, there's no way to skirt the second one; it's b.s. that the slain knights could fight at all. They died in the 1500s. I highly doubt that executed enemies of the Crown would've been shown the respect of being embalmed. Thus, their bodies would not have been preserved, so their flesh would long ago have rotted away, and the bones may even be gone as well, depending upon the disposition of the corpses and local soil conditions. So, no. Just no.


MSG: IBO - Did I miss something? Mikazuki had Carta's mecha underfoot and was poised for a killing strike. How did she escape alive?


Yeah, everyone was hit hard by losing Biscuit. I can understand Orga being in a funk, since Biscuit saved his life and, while wounded, continued to proclaim his hope for a better future for all of them until the moment of his death. I liked the way that Mikazuki brought Orga out of his despondency by challenging him and reminding him of the promise about the future to which they would go.


It sounded to me like the new M.O. for Tekkadan is that they won't seek combat if it's avoidable, but they will take no prisoners and leave no survivors if attacked. I feel like this is something that Mikazuki would endorse 1,000%.


Thanks for the history lesson, show. The Alaya Vinyana (sp?) system was developed by those who would later form Gjallarhorn for the purpose of ending the Calamity War. That present Gjallarhorn holds people with those implants in contempt says that their leadership now and starting at some point in the past are/were slimy jerkwads, spitting on the memory of their predecessors.


Kudelia was plotting like a seasoned professional in planning their route to Edmonton.


HxH - Old HxH: Hi there, new OP animation and new ED.


Okay, Heaven's Arena breaks its levels into clusters of ten. If a person loses, they drop ten levels, and I think they probably would need to climb back one level at a time until regaining level where the loss happened.


Cocco is a cute announcer woman. More of her, please, show.


Hi, Zushi and Wing. Zushi, you seem like a nice kid, but a little overeager. Wing seems shady to me.


I must question the Zoldyck parenting philosophy. Killua was left here at age six and told to reach the 200th floor before returning home. In other words, they abandoned their child in an environment where he would be forced to fight grown men and women to survive. His only means of providing for himself would be fighting and winning. He would starve or die of exposure if he didn't fight and win. Granted, Killua was probably already trained in a martial discipline and how to kill with it at that age, but he would have, in most of his fights, distinct disadvantages in reach and neuromuscular coordination. Sure, this would've given Killua experience against people desperate to win, which could easily translate to overcoming assassination targets desperate to survive, but they still abandoned him to be abused by strangers.


Killua gave Gon a good hint when he mentioned the Testing Gate and pushing hard, and it sure looked like it worked for Gon, since he was able to win all his matches with one strike. Things also looked good for Killua, except against Zushi. Zushi's stubborn refusal to lose made Killua have to win by points rather than one knockout chop. It was strange that Zushi kept getting up from strikes that should've rendered him unconscious, but it was stranger still that he summoned a fighting aura like Illumi's.


The payouts seemed meager to start, but it would be appropriate that theoretically more challenging fights would pay more. It's a nice perk that at level 100 and above a room is provided. Still, I would like to know an exchange rate for the HxH universe and dollars.


New HxH: I have no idea how long Gon and Killua have been at Heaven's Arena, but if Kurapika's hair growth in the ED (or was it the new OP?) is an indicator, then it's been several weeks, if not months. Still, with no indication of how long this has been, it feels like the boys reached the 200th floor in very little time.


As for the 200th floor, that was scary. I've seen the look that was on that staff lady's face in other things. Either she's simply weary and detached from her humanity after having to witness so much brutality, sadism and death, or she was about to launch a potentially deadly attack as part of a weeding out process before Hisoka's arrival. It's a bummer that there are no more payouts, the fights instead being simply for honor, glory, and the satisfaction of combat. It strikes me as being peculiar, though, since the spectators and betting on the lower levels, where the fighters are paid, probably don't generate as much income for the Arena as the fights above 200 do, since those are likely viewed and bet upon by wealthier clientele. Also, I would like to know if fighters above the 200th floor can accept matches below 200 to earn money to pay for things beyond the essentials that the Arena provides, but I digress. It seems strange that there is a deadline to register for a match when reaching the 200th floor. Consequences for failing to meet the deadline are sensible as a concept, but they seem a bit harsh. Gon having to start again from the first floor seems like it would be more tedious than anything else, but Killua perhaps being barred from competition is a really big thing.


