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  1. The Demon Girl Next Door #2 Goddamn, this show is adorable. It doesn't seem like it's going to be popular, though.
  2. I didn't know about this, but I don't really care. It's a small price to pay for increased exposure for any show, and if you dislike it, there's (almost) always home video.
  3. I think DeMarco was stoned while typing that. They couldn't have been shrinking the block while still trying to get Fire Force, which probably also invalidates the Gundam move.
  4. Announcing the show at that time was tone-deaf, but considering how close it is to airing, I don't think DeMarco had a choice. Any longer and people would be complaining (again) about how he's trying to sabotage the block. If it's going on hiatus for two weeks, they might as well not air it at all; I think CountFrylock actually has a point there. But there's really no way to tell, and I can't bring myself to a consensus on it. This is bigger than anime, and I don't mind if Toonami takes yet another ratings hit in the ensuing scramble to get the schedule fixed.
  5. It probably had to do with the usual complaining from Toonamites. If it saved JoJo's from going way down, it could do the same for Gundam. Maybe they're still deciding on it. [2000th post, LOL]
  6. So they aren't moving Gundam to 1, huh? 😗 Not much else I can say because this seems like the best possible move. I do wonder if that new show is big enough to air at 11:30.
  7. It may be that the ratings are now low enough for the decreases from a usual holiday weekend to not matter anymore, which is why we've been seeing less of them than usual. And coincidentally, that must be why certain people are complaining even more than usual, as they've lost their most important vice.
  8. Mizutama Honey Boy 11-12.5 Bokura no Hentai 4/5
  9. KonoSuba! S1E6 and S1E7 Virtual-san Looking #7 The Demon Girl Next Door #1 I bet nobody can predict which seasonal anime I'll watch, if it all. Even I just sort of take the first show that comes to mind. 😏 [plz no bully Yuko]
  10. Damnit Jason, why you gotta make this so hard? 😯 What really makes this strange is that he said the next Pre-Flight would have info on the block... but it didn't air this week because he's on vacation. I really don't know what they would announce less than a week in advance that isn't emergency filler, or if they're crazy enough to do so the night before.
  11. I think it's understandable to be weary of people who talk about nothing but politics and are really downbeat about it. The key to a good Twitter page is talking about and/or retweeting things you like, but you can still share calls to action for whatever makes you ornery. Our good friend DeMarco provides a good example of that.
  12. Hey, they're actually making Cannon Busters a thing. I wish it ended up on Toonami, but whatever. And then you can watch the show that got a terrible dub based out of Florida. You don't have to binge, but you can watch more than one episode at a time. That's what I often do. There's also the opportunity to watch episodes on consecutive days, or at least less than a week apart from each other, so I sometimes get through shows faster.
  13. LOL. Doing this would've been questionable ten years ago, but in 2019? It's a death warrant. On the plus side, it has some decent special features. And I'm sure Poke will want one just to put it beside the infamous Warner JoJo's set in his collection. 🙂
  14. I'm fine with this. It's nice to have more American animation on the block, regardless of what we're inferring the reaction might be. 😎
  15. Now that the dust has settled on the controversy with the new dub, I... don't think it's a big deal. The complainers have a point with the more literal script, but a lot of this can be chalked up to them being too attached to an old dub that made some questionable changes. This isn't even the first time things like Kaworu's sexuality have been messed with; a later release from ADV made similar changes to their own script. As someone who's never seen Eva (heresy, I know), I mostly care about the new dub being well acted and not having many snafus like the "Third Children" change. I'll get to watching Netflix's treatment eventually, because it must be decent and probably the best we'll get going forward.
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