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  1. I may have been on the ASMB for a few years, but I don't have a whole lot of memories from it. The biggest one is the Ben/Gman arguments that would go on for many pages at a time. I also remember John quite well, and in fact I thought a lot of his posts were more interesting than the Toonami ratings analysis. Since I rarely left the Toonami folder, I wasn't exposed to the clientele at large until the switch to NodeBB happened. Too bad that coincided with the political chaos of 2016, not to mention possibly the peak of Amy Schumer's career. I've got enough insufferable BS on this forum. Judging by the fact that I got banned twice on the NodeBB forums, I'm guessing I was even worse there. Hey, at least I made sure to archive me and Poke's show reviews and other chat about content ratings. [woah, 2,500th post? fitting...]
  2. Cool. Independent of everything else going on, I really need to use my HIDIVE subscription.
  3. Well, this stinks. I stand in solidarity with any VA not working on this project, wether they got recast or are passing on it in protest. I also sympathize with everyone cancelling their CR subscriptions over this, but it's awkaard for me because I have a yearly subscription and I paid for mine a while ago. I want to keep watching shows (I was thinking two more episodes of Demi-chans and then I make the next content ratings post... hopefully that's what you were referring to, Poke), but now I have more of an appetite to watch things on other services. I heard he got barely a raise from that, maybe even nothing at all. But it did boost his morale because of all the fans who stood with him. It's apparently a great state with lots of great people (many Funi and Sentai VAs among them), but it's ruled by ass-backward politicians, which is nothing new for America. Not to get political or anything, but I hope that state gets bluer in the midterms.
  4. Just for that, I decided to watch this last episode live. (Though I was also concerned I would be in agony thinking about getting home to watch it when I worked the next day.) And what a capper it was! On top of hitting the major plot beats I expected (mostly fighting the hellish lava golem Vidarr turned into), it was touching to see Spear struggle with his legacy and manage to contribute... something else to the world. That sex scene managed to be funny, poignant, and actually kind of awesome at the same time. I also enjoy the fact that Genndy's kid (or one of them) got to voice Spear and Mira's daughter. Hope this isn't the end, though with the current situation at WBD I feel it could go either way.
  5. So how many of these shows do you think will be from Sentai? Because, outside of the shows Sketch mentioned, I can't see anything that the Sony behemoth would willingly give up. At least there are still some good pickings on their end. Kaiji is finally getting dubbed, though it's just as likely to show up on HIDIVE as Toonami. And there are a good number of catalog titles too. I'm still holding out hope that Log Horizon finally gets on the block, even if it's been spoiled by Funi taking Season 3.
  6. Nice call. This episode makes too much sense not to air as a belated finale. The only reason it wasn't the actual finale was because it'd feel underwhelming. So MiA now airs its double-length finale on October 22. I'm thinking they'll have another double shot of Shippuden that day to fill Lupin's slot. All signs now point to October 29 as the day they premiere Dawn of the Deep Soul, maybe with a Housing Complex C marathon before or after, and I'm really hoping this happens because it would be vindication (sweet, sweet vindication... not to be confused with the ship) for putting off watching the movie for so long. Too bad I don't think I'll be able to watch it live, because I usually work on Sundays.
  7. I never thought about that last part. It'd be a surprisingly elegant way to finish off Primal's rerun without having to change the schedule. I think they'd do double YashaHime first because that's what's been happening in recent Toonami times, but you never know. Heck, maybe we could get a one-off special for the 23rd? Or maybe then can do something really complex and bring on a new show (yeah right), air two episodes of it, and then fiddle with the schedule so it starts at 12:30A on 10/1 to accommodate Housing Complex "C"?
  8. Ha. I knew they were going to come up with an excuse to do this outside of FanDome. I never got around to watching The Long Halloween last year, so I might not even tape this next new one. But Mask of the Phantasm is by all means kino (and classic kino, of course), so I'll make sure to see it. [by the way, where'd countfrylock go off to...?]
  9. Funny how this happens after I randomly thought of the 90s Mega Man cartoon at work today, which the latter was also in. It's also nice to see Emi Lo pop up in more stuff. [dun-nuuuuuuuuh]
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Toonami still finds some way to fit animated DC movies in. After all, we've got... Black Adam? That's the only live-action one for the rest of the year. Guess they could just throw some more Batman movies on. How about the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke?
  11. I just thumbed through the article and this sounds pretty bad. Sucks that Haddish is implicated of all people, since Tuca & Bertie is a well-liked show on [as]. I feel like they would recast her character before the show itself is cancelled, but with Zaslav able to pull the strings, you never know.
  12. takt op.destiny 8 Last Period -the journey to the end of the despair- 6/7 Got one more episode picked out to commemorate the end of Crunchyroll's Wii U app, assuming it still works tomorrow morning. It starts a new show, and it's gonna be fun and filled with action.
  13. Probably just because they're the biggest name in the American anime business.
  14. Really late on this, but I'm sorry for whatever happened, and it's great to see you posting here again. Would be nice of some of the other former regulars could come crawling out of their holes too. You got that right. This week has been pretty good for me, actually. Got more days off then usual, found out I just got a raise today, and I'm preparing to go on vacation next week. And said vacation includes Sunday, so I'll be able to watch the shows live and maybe pop in here to chat. By the way... surprise. I'll chat right now. Primal: Really good episode this week (or last week, relatively speaking), with lots of action. The only thing that I wasn't keen on was the vultures, which had annoying voices. Wasn't expecting Vidarr's kid to be killed so cleanly like that, but it was still visceral. Lupin Part VI: Just a really well-written episode. I do wish they'd gone further with the head of the security company's love for Lupin, but there's only so much you can do with 22 minutes worth of content.
  15. Daisuki? Now that's a rave from the grave. I never used that service, but I primarily remember it for being the first streaming home of Cinderella Girls.
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