I didn't expect Hisoka to be here, but that he is here is completely logical given his stated explanation. I think that Hisoka using his spiritual pressure/haki/nen to intimidate Gon and Killua was selfish. If they can't get past his killing intent, then there are doubtlessly others among the 100+ fighters who would have no compunction about using their nen to kill the boys before Hisoka could get his truly satisfying fight against Gon.


Regarding Wing's explanation of nen, I get the impression that it's a kanji v. hiragana wordplay thing, with two ways to write the same word, but each way having different connotations. The first explanation was a hint at the real purpose, and the second, because of Gon and Killua's deadline, was more explicit. It's scary that a skilled nen user can kill an unwary person with nen alone, but that begs the question as to whether Wing held back against Killua or Killua was able to reflexively use some ten due to his training as an assassin. If I understood it correctly, the essence of nen use is to access, contain, generate and deploy the user's energy.


Shippuden - Oh boy, someone else (probably Itachi) is about to die, since we got almost a whole episode of flashback with young Sauce and Itachi.


Hey, back off, random three Uchiha guys. Wah, Itachi wasn't at your precious Clan meeting because he was out of Konoha on an Anbu mission. Get over it. He's can't refuse an order from the Hokage, and since it would've come from Hiruzen, I feel like we can be more confident that it was a truly necessary mission. One of the guys saying that Itachi was their pipeline to the Leaf sounded mighty suspicious. Plus, was one of the other Uchiha guys also voiced by Crispin? I like the idea that he may have been talking to himself in that scene.


Thanks for the reminder that the Mangekyo Sharingan is only attainable after killing ones best friend. Thus, presumably Shisui was Itachi's friend and perhaps role model. When Itachi used the Mangekyo to show young Sauce what he did, it sure sounded like this was about personal power for Itachi.


In the present, what a surprise: more genjutsu from Itachi. However, Sauce also used genjutsu, so, good, he's learning. I'm not sure why Sauce would use a non-fatal stab if his self-appointed mission is to avenge the murder of his Clan. Maybe he has the same suspicion that I have - this is more genjutsu from Itachi right now. Of course Madara was the one to discover the Mangekyo. Spoiler:

Madara will be a recurring answer to who/why/how someone did something or something happens.



OP - Okay, Hogback including a cockpit inside Oars would explain why that part of his abdomen was covered by what looked like a sail with a print instead of Oars' skin. Sanji was right that Oars having competent direction now is a problem.


Kuma being more obedient than the other Warlords is fine, but I feel like Moria was acting too big for his breeches there, speaking so disrespectfully to another Warlord like that. It's not like the W.G. would really have a problem with Kuma smacking Moria around a little. Yes, I feel like Moria is way overrated and that his strength as a Warlord lies not in his own power, but in that of his loyal zombie horde.


Still shenanigans, show. How could Luffy successfully tackle Moria's Shadow, but be unable to grab it later? I reject the premise that the Shadows are selectively tangible. Well, let's explore what a Shadow is in this context. The closest idea I reach is that it's like the soul. If we consider the soul to be a vital, animating force, then it is a form of energy. Energy can be condensed into matter. So, it could be scientifically possible. However, there would be enormous fluctuations in the temperature and volume of the Shadow as it went through these transitions, and we got no indication that either of those things happened. Thus, it's highly doubtful that the scientific way for this to happen is at work, and so we're left with magic, which is shenanigans to make what the story wants to happen occur when there's no other logical way for it to be so. Yes, I'm aware that the concept of Devil Fruit and the powers they bestow are fantastic, but this isn't a Devil Fruit user. This is energy from a Devil Fruit user, and I don't think it logically follows that the energy would have the same powers as the altered flesh of the user's body. We even saw that such energy from Luffy didn't transmit his Gum-Gum powers to Oars. It didn't even look like that energy had said powers when struggling in Moria's grasp. Thus, it follows that the energy from Moria would also lack the corresponding Devil Fruit powers. It really feels like a way to make Luffy artificially ineffective against an opponent he could otherwise thrash within minutes of locating him in order to stretch out the story.


