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  1. Well, I'm not sure if "original" should count, given that they've made an animated Peanuts show and are working on a movie about the Grateful Dead starring Jonah Hill. This series fits right in with those. As for "artsy", the 2008 film has become a huge cult classic. J.J. Abrams being involved is a downgrade, but if this show can be at least half as trippy as what the Wachowskis made, I would call that a win.
  2. A rerun is the highest-rated show of the year so far? Who'da thunk it? In fact, that episode of Primal is the best anything on Toonami has done since a Fena premiere back in September. While the lineup could definitely be better, it's nice to see that Toonami is exceeding at least our expectations. One random idea I've had over the past few days is to come up with some sort of equation that grades Toonami's ratings on a curve. The numbers have been steadily dropping for a few years now, and we like to talk about how long it's been since a show last rated X amount of viewers. The days of anything getting a million are long behind us, and even 500K is a tall task nowadays, but if we could average things out based on the gradual decline of TV viewership, it could tell us what passes for a million nowadays, and whether the ever-lowering ratings are actually worth panicking about. Interesting post. Toonami already had something like a podcast years ago with Pre-Flight, which I watched for a while and enjoyed. I don't know how you would reinvent the wheel, but Jason and Gill finding some time to talk about the block and how great it is, with a focus on current and recently-aired shows, would be nice. And showing off fan art was something the block did back in its CN heyday; thanks to Caboose for this stray upload. As for the T-shirt thing: given that Toonami has been partners with Daylight Curfew for a while, I think it'd be cool to outsource merch designs. They could even give out free stuff to go along with it; the only Toonami apparel I own is a T-shirt I got from the 20th anniversary giveaway.
  3. That video was published in 2007? Man... sometimes I forget that Touhou has been around this long. I subconsciously assume it didn't get really big until my heydey in the fandom began, which was back in 2014-15. It coincided with various games for the franchise, including the official ones, becoming legally available in America. Oh, and Suika showed up on Keith Olbermann's ESPN show. That's when you know you've made it. Okay, time for the next. Touhou Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream Episode 2: "Pre Established Harmony" The next episode in this series is 2.5, which is half the usual length. I could smoosh it and Episode 3 into a single post, but that's as far as the English subs for this series go. (Fortunately, there is an Episode 4, and it came out late last year.) I'd rather try to draw things out for your reading pleasure, and besides, these posts tend to be long enough as they are.
  4. Interesting. Wonder if the NYC signage is near Madison Square Garden, because I know (apropos of Jman) they've had a presence there for a while. Either way, I hope someone has seen this coming home from the Rangers game today.
  5. As far as realistic picks are concerned, I'm going with the crowd: definitely gonna be more Food Wars! or YashaHime. If neither budget nor corporate snobbery were issues, my pick would be Golden Kamuy. It's a pretty long show (three seasons and a forth coming soon, not to mention the manga just ended so it might get a rare complete adaptation), and I've been meaning to watch it again for the dub. Alternatively, they could get anything and everything from Sentai. DanMachi's probably the longest show they have that would be worthy for the block (it too has a fourth season coming, plus that existing spin-off), or I could march to the beat of a different drum and ask for stuff like Kaiji. Oh, and spurred by the recent announcement of Rick and Morty: The Anime, I've got a "fuck you" pick: Symphogear. Subbed, of course. This show is built to be aired at 3:00 a.m. and soak up crazed reactions from Internet denizens who don't know better. Not to mention, we need Discotek to make a splash on the block.
  6. That's a good point. I don't think it's going to happen, because for starters, it would cannibalize viewers. In this era of widespread DVR adoption, it would be better to focus all of the attention on a single airing. And [as] traditionally hasn't done stuff like that, except when Dragon Ball Super had that weirdo contract where Toei forced them to premiere episodes at 8:00, then 8:30. And as for Three Busy Debras, it's a live-action show, so I would expect that it'd be cheaper to make than the animated ones. We'll see if [as] has any examples of the latter coming this summer.
  7. I did. Then again, I've really been slacking when it comes to [as] originals: from the last few years, I've only seen Joe Pera Talks with You and one episode of Smiling Friends (apropos of the this year's April Fools'). I would've gotten to this one eventually, but putting it on Toonami gave me an easy excuse.
