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  1. So we're off this week as I mentioned, but there is a new promo video previewing season 3's second half: But with that said I do think I'm gonna retire from posting on this board. I mean I've now chosen to add 8 members of this fairly small community to my ignore list. At what point do I just say it's not really worth it to bother anymore? I think I've reached it. So be it, but counting the old AS board days it's been right around a decade of posting with some of you. It's been an....interesting ride thinking back. Well, whatever, I'm done. To those of you I liked or who liked me, take it easy. To the rest, go fuck yourselves.
  2. I assume you're targeting me. Thanks for being a fucking prick btw. I'll promptly add you to my ignore list after responding to this you fucking asshole. Weekly being the key word in my post. I'll still plan to watch everything...eventually. But there's no urgency if I can't discuss it episode by episode. So I might as well let the episodes build up and marathon the shows. But fuck you, again.
  3. If ONLY it were twice...heh, heh, heh. Think Roland from The Dark Tower if you're familiar with that franchise, and if you're not then read those books, ASAP!
  4. Hey that's cool promotion. Honestly though after this whole mess I actually think I've decided to just not watch about 80% of the Summer Anime I was planning to weekly. Just gonna be keeping up with Lupin and Academia(which are Spring holdovers) and Overlord(a Winter holdover) and my most anticipated show of the season, Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs. And again, fuck MAL's garbage.
  5. Notifications are now fixed, but they've effectively given up on the forums for the time being, moving them from possibly returning as soon as tomorrow to the dreaded "delayed until further notice" shadow realm while moving on to other small stuff. They claim they "hope" they have more information by the end of next week. Because ya know, fuck wanting to discuss the new shows beginning in the new season from the start. God what a dumpster fire.
  6. Just beware about the latter half of Bravely Default. It's...interesting. You have been warned!
  7. I've never played any mystery dungeon games, but the gameplay of it I watched looked interesting. I've also watched gameplay before buying Stella Glow and what I saw of the FFT-esque map stuff looked good enough for me. Not that I've played too many games like that anyway. As for cliche anime tropes, you're talking to Buu! I live for cliche anime tropes! Either way when I get around to playing all 3 of these games other people have now told me aren't very good(which thanks btw guys ), I'll be sure to give my thoughts here. As I said though it'll probably still be awhile as I'm only 16 hours into Bravely Second. Bravely Default took me well over 60 hours to beat.
  8. Yeah, I imagine it varies by person, but I'm fairly methodical so I think/hope I'll keep coming back to it. Either way I'll find out eventually.
  9. Still playing through Bravely Second and 14 hours in now. Already lined up my next 3 main games though. First I bought a Nintendo Selects copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'm pretty excited to start it as from what I've heard it's a hundreds of hours long game potentially, and I've never played any Animal Crossing game before. I almost wanna put Bravely Second on hold for it, but I'll wait and finish it first. My other 2 main games I actually got off the eShop and dowloaded on my 3DS itself, which usually I avoid doing for games with physical releases available. Atlus is currently having a pretty good sale on many of their games so I picked up Stella Glow and Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Psyched to finally have a new FF Tactics-esque game at my disposal, and I'm a big fan of the Etrian series in general. I was actually gonna get The Legend of Legacy too for one last massive RPG, but I realized it wouldn't have fit on my SD card so I held off. Still, these 4 games should see me through the rest of the year pretty nicely. Plus I got Pushmo and Donkey Kong Country 2 via VC to fill in the little gaps in between when I just want to play for a few minutes here and there.
  10. Even a year ago I'd probably have said yes, but now...well as it is I barely even post here much anymore so I doubt it.
  11. Well we're back after an unexpected week off. And so is Ami! Definitely nice to see her back to start our 3rd main story. Zenigata too, however briefly. Looks like he'll get more attention and activity starting next week. Finally, it was very, very nice to see Fujiko showing off her greatest weapon: her tits! Still not as blatantly delicious as in certain episodes of previous series, but I'll take it. Takin' down terrorists with sex and skill, no sweat. Lupin and the boys for their part seemed a step behind this week in what was, on the whole, merely a prologue episode of sorts for the larger picture involving Princess Dolma of the Padar Kingdom and her valuable necklace. Let's see how the story continues to unfold in the weeks ahead...
  12. Mineta's gotten huge backlash and it always makes me sad. I remember reading the season 3 opening episode review on ANN when it was screened early and getting annoyed by their trashing of his brief scene. It just reminds me that characters I loved like Master Roshi would probably receive the same fate if they were just debuting now. In fact I think Roshi even got some slack in DB Super. Just...I dunno, damn prudes.
  13. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 2, 24(END)
  14. By the way, ANN's posted the promo poster for the second half of Season 3:
  15. Aoyama? Naw he's fine. Be nice to the French. That's the nationality I always picture him as anyway.
  16. So as we wind down the first half of season 3 before a break next week it's time for the students of UA to begin "Moving Into Dorms" in the 51st episode of the series overall. Adapting the last couple pages from chapter 97 along with chapters 98 and 99 to finish off Volume 11 of the original source manga. But first, a bit of unfinished business, as Aizawa-sensei lays down the law. Oof, only All Might's retirement saving them from expulsion! Yeah I'd feel pretty shitty too everyone. Including Bakugo, who decides to actually act kinda, sorta, semi-decently for a change. But the real implications of this revelation lied most personally with our best frog-girl Tsuyu in the end. Her tears...something we should never, ever have seen. Mixed between these two scenes though we get the main meat of our episode. And perhaps most importantly of all, the gauntlet has been thrown down! It's time to decide once and for all....who has the coolest dorm room??? Pretty fun and interesting designs....for the most part. Just stay away from Mineta's porn dungeon. Boy that little perv was kicking it into overdrive this week huh? But in the end, the winner is.....Sato????? Yes this seldomly prominent, sugar-powered 1-A student won via...cake! Oh yeah, Buu agrees with that tasty decision! So next week we're off as I said earlier and then the quest begins anew, for obtaining provisional hero licenses! And our student's first step towards that goal? Making up some ultimate moves!
  17. Aaand turns out it wasn't. Which admittedly surprised even me. But yeah, Kobayashi's Dragon Maid was on sale at Best Buy so I picked it up spur of the moment today. Seeing as I ranked it my favorite anime of 2017 it was pretty much a no brainer. I noticed the Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray + DVD GKids Combo releases were also on sale for pretty damn cheap so I picked up my first 2 ever Ghibli films. I had several to choose from, but ultimately went with My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle. So yeah....that was nice, but now I really, really gotta assume that'll be all from me until the year's end.
  18. The Ancient Magus' Bride 1- 24 + OVAs(END)
  19. Just finished my first complete run through of Xenoblade Chronicles for the 3DS. I had actually played the Wii version several years ago but never finished it, topping out at reaching Riki in the jungle area. But this time was a full main story run, with some of the side quests though not nearly 100%. It was really fun. My end trio ended up being Shulk, Fiora, and Dunban at levels 81, 81, and 80 respectively, though there were large chunks of the game where I used everyone at least once. After I gained access to Fiora that was the trio I decided on from then on for pretty much the rest of the game, but before then I tended to use Riki and Melia with Shulk, and before they joined the party of course Reyn and Sharla. My game time before saving for the New Game topped out at 66 hours, 59 minutes exactly....which triggered my OCD. I probably won't be playing it again for a good long while, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope to one day be able to try out 2 for the Switch, though for now am probably gonna try out a sequel to another 3DS RPG next: Bravely Second.
  20. Well there's no episode after this week so that may have something to do with it, but I don't know. Iirc last season the dub eventually fell behind too. Personally I only check out the dub after getting the home release anyway.
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