I'm not sure whether Kuma is simply really fast or can actually teleport himself and others at will, but it feels like the story is hinting at the latter. His repeated question about where people would like to go makes me think that he can transport them to any location he has in mind in an instant.


Good work, Brook. Not only did you save Usopp from being smashed, but you brought hundreds of pounds of salt with you as well.


OPM - You're a nice guy, Mumen Rider, and you possess a true hero's heart.


Shut up and get jobs, ya rotten commies.


In the defense of people who didn't know Saitama and his exploits, he does end his battles against malevolent forces quickly, so people fleeing from the danger don't have much opportunity to see him eliminate the threat.


I'm puzzled by a difference between the anime and the manga. In the anime, Saitama calls Sonic's smile innocent, but the manga calls it an evil grin. I don't know why they would choose wording with opposite meaning and clashing connotations about Saitama's thought processes.


Also, the manga revealed that the rich guy whose grandchild was saved from a monster had a butt-chin, just like the kid Saitama saved from Crablante. It also said the incident happened three years ago. In other words, Saitama's intervention sparked the creation of the H.A.

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Thank you, I struckthrough all the Ms myself.  8)


Foley: Interesting point you made there about Tarukus and Blueford's appearance. In lieu of a more reasonable explanation, let's just say that Dio hax is responsible for them looking much more preserved than they had any right to be. And I got the feeling that Saitama calling Sonic's evil grin an "innocent smile" was subtle sarcasm.

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Oh no. It's not just the appearance of Blueford and Tarukus. My contention is that there should've been none of their flesh remaining at all, if any bones were even left. I don't care what kind of restorative hax Dio has; he can't restore what isn't there.


I think you may be giving Saitama too much credit. He may not be smart enough to come up with sarcasm like that. Don't get me wrong. I greatly enjoy Saitama and his exploits, but recall that he barely passed the H.A.'s tests, and that was mostly on the merit of his physical performance. He's a great guy, but he's on the dumb side.

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Having fun watching the Part 1 dub, though Jonathan, who is my least favorite JoJo, irritated me a bit. Way too goody two-shoes for my taste.


OP and ED are still the best parts of Phantom Blood.  ;D

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So much.


Jojo- KICK HIS ASS, JOJO. Hey, wanton love of violence is great. Save Speedwagon at all costs. Maybe you should have used an actual rope instead of your nasty old weave. I have no idea what Speedwagon is saying but I'm glad he's happy. I would listen to any sport that had Speedwagon commentating. Flowers! Uh hey buddy your leg's gone. Aww he's a nice zombie now. PLUCK SWORD. Oh right this other guy is still here. Use the kid as a shield! This is amazing. Fancy sandwich man was cute back in the day. Haa, Tom Petty. I keep forgetting this guy is still here and apparently so do they. Oh no he lost his helmet. STILL NOT DEAD. Yeah I'm sure the decrepit old castle that eminates mysterious fog is the safest place. And then Jojo died. Uh buddy aren't there bricks all around the door you could punch? This could be going better. Use the kid as a battering ram. Do something useful, peepants. Saved by Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins takes no shit. Guys the entire building is bricks except for that one door, just punch through it. Peepants has redeemed himself. You okay there, sandwich? AW YEAH ROUNDABOUT.


Gundam- Yeah that lady sure has issues alright. Don't trust Schneizel. I absolutely do not care about their tree-climbing flashback, show. Don't trust this shady old guy either. How does his beard work? Lady what part of "mercenary band of child soldiers" are you not getting. Really should have banged the angst out of him when you had the chance. I hope they turned him into that giant robot. Reeeally should not trust Schneizel, y'all. Mika already gave all the fucks he had for the next year. Thanks for throwing that emotional breakdown at him. Stab her right in the face. Yeah you were totally dreaming and not just jacking off. WOW LOOK SCHNEIZEL FUCKED YOU OVER. Yeah this sounds like a deal she'll honor when she loses. Mika being physically unable to give a fuck is the best part of this show. Hey small children get back on the train before you get dead. Lady you are way in over your head with babysitting these child soldiers. Should have killed her before the second wave came in. Hey kids we're not committing mass suicide today! Sorry lady it's not Schneizel. Yes you failed and you suck. Welcome to Canada.


Hunter- NEN NEN NEN NEN NEN NEN BATMAN. I'm not really following this conversation but I'm sure my kids can do it. My children are so talented. And then there's Hisoka, who's just here for shits and giggles. Jesus this dialogue. That's probably not a good thing. Nothing to worry about that's just your life running out of your torso. I feel like it'd be easier to just run up and kick Hisoka right in the dick. That's a nice wall, you dick! EAT SHIT, CLOWN. That went well, I guess? It's not almost midnight yet something's gonna get in your way. I'd wait til the last minute because I'm lazy. What if I'm a lazy piece of shit and don't want to run my own floor? This lady's losing her shit. GOOD LUCK MY PRECIOUS SON. I like that guy's monster truck wheelchair. The fuck is that red guy? Aw no they don't get to have sleepovers anymore. Gon is pumped as hell. Aim for his weird pogo stick leg thing! He said to wait two months, you adorable bastard! That sure is a thing alright. Noooo baby. This may have been a bad idea.


Naruto- Oh great, another Uchiha who I'm sure is equally terrible. He sure is talking a lot for a guy who should be dead from blood loss by now. RIDE THE LIGHTNING, BITCH. Why won't one of you just fucking die already. Of course he couldn't kill his best friend, he doesn't have any friends. Oh hey it's confusing Flytrap Travis how you doin'. So then yeah, equally terrible as every other Uchiha in this show. I DON'T CARE JUST KILL EACH OTHER. So did they know they'd get stanky ol' wizard eyes when they butchered their loved ones or was that just a happy accident? Owww. What in the fuck. Why are all the Uchihas such total dicks? I do not care you whiny assholes. At least Crispin is having fun. I don't need a reminder about how much Sasuke has always sucked, show. Don't worry I have more than enough hate for both of you. NECK SNAKE. I do enjoy seeing Sasuke get punched. OWWWWWWWWWW.


One Piece- If you don't love Brook you're factually wrong. Calcium makes perfect sense. Aim for his junk! Good luck, guys. And then Oars was one fire. I love it when they use teamwork. Save the skeleton at all costs. Franky that is going to kill you. Well this could be going better. And then Franky died. RIDE THE LIGHTNING, BITCH. Don't fuck with Nami. Me too, Sanji. Wait what the hell? Ohhh that is not a good thing. Seriously Luffy get your shit together. Oh hey it's the squirrel dudes. LOLA, YOU SAY? This sounds like a good deal. Well, she looks better than the warthog. Um, what? Great job you killed him. Huh, that's new. I have the exact same power with cupcakes. And then Luffy got gang banged. Jesus the dialogue on the block this week. Hey Luffy you okay there buddy? I still love Lola.

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Regarding Gundam:

It's probably not good that Caco or whatever the hell her name was was the first death that actually made me feel somewhat bad in the entire series is it? I dunno, she was being so cruelly manipulated by blonde Hitsugaya and so blindly adored him it made me sad. Mikazuki on the other hand was an obnoxious douche rushing in as he did. I get that it was justified as she killed Biscuit and they wanted revenge, but everything about Biscuit's death was idiotic anyway. Somehow both insanely telegraphed AND anticlimactic at the same time. Even leaving behind 2 adorable loli sisters I still felt nothing from it. All the other major deaths so far were similarly ineffective. Heel-face turn Secretary's was dragged out waaaay too much, while other guy's little brother was easily avoidable from what little I remember of it. And...that's been it so far right? Regarding this drunk on revenge thing I do hope they go the Star Wars route of it fucking them over. No one in Tekkeden or whatever seems particularly sympathetic to me at this point. Jamieson Price voiced black guy's still cool, but the rest I either have no opinion on or actively dislike. Unless that non-Kudelia blonde girl who voiced Miss Kaoru counts, she's fine I guess. Now I wish the Kenshin anime finished the manga.  :'( Oh well, just 2 episodes left.


Oh, pimp guy and his harem are still cool too I guess.

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If Toonami reairs Code Geass to celebrate, I'll laugh my ass off if they stick it in the 5AM timeslot a 2/5 of the way in.


For some reason, my On Demand service doesn’t have last week’s episodes, so I’m going into this week unrefreshed. No real reason I should be saying this, actually; just thought it’d be something worth mentioning.



Turns out the only imperfect thing about Perfect Cell is his digestive process.

See, his protocol is only similar to Shogo 162’s implosion because this will technically be an explosion.

If only Cell knew how ridiculous he looked during this “last speech” of his.

Dammit Gohan this is not your fault. Really, it’s Cell’s more than anything.

“I know that look…” Yep, that’s his Trump Card face.

Or maybe it’s his “go out like a hero” face, they look pretty much the same.

Yes, that would make Chi-Chi happy, but do we really care about what she thinks, after telling her own father that he’s stupid for thinking Gohan saving the world is a good thing?


Welp, there goes the Kai Planet.

And that’s another Cell memeface. :D

I remember reading a comic recently where this turned out different; namely, Goku transmitting out just before Cell exploded. But that would’ve been a dick move, even for him.

Wait, Piccolo can sense it from that far away?

Sorry to break up the tension, but Mr. Satan’s lady fellow really wants his D, doesn’t she?

Don’t be emo, Gohan.

He was finally ze proud papa.

Yeahhhhh someone should clean 18 off first. Oh, and make sure she’s still alive.

Well, this appears familiar.

;D Exploiting him like a neighbor’s lawnmower.

So… does that mean Cell’s the most overpowered character in DB history?

INTRUDER III: Was expecting the new ship, but not the baby sandworm joining the crew. Overall, nothing disappointing here, aside from my being unable to sync my next blog post with the event for reasons that will be made known eventually. And maybe calling it Intruder III for no other reason than they didn’t know what else to call it.

Goddammit Vegeta don’t be a buzzkill.

The only upside to this: Trunks hasn’t been brought back with the Dragonballs before.

Took me a while to realize that Goku’s hair is back to normal.

Cell, you fool, you just revealed your weak point to the enemy!

So it’s pure luck that he was able to go back to Perfect mode without 18’s involvement? [Cell explains it as such] Apparently so.

Yep. Most overpowered character.

Is Gohan gonna go full murder machine now?


Am I the only one that heard Yamcha’s “He’s dead!” as “He’s still…!”

And like that, Vegeta finally felt the emotion of loss.

Which, in this case, is synonymous with unyielding rage.


;D The spectators are out, it seems.

Dang, didn’t expect his arm to get all fucked up like that.

“Look, it’s not like we can just wish Trunks back with the Dragonballs!” But we can, you’re probably thinking of Goku.

A Kamehameha? That ain’t good…




RATING SCREENCAP #1: Jonathan prepping his Underwater Turquoise Blue Overdrive.

Missed him you might have, but at least you’re out of the water now.

This dub has so many promo-worthy lines.

Not five seconds and he’s already tied up. Way to go, Jonathan. ::)

They always forget about the legs.

Tarukus looks impressed by that move.


Turns out that Blueford was a decent guy all along.

Luck & Pluck. What a cool name for a sword.


And of course he was always a total dick.


Looks like they’re flying by night, away from present danger…

[insert clever quip relating to mooning here]

When you put it that way, I guess Hamon is a sort of magic.

And now for the second, less tragic half of Zeppeli’s backstory.

Tom Petty?

With a single handshake, he can tell you your fortune. Spoiler alert: it won’t be pretty.


They say “film not yet rated”, but it was obviously always going to be an R.




That door and opening look like they’re exuding some sort of poison gas.

Welp, he’s doomed.

If you can beat down the bricks easier than the door, then why not punch a hole through those walls?

Like I said, doomed.

“This is all so frightening, I think I wet myself!” That you did, Poco. That you did.

Oh, your village was unsafe long before those two showed up.

And then, inspiration.

Wherever you go in rural Britain, groups of bullies are always a given.

Hey, his sister’s actually kinda cute.

“What frightens you more than anything else?” “I dunno… bees?” “WRONG.” [bitchslap]

Dammit Speedwagon that don’t look like no window I’ve ever seen. More like a tunnel for air.

Still being in one piece is the best you can hope for in a situation like this. But look where that got Trunks. ::)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: where even the plucky young sidekicks have their moments of usefulness.

Apparently one use of “bastard” is enough for Turner S&P to give it the L subrating.


Who else misheard “fate” as “face”?



McGillis is setting her up for death isn’t he.

Yeah, she’s beautiful once you get used to her unique appearance.

Fuck off, butler, let the kids be kids for once.

“That young man may be a Fareed by name, but he’s really a-“ Montag?

If he was running away, he wouldn’t be walking.

Young Gaelio wants to be like McGillis one day.

Aw yeah, they’re finally in the snowy part of Alaska.

That bald dude is apparently important enough to get an English voice credit, but the much more important Makanai doesn’t and has been miscast by some asshole on ANN who doesn’t like that I’m more right than him about certain roles. It’s a fucking travesty.


Holy shit what happened to Merribit’s voice actress. She sounds much more stiff now.

Forget it, lady. It’s Tekkadan.

And so Ein achieved what Setsuna F. Seiei could only dream of: he finally became Gundam.

Still, that’s fucked up.

McGillis is still shady as fuck.


They will go back home together, just not in the way they expected.

The shorter Sonic guy is objectively the more annoying one if his request to hang out with his and his buddy’s lookalikes says anything.

“A NEW AHAB WAVE” Possibly Engrish?

Must’ve been some awesome dream.

Yeah, McGillis’s allegiances are super-questionable.

They’re gonna get interrupted aren’t they.


When Mika’s involved, there’s no such thing as a clean duel.

;D Makanai thinking about what’s important.

This fight is going faster than I expected it too.

Dammit Merribit don’t be a buzzkill.

I love how everyone wants Merribit to just butt out. :D

And in comes the meltwater.

Oh hey Gaeli-wait is his Gundam part-centaur now?

Apparently even Orga has limits.

And she thinks he’s McGillis. Not sure if I should find that sad or not, really…



I love you, Teehead.



Of all the new people in the OP, I wanna fug the girl with the killer vacuum cleaner the hardest.

3 hours and 9 minutes left. Plenty of time.

It’s amazing how ominous the OST became in such a short amount of time.

So humans in this universe have aura nodes, huh? From the looks of it, they must lie within the nervous system.

;D They’re taking all the fun out of it.

Those silhouettes certainly seem ominous.

I wonder how gay this dialogue sounds to someone not looking at the screen.

And now they have… THE POWER.

Like a waterfall.

And that’s why they’re the main characters.


I have a feeling that Hisoka’s idea of 52 Pick-Up would be a deadly one.


And there’s our end goal for this arc: can Gon win a match and then punch Hisoka?

Oh hey it’s those ominous silhouettes again, only they’re not silhouettes.


And they made it before midnight. Way before, in fact. That’s one cliché avoided.

Quick-witted old ladies are the best old ladies.

I like this one-off receptionist. She’s much less creepy-looking than the first one on the 200th floor and I enjoy her enthusiastic exposition, even if Gon and Killua don’t really care about all that world-building junk.

Creepy red-robed cyborg shyguy is obviously the least trustworthy of those three.

Rooms all to themselves.

Never noticed how hardcore that wheelchair was before now. Are those monster truck tires?

I’d live in that hotel room, but only if it had free wi-fi.

Awesome, HDTV!

Tomorrow already? Crazy.

Dang, he’s up against the cyborg shyguy. This should be interesting.

Sucks for Wing, Gon went against his suggestion in record time.


And now his back’s broken.

This is the most intense game of Beyblade ever.

Hmm, so that receptionist used to be in dubs for ADV. I knew that name sounded familiar.


As far as this commercial tells me, the gimmick of Mr. Neighbor’s House is that Mr. Neighbor is demented as fuck. That, and fuck the puppet police.



In which Sasuke saw through Itachi’s genjutsu with his own genjutsu.

“Madara is still alive… somehow.”

Sasuke has no time for all this DEEP shit.

Goddammit Itachi quit using genjutsu this is all too confusing (but not really) already concerning where you are and where you’re not.


Oh boy we literal darkness now.

Geez, how many secrets are there to those eyes?

You wanna know how to make a flashback more interesting? Have the character who’s having to sit through them actually view them as the audience does.

His sibling looks like Sasuke but with more pronounced lips.

Like I said. Literal darkness.

Okay, taking someone else’s eyes as your own to cure your own blindness is pretty hardcore, if not kinda edgy.

I will never remember what James Franco looks like.

Yeah… Sorry.

How’d the blood even get that far?

Dang, the Uchihas sure loved killing themselves, didn’t they.

And that’s how the Leaf Village came into being.

;D And there’s the source of yet another reaction face.

Itachi’s gone mad, even by villain standards.

Turns out it was inner mind theater all along.

I love how even after the dub started using death-related words, they keep that one line of Sasuke’s about “destroying” Itachi intact. Goes to show just how utterly he wants to off him.

The bandages are coming off, shit’s about to get real now.


Fucking shoulder-mounted snake tentacle…

I legitimately forget what the infamous “crowjob” even looked like.

Huh. Didn’t think he was actually going to go through with that.



TOP BILLING: Lola, which is reason enough for me not to trust this credit’s list. Even moreso than the blatant misspelling of Brook’s name…


:D That closeup on Brook’s face.


So scared, and yet looking brave regardless.

The only nightmare here is the look on your stupid face.

He threw his back out! Worker’s comp! Worker’s comp!

Fire is always a good strategy.

“Wait, there’s another step?”

Alright, so it’s less a step 2 and more a backup step 1.

Jenga Cannon is an awesome attack name.


;D Those thumbs-ups.

That’s the largest makeshift slingshot I’ve ever seen.

It’s Franky’s first legit adventure with the Straw Hats post-Enies Lobby, of course he’s extra super.

Welp, that plan failed, everything is hopeless now.

Oh shut up Moria.


“Was that lightning?” “How frightening!” ;D This dub cast.

And as I expected, she’s in something a little more mobile.

Nami-swan will never not be a stupid petname.

Is Sanji more insufferable than usual today because the other Eric Vale character on the block right now is dead?

I’m going to take that lull as a dramatic pause.


Whatever the reason is for that, I blame Moria.

Thank you, Robin.

“I’m gonna kill that guy.” Please do.

I’m admittedly curious as to what the “tough time” they alluded to even was.

I’d call these guys assholes, but seeing how they just wanted Luffy’s attention, I’ll let it slide.

Ohhhhh those are the squirrel guys. No wonder I had the urge to kick their asses.

And the woman whose shadow Lola had is their captain? (Also named Lola.) I’d comment more on this, but I’m not a spoilerer anymore, so I’ll just shut up. :-X

Hmm, looks exactly like I expected her to.

;D Instant rejection.

So they’re giving him all the credit for the Straw Hats’ accomplishments as a whole. Not unreasonable, he is the captain, after all.

We wish Oars ate Moria.



A ten-minute time limit. I have a feeling we’re gonna be entering Namek Time soon…

And then a hideous transformation took place… So hideous, it has to be censored!


Those spinning trees look like something straight out of Williams Street.



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