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  1. Golden Kamuy S1E1 (rewatch)/S1E2 Bakuon!! OVA #1/#2
  2. While I don't have a positive nor negative opinion of Lazzo for reasons others have stated, I don't like that the network has become more insular under his watch. It feels like the new shows are always from the same couple of groups of creators, with the more unique creations relegated to pilots and shorts. You'd think that with more and more parties getting into the game on different TV networks and streaming services, maybe [as] would try to diversify and seek fresh blood. But instead, most of the pickings have been, say, a new show from the people who made Robot Chicken, then a new thing related to Superjail!, and then another new series from the creatives behind The Eric Andre Show. It's making them look pretty complacent. We did see them mix it up a little bit after the whole "Adult Swim doesn't have any shows made by women" controversy, but all that's resulted in is two Soft Focus specials and something called Three Busy Debras where I have no idea when it's going to premiere. On the other hand, Lazzo's legacy in making [as] the source of alternative humor that most sources drew from during its first decade can't be denied, so he'll go out a hero for that. Additionally, I think the one-two punch of bringing back Toonami and greenlighting Rick and Morty has vindicated him for whatever he's done wrong, much like how Stuart Snyder was forgiven for bringing Adventure Time and Regular Show to CN.
  3. I'm guessing that they're keeping MHA on so it doesn't miss a week and possibly lose momentum. It only recently returned to premieres, of course. I also don't see how you can look at this lineup and think that they don't care if the premiere hour underperforms. In fact, I think the opposite is the case, as they want their strongest shows to stay to try and boost the marathon a bit.
  4. I should've clarified... it's the fact that they put a funny description there about post-Thanksgiving leftovers.
  5. First of all, LOL. This sounds like something Al would come up with. And secondly, for all you people who actually want Toonami to air premieres on a holiday (not that we already have a problem with that), you're getting a reprieve. Better show up in good numbers so they know this is a good idea.
  6. Unfortunately, SAO is more expensive than other anime on home video because Aniplex owns the license. If you did go that route, would you be able to afford it? At least their sets seem to be objectively nicer. If you really want a cheaper option, you can always buy a version from another English-speaking region, like the UK or Australia. You'll also need a region-free Blu-ray player to run those discs, and I guess some of them have the issue of being designed for the PAL format, but it's better than nothing.
  7. [email protected]! S2E2-E3 and OVAs Okay... this seems like a good place to stop. 8/10, not recommended for anyone except the hardcores. 😏
  8. On the contrary, I thought they weren't copulating because of the nut? Look at all the porn that comes out over there.
  9. Last Period #2 [email protected]! S2E1 Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious #1
  10. It could've been clickbait, but he diffused it at the end. At least that's noble.
  11. Christmas is a feel-good holiday by its very nature, so it makes sense that people want to be exposed to it as much as possible. Look at how they keep starting the holiday season earlier and earlier seemingly every year. Heck, I'm surprised Hallmark doesn't have a channel that plays Christmas movies 24/7!
  12. To start off, I agree that we should merge [as] and Toonami into one folder. I'd love to see more discussion on the comedy shows. As for the rest... wow, there's some really good discussion going on in here. I like the idea of bringing back the general Toonami threads and making a single one (not weekly) for each show. On top of cutting down on folder clutter, it would be much more convenient to discuss a show in its entirety. There are often particular things I want to say about an episode that I missed and are just catching up on after a few weeks, so not having to go back to that particular thread and bump it to get my thoughts out is easier on the folder. Of course, this assumes I'm actually actively discussing things, but I'll get to it soon...
  13. Mizutama Honey Boy 13/14 Vinland Saga 4/5 [mind vs. body]
  14. Re:Stage! Dream Days #2 and #3 xxxHOLiC S1E1
  15. "Not dumping on you"? 🤔 Putting that aside, I'm happy you're having a good time. And yeah, I agree that this place is pretty chill. For a bunch of ASMB refugees who've got nothing to lose and just want to chill out with their animu, it has to be better than the alternative.
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