  8. This was a weird episode, but as you might expect (since I tend not to post negativity), I liked it. It was really bugging me that I couldn't tell if those were the regular VAs for the disguised Lupin and Jigen. And then the waitress turned out to be Fujiko but she was played by someone different there and like woah. The violence was cool, and the explanation for all of it was wonderfully obtuse, which is fitting, given that I just clicked on the review and found out Oshii wrote this. I also enjoyed the shout out to the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. I've visited it, but it's hard for me to mention that without saying that it was research for a school project that I think (because I may not have learned it until after) was brought upon because I found out I am distantly related to JFK himself: my great-great-grandmother was a cousin of his mom. Anyway, I'll have to go back there and see if I can find that rare code book.
  9. Sounds interesting. Rick and Morty is what it is, and what it is is mostly [as]'s biggest cash cow ever. I will watch this... but only once I'm fully caught up on the main series. I still haven't made it halfway through Season 4. And it's very interesting that it's going to be subbed. I guess Al's theory that Toonami could air that stuff outside of April Fools' wasn't so crazy after all. ­čśŚ Boy, we should really be thankful for Telecom Film Animation. Feels like they're carrying the block right now. I would ask for a little more variety... like, can't we get another Production I.G. original? Or are they too busy making more FLCL? (Probably only one of them, as the other is CG.) But I know how slim the pickings are right now, so I don't want to come off as ungrateful. And the other series that's in development, like everything else that comes out of that chocolate factory in Atlanta right now, sounds promising. It's also making me think of Ninja Slayer for some reason. [yeeart]
  10. After all these years, leading off with a rerun has finally proven to be a non-terrible idea. And I'm sure Genndy is feeling just a little ornery about it. It's gonna be really fun when S2 premieres on the block, assuming it does.
  11. Laid-Back Camp S2E1 Spy├ŚFamily 6 Touhou Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream 2 Interviews with Monster Girls 1 (rewatch)
  12. Not surprising in the slightest. Even though Netflix has gotten better with their handling of simulcasts, I like CR more. Helps that they're already airing Spy├ŚFamily, which is the other big Jump title of the moment.
  13. Ahh, reruns leading off Toonami. At this point, it's been done enough times that I don't think the schedulers care if it tanks the ratings. And what does the block have to lose? Either way, this is fresh content for me, so I hope we can all get together, maybe have some lemonade and salami sandwiches, and kick back to one of the most unique animated shows to come out of the last few years.
  14. Hackadoll the Animation Episode 12: "Magical Girl Lovely Hurt<3" - TV-14SV Episode 13: "Hackadolls Can Handle Anything, Even Comiket!" - TV-14SV Room Camp Episodes 7 to 9: TV-PG Episodes 10 to 12: TV-PG Episode SP: TV-PG takt op.Destiny Episode 5: "Equitation -Valkyrie-" - TV-PGV Spy├ŚFamily Mission:5: "WILL THEY PASS OR FAIL?" - TV-14V Good Luck Girl! Round 8: "Call Me By My Name" - TV-14D Rounds 9: "Eh?! You Said, 'After All This'?!" and 9.5: "There's No Way That Happens After Just Two Minutes!!!!" - TV-14DL Round 10: "It's Like Secretly Mixing Pumpkin into a Stew in Order to Feed It to a Child Who Hates Pumpkin" - TV-14DS [varied ratings splits ftw] Touhou Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream Episode 1: "A Summer Day's Dream" - TV-PGDV The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 12: "The magic needed for a flower to bloom." - TV-PG (review post here) For the next omnibus, I think I'll focus on finishing GLG! and starting up Yurucamp S2. You know Spy├ŚFamily is going to be featured, and I think I'll do two episodes this time. I might fit in multiple [email protected] CG images, too. It's the only show that I've featured in every one of my posts in this thread up to now, and while I'm finally (finally!) watching episodes and writing recap/review posts at a solid clip, I feel like I could be going even faster. And there'll be Touhou Musou and I'll try to fit takt op. in and yadda yadda. Now what about Girls' Last Tour? We'll see. Sadly, the only option I have for watching HIDIVE on the TV in my room is through my Roku, and it never seems to get a good wireless connection. Trying to watch Re:Stage! Dream Days on it was a bad experience, though I at least got twice as far on it as the first time. But hey, I'll try to do my Sunday best. Re:Stage! will eventually be featured here, as it's a cute show I'd like to rate and give my reasons for even though I now do that for everything. But that doesn't mean I'm standing pat. Get ready for two new shows to enter the thunderdome, neither of which I've finished also, and one will be sort of a successor to Hackadoll (note to self: always spelled as one word) in that it takes the piss out of various otaku-oriented interests.
  15. Touhou Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream 1 Good Luck Girl! 9/10 The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 12: "The magic needed for a flower to bloom."
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