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Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

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  • Dragon Ball Z Kai: Well, Goku is dead, but he won't be for long, and it's not as if I care or anything.
  • Intruder 3: Between the Vindication taking flight and the new baby alien worm joining the team, this was a solid finale to the saga. I guess that makes him the first organic member of any Toonami broadcasting crew (I would have said biological, but I'm not sure how Moltar works...).
  • The new packaging: I love it! There's a lot of Tron lines and a general electric feel. And some of it is recycled from the Shogo 162 graphic set, but that's okay, since even I think overhauling the block every single year is overkill.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: I wasn't as keen on this episode due to me finishing up and overdue Computer Science assignment, but I liked what I saw here. But that didn't include the latter half at all.
  • Gundam: IBO: So they're going to Edmonton... eh?
  • Hunter × Hunter: For as much as I like the world building, they ripped a lot of the mystique out of Heaven's Arena by directly telling us what was on the top floors. That's fairly lame. I was also just a little bit surprised that Gon and Killua didn't have to go back and beat up more challengers to reach the 200th floor again, even though, now that I think of it, such a thing would be virtually impossible to pull off. But they would have anyway. Also, Spike Spencer is doing LA voice roles now? I hope he was the voice of the Beyblade-wielding dude.
  • Naruto: Shippuden: :-X
  • One Piece: Luffy just OD'd on shadows. Let's hope he can maintain sentience long enough to wash my worries of this show away. This was probably the first time in months I became hyped up for OP as a result of watching the episode, and I hope that doesn't change.

[stand by for free Peter Chiarelli napkin]


  • Sister Wives: This show must be the reason Donald Trump was elected.
  • Bob's Burgers: I am honestly quite amazed that [as] promotes it so much. It's been months since Family Guy was last promoted for new episodes but Bob's has had several of them.
  • Non-Holiday Christmas Specials: Sweet, another night of pilots. The promo even feels like it's from the late 2000's. I'm probably looking forward to The Hindenburg Explodes! the most, if only to see how Rob Corddry can mine such irreverent material out of a tragedy. That doesn't even sound like the kind of show you can sustain for very long.
  • Taco Bell Steakhouse Burrito/Nachos: Taco Bell is my favorite fast food chain of all, so naturally, I've already eaten both of these. In fact, I just had the Steakhouse Burrito today. It didn't even taste that much like its namesake, but it had tons of goopy sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and the steak, which doesn't really seem all that different from the steak in a Steak Quesadilla, but it's good. And I like how the thing comes with chips and somewhat genuine (spicy!) queso, and not the artificially colored and flavored radioactive orange stuff. I have my guilty pleasures, but real food is always better. Pair that shit up with a Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast (my favorite!), and you're good to go. It's certainly a step up from the Steakhouse Nachos, which I had last week at the recently re-opened renovated Taco Bell on the other side of town (which is a story for another post, since this is getting long), and was unable to finish. That one is definitely meant for sharing with friends, maybe with a burrito of your own on the side. And speaking of the actual commercial, I like the Bell's sudden shift into loose Old Spice-ian surreal humor. They've also came up with the new logo, which looks almost identical in print aside from a strange purple gradient. I could say how it reminds me of the most favorite virtual pet website for most of my life, but then it'd look like I was jacking off. In fact, maybe it was a subliminal message to get me to play Neopets again?


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Also, the manga revealed that the rich guy whose grandchild was saved from a monster had a butt-chin, just like the kid Saitama saved from Crablante. It also said the incident happened three years ago. In other words, Saitama's intervention sparked the creation of the H.A.

That detail was in the anime too.


I've been slowly catching up on old Hunter and I'd just like to say how much I enjoy that Hisoka and Speedwagon are voiced by the same guy. Also Hisoka's flamenco theme music is hilarious. And Leorio is hot and should spend more time with his shirt off.

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That detail was in the anime too.


and I'd just like to say how much I enjoy that Hisoka and Speedwagon are voiced by the same guy.


Really? Dayum, impressive range.

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Making Anime Great Again.... The Weekend in Review™


DBZ Kai - Alright, enough butt pullin here, Cell nuked himself and managed to regenerate on earth from a different dimension. Gimme a break, even Sasuke doesn't get that bad with his sharringan hax. Kinda hope they go on and get Buu and Super, from a ratings stand point if nothing else.


JJBA - Well, it is growing on me, at least Speedwagon is. I hope the kid survives, but I get the feeling this is the kind of series where the kid will survive only to be turned into a hideous monster by Dio and return in a few arcs. At least there are reinforcements for Jojo, who is currently getting the business. I am curious why Dio isn't just killing them all outright. Sure, he has the whole megalomaniac thing going, but he has shown himself to be practical in the past, and letting Jojo hang around is probably not a good overall plan.


IBO - So, the kids got their revenge for Biscuit, and all the others to insignificant to warrant an episode. I do like that Mika just rushed out and beat down Carta and her bodyguards. It wasn't honorable, it wasn't what she wanted, and it is kind of disturbing in the sense that it shows a real ruthlessness that Mika and Orga have. It is also understandable given their mood and their mission.

HxH - Instant Jedi, that's interesting. I didn't really pay much attention to the Nin thing, other than apparently everyone has it and if you don't you're a total scrub as a fighter. Hisoka having it just makes him all the more Dark Lord of the Sith, which I'm fine with. Honestly, this show would be better if it was just Hisoka x Hisoka.


Naruto -

Ugh. Okay, we get it, Itachi is out to get eternal mangekyo sharringan, and so is Sasuke even if he doesn't know it yet. Madara is the big bad guy, except that he isn't, or rather, the real big bad guy shows up later and it isn't Madara but Madara still ends up going along with the super crazy plan to put the whole world under a Genjutsu to stop the fighting. Oh well, for now enjoy the crazy evil Itachi, who ends up not being evil but it takes Naruto and his friendship powers to find that out eventually, and we don't get to that arc for quite some time yet.


One PIece - Okay, so we got twenty minutes before people start melting, would somebody please kick Moria's ass already. I don't really care who does it, I just want it done so he will stop laughing.

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I've been REALLY behind on Toonami (like One-Punch Man marathon behind) and only finally got caught up this week.


DBZ Kai: Goku is dead again, so wonderful.  I'm calling bullshit on that part of Cell's brain not surviving the explosion, since that doesn't seem scientifically accurate.  Of course, this being a series where time travel is possible and an alien species gets stronger by beating them to near death, I figure scientific accuracy isn't exactly what DBZ Kai is going for.  I stand by the claim that the Dragon Ball manga and DBZ should have ended with the Cell saga, especially since it seems set up to do so.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: So my friend heavily pushed for me to watch this show and said it's insane.  I haven't really seen too much of that so far, but whether it be this arc or a lack of interest has yet to be determined.  He DID say that the arc after this one gets a lot crazier, so I'll believe him and continue to watch.  That's not to say I don't enjoy what I've been watching so far, just that it hasn't lived up to what it was built up to be, well not yet at least.  I enjoyed how the one night pretty much just said "Fuck honor" and just wants to attack and kill.  Is that the second time I've seen someone piss themselves in JoJo, or am I thinking of another show that recently had urinary incontinence?  The episode was pretty good, and I can't wait to see what happens next week.


Next two reviews will come later today.

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I'm befuddled as to just why the hell this is in the main Anime folder instead of the Toonami sub-folder, because like 99% of it is discussing Toonami. Is that how it was back on the old, old boards?

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Continued from my earlier post:


Iron-Blooded Orphans:  I think this is the show that has interested me the most on the block in the past few months.  Moreso than JoJo, even moreso than OPM.  Admittedly I can defintely see why some think it's boring, but I don't really think it is.  Sure, there may not be a mecha battle in every episode, but the show does a good job on making the interactions between the characters believable, and making me actually care about what happens to the characters.  As for the last episode, the older blonde lady annoys me.  I know she probably means well, but she just gets on my nerves.  It's really satisfying to see her not be able to accomplish anything.  Carta's (I guess) death probably should have had more of an impact on me, but I didn't really know her well enough to care too much.  It was sad that it seemed she was being controlled, though, so I'll give her that.


Hunter X Hunter: This is another show that I'm enjoying so far.  Admittedly, HxH isn't as typical as other shonens, like DBZ or Naruto.  The beginning was a bit slow, and I thought that the Hunter exams went on for a little too long, but I'm starting to see more action happening in the show.  This battle arena arc that just started is pretty good.  I like the idea of Nen, and honestly I hope they use more of it.  It seems like the last episode ended on the cusp of a good fight about to happen, so here's hoping that a good fight begins next episode.

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I'm befuddled as to just why the hell this is in the main Anime folder instead of the Toonami sub-folder, because like 99% of it is discussing Toonami. Is that how it was back on the old, old boards?

Because this thread pre-dates nuToonami by about eight years, and the old Toonami folder was godawful?

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Well, here are my Top 7:


#7: One Piece - I fell asleep during this episode, but on a rewatch, actually pretty good!

#6: DBZ Kai - Yeah, this is one of few that the original did better.

#5: One-Punch Man - The battle between Genos and Saitama is epic, plus plenty of funny moments!

#4: Hunter x Hunter - Cool fighting concepts, plus LOVE THAT ED!

#3: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Great new overdrives and uses of Hamon, plus the (P)LUCK sword and the thrilling cliffhanger in the tower!

#2: Gundam IBO - An epic battle in the snow was the coolest thing on Toonami this week! Plus, RIP Carta?


And the surprising #1 pick is...


NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN! The dialog between Itachi and Sasuke revealing the true nature of the Mangenkyo Sharingan was just intense, plus there was some great action as Sasuke refused to go quietly!

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It's had a new ED for the past 3 episodes  (since #27). I actually kinda liked the old FALILV one, but I didn't rock out to it every Saturday at 12:57 AM CST like I do this one!

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Hey, remember back when Maximum the Hormone was the Japanese screamo metal group whose theme songs everyone hated?


[me either]

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It's had a new ED for the past 3 episodes  (since #27). I actually kinda liked the old FALILV one, but I didn't rock out to it every Saturday at 12:57 AM CST like I do this one!


I didn't really like the old ED at first, but it did grow on me after a while.

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Hey, remember back when Maximum the Hormone was the Japanese screamo metal group whose theme songs everyone hated?


[me either]

Maximum the Hormone is the fun kind of screamo. The guys who did the first Hunter ED and that Parasyte song are just autotuned earbleed.

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I figured as much. I only brought that up because I've seen plenty of complaints about Death Note's second OP.


But yeah, Maximum the Hormone is fun. Loved ROLLING1000tOON; so much so, that I watched Air Master because of it.



[hanaji soku break!]

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GOOD NEWS: Gundam Unicorn is replacing IBO in January. May make no sense to those who haven't seen the original Gundam and its sequels, but it's got more action from what I hear, so hopefully it does better in the ratings.


BAD NEWS: Blackbeard and Jaguar D. Saul's voice actor just passed away. R.I.P. Cole Brown.



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BAD NEWS: Blackbeard and Jaguar D. Saul's voice actor just passed away. He will be missed.




aww there goes railgun season 3

he will be missed

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aww there goes railgun season 3

he will be missed


Ignoring the fact that they could make it in Japan without any foreign correspondent's involvement. :o


Also, he was in a broadcast dub that's currently running (Izetta), but based on the article, he's already been replaced.

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Just as the Chain Deatmatch had been a difficult battle for the many knights who pursued it in Medieval times, the specific match between Jonathan and Tarukus proves the most difficult fight the young man has faced with his Hamon abilities yet. To help aid our protagonist to victory, Zeppeli enters the fray, but does so knowing that as far as his teacher in the ways of Hamon is concerned, this interference will lead him to meet his maker. Of the three men involved in this Chain Deathmatch, which one will come out alive?


Meanwhile, also broadcast from the Vindication Starship, Gohan has to find a way to stop Cell from destroying Earth and the rest of the Solar System along with it, Tekkadan arrives in Edmonton but find themselves met with an even larger Gjallarhorn blockade keeping them from the election hall, Gon attempts to find a way around his first match on the 200th floor, Jiraiya is still dead (I only say this because the actual plot is both spoilers and bullshit), the Straw Hats minus Luffy find themselves at greater odds against Oars than they ever dared to imagine, and apparently there's monsters living in Saitama's wasteland of a hometown.


12:00 - Dragonball Z Kai #96 - Combine Your Strength! The Final Kamehame-ha! - TV-PGLV

12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #7 - Sorrowful Successor - TV-MAV (broadcast), TV-MA (personal)

1:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans #24 - A Future Reward - TV-14LV

1:30 - Hunter x Hunter #30 - Fierce and Ferocious - TV-14V

2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #137 - Amaterasu! - TV-14V

2:30 - One Piece #371 - The Straw Hat Crew Gets Wiped Out! The Shadow-Shadow's Powers in Full Swing! - TV-PGL

3:00 - One Punch Man #6 - The Terrifying City - TV-14LV

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Ignoring the fact that they could make it in Japan without any foreign correspondent's involvement. :o


Also, he was in a broadcast dub that's currently running (Izetta), but based on the article, he's already been replaced.


you have the english dub to worry about though

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So? English dubs replace voice actors if the original is dead, retired, or unavailable all the time. When Bob Papenbrook died during the dubbing of Eureka seveN, Kyle Hebert replaced him as Ken-Goh. When Scott Freeman got arrested and jailed, Josh Grelle took over as Issei in the broadcast dub of DxD BorN. And who can forget J. Michael Tatum replacing Dameon Clarke as Scar in the dub of FMA Brotherhood?


Point is, if Index or Railgun S3 gets made and dubbed, FUNi will fine an appropriate replacement for Cole Brown as the voice of Dr. Frog. So don't go thinking it's impossible when several other examples prove otherwise.

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So? English dubs replace voice actors if the original is dead, retired, or unavailable all the time. When Bob Papenbrook died during the dubbing of Eureka seveN, Kyle Hebert replaced him as Ken-Goh. When Scott Freeman got arrested and jailed, Josh Grelle took over as Issei in the broadcast dub of DxD BorN. And who can forget J. Michael Tatum replacing Dameon Clarke as Scar in the dub of FMA Brotherhood?


Point is, if Index or Railgun S3 gets made and dubbed, FUNi will fine an appropriate replacement for Cole Brown as the voice of Dr. Frog. So don't go thinking it's impossible when several other examples prove otherwise.




also what do you think about Miska from both series?

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I dunno, I haven't seen a lick of either Index, Index II, Railgun, Railgun S, or the Index movie.


The closest I've been to Index was J-Dubb and cidthekittyisfun's WAFFLES! fanfiction from the old boards, which shamelessly ripped it off.

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No, I'm never reading WAFFLES again. Not after my incessant want for people to read my own fiction idea made J-Dubb hate me forever.


Plus parts of it are legit painful in hindsight.

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The whole waffles website they created and stuff was fun, but jubbzy turned into a total asshole and when they shut it down I think he left the internets....

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Jojo- Who are these people. Oh hey it's sandwich guy only young. I have no idea what year the show takes place so I also have no idea how long ago this flashback is. I'm sure all that is just a coincidence. No don't die you'll make Speedwagon sad. I'm sure this will end well. WHY DOES EVERYTHING I LOVE DIE? Jojo might need a little help here. You were a good dude, fancy sandwich man. Did he just get older? Someone hug Speedwagon. I'm not complaining but wasn't he wearing a shirt earlier did it just explode off him? Don't fuck with Jojo. Yeah just spit your own teeth in his face that'll work. He's only got half a torso but I'm sure he'll be fine. Sooo your wife is single then. Dude haven't you known each other for like a week? GODDAMMIT DIO NOBODY LIKES YOU. Why are you such a bag of dicks? I don't like either of your odds here, lady. Jesus christ show. Oh hey his shirt regenerated. Go punch Dio right in the dick! Aw man I hope that lady wasn't his sister. Oh noooo. EVERYBODY ZOMBIE NIGHT. Not a zombie? Well friend I got some bad news for you. Dire and Straits, I get it. TOMPETTY GO. What in the fuck is that cat, Dio? Well at least his sister's alive.


Gundam- Did I miss something when did these kids get slaughtered? Really should have brought in another medic. Lady I'm pretty sure Orga's gone completely insane. Just adopt all 50 of those kids. Why is Orga wearing a shirt. I'm mainly just rooting for the harem squad now. I like mechanic support wife she's the best after main wife. Kid you're adorable and like seven you're going to die. You two should have banged your angst out by now. It's Canada how many people are even here. I'm still not sure who these old people are. Aw fuck Orga's going to die now isn't he. Seriously lady how are you still not understanding this whole mercenary band of child soldiers thing. I sure hope Atra can reach the pedals. You suck, Geass. And then all these idiot kids died. Oh yeah this is going just great. Goddammit Kirito how did you even GET here?! Is that Geass guy's mecha boyfriend? At least he gets cool axe arms. NO NOT THE HAREM. You're dead to me, show. RIP Canada. Just axe her in the face and let's get on with it. Oh hey Mika nice of you to join us. Maybe Schneizel's not such an asshole after all.


Hunter- I am way too stupid to remember all this. No seriously what is with that guy's body. Okay so you could use it to make the world's most powerful sex toy, that's what I'm getting here. Lucky for you this guy counts so slow. He's a giant top I guess his body makes slightly more sense. Just knock his leg off balance with a stick. I'm so proud of him he's so smart. Awww Killua don't worry he'll be fine. Dance your way to victory! Oh you know somebody's got an evil clown boner right now. Oh no poor baby let me hug you. Gon didn't you just heal that arm? Hey don't hit him he tried his best. I love these kids so much. You can't do that you're not our real dad! We just wanted to play Fight Club for money. Just let my bloodthirsty monster children enjoy themselves. Killua's an adorable little shit I love him so much. Meanwhile, oