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  1. Bakuon!! OVA 1 (rewatch) Showtime! Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai 1 That's right! ComicFesta round 3. And I actually liked it this time, mostly because I know what to expect out of porn.
  2. I'm not familiar with these Batman movies (not that I'd be expected to), but I didn't know they were released just a few months ago. Pretty cool that Toonami is getting the chance to air something that new. And hey, at least Fena is still airing. That's all I've been caring for on the block lately, so I'm satisfied. If they really want to satisfy CountFrylock, they could forego a Thanksgiving marathon/movie night and maybe not do one for December 18. Either way, I have a feeling they're going to plug in even more DC shit before the year's over.
  3. To Your Eternity 18/19 Nichijou 9 My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! 4 I did some more old browsing lately, this time of this very thread, and it made me feel wistful. How did I lose the ability to actually talk in depth about anime on a place like this? It's all going to my head, which needs to change. Coming soon: an old favorite rises from the grave and revs its engine.
  4. Nichijou 6-9 My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! 2/3 The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 5: "I don't want to be a wallflower"
  5. I have a low propensity for superheroes, given that I skipped out on half the Batman stuff they showed last year, but I'll try to fit these two movies in. Batman Ninja seems like it'd be something cool to watch live.
  6. Yeah, this show is far from perfect, but I've been enjoying it largely because of how different it is, compared to both the typical co-pro but also everything else Toonami has been airing lately. It's a pretty breezy watch that manages to maintain a good balance of playfulness and seriousness. One of the ANN reviews compared it to a YA novel; give me more of that over an endless parade of Shonen Jump adaptations.
  7. Slipping another one in before the month ends. I think I'm getting back in the swing of things, but a few nagging habits remain. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 4: "Everyday life, really full of joy!" - TV-G (review post here) Wonder Egg Priority #4: "Colorful Girls" - TV-14DV Nichijou Episode 4: TV-PG Episode 5: TV-PG Episode 6: TV-14V Episode 7: TV-PGL To Your Eternity Episode 16: "The Children's Dreams" - TV-MA Episode 17: "The Defeated" - TV-14LSV Next time: new shows, hopefully. Maybe I'll even cover a current simulcast.
  8. Nichijou 4/5 To Your Eternity 16/17 My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! 1 Wonder Egg Priority 4 [life may be sweeter for this, i don't know]
  9. Inuyama Tamaki Channel! The Story of Our Secret! 1/2 Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu 1-5 (reread) Happy three years, Norio.
  10. Nichijou 1-3 Wonder Egg Priority 2/3 To Your Eternity 14/15 Holy Knight 1 The [email protected] Series Concept Movie 2021 『[email protected]』 Pretty nice stack. Holy Knight was the unknown instigator that really annoyed me, to quote the ratings post. Not only did I actually buy it, but I even preordered the new BD from Media Blasters, expecting the same wonderful kusoge experience I remembered from Crunchyroll. But then I watched it and didn't like it as much, on top of screwing up actually giving it a rating. Expect a redo (or a re-redo, I guess) of that in the thread at some future date. Anyway, go big or go home. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 4: "Everyday life, really full of joy!"
  11. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 3: "A ball is resplendent, enjoyable, and..." - TV-PG (review post here) Wonder Egg Priority #3: "A Bare Knife" - TV-14D Nichijou Episode 1 - TV-14 Episode 2 - TV-PGV Episode 3 - TV-PGL (yeah... no spiffy titles this time) To Your Eternity Episode 14: "Jananda, Island of Freedom" - TV-14LV Episode 15: "A Girl Named Tonari" - TV-14LV And that's it for now. Sorry for another delay, though at least I've gotten it out quicker than last time. And there was something else I wanted to include, but I've decided to put it on hold for now for various reasons that annoy me.
  12. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 3: "A ball is resplendent, enjoyable, and..."
  13. It's alright. I think Twitter has a multitude of different uses; I do politics every now and then, but it's mostly in the form of weird memes and not trying to be negative. Also, replace the point about fetishes with "fan art of idols", and I'd say I have a similar approach. It's just that, while I occasionally discuss content ratings in regards to Toonami shows, there's no precedent for me putting ratings images and such over there. Anyway, time for part deux of the new hotness. This time, I'm going to be featuring some in-depth ratings notes without screenshots, plus a redo. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 2: "I have never seen such a beautiful castle" - TV-PG (review post here) Wonder Egg Priority #2: "The Terms of Friendship" - TV-MAS Squid Girl S1E1 redux: "How About an Inkvasion? / Aren't We Brothers in Arms? / Who's the Mightiest Squid of All?" - TV-PGV To Your Eternity #10: "New Family" - TV-14L #11: "Gift From the Past" - TV-PGV #12: "Awakening"- TV-14LV #13: "Aspiring to Go Higher"- TV-14L There we go. Hopefully you enjoyed this meatier offering, but the fun isn't stopping anytime soon. 😎 [summertime done come and gone]
  14. Pain. I feel for everyone for wanted it on Toonami. Good thing I only made it to partway through Part 4.
  15. Wonder Egg Priority 2 I also finished rewatching all of Season 1 of Squid Girl... and then I went back and reread all the episode reviews I did for my content ratings special years ago. First of all, I'd say this show holds up really well, and there are parts of episodes that I didn't like before that I've really come around on. The second segment of S1E10 is a good example. I don't know why I thought that having Sanae swear of her Squiddy obsession just for five minutes or so made it worse, but now I feel that it managed to pack a lot in, being sad, a little creepy, but also very funny, and wrapping itself up in a nice manner. As for the reviews, I was shocked to see that a lot of my writing still hold up. There are some cringey moments here and there, but I was expecting those. There were jokes that haven't dated well plus references that seem impermeable nowadays, but I also enjoyed the weekly selections of squid puns, subsequent subversions of them, various other recurring bits and things that help the posts flow better, and also how much fun I had watching the series and dishing out my honest thoughts. So yeah, I'd love to get on a consistent schedule doing this for Cinderella Girls and the like. [you can bet your beak on it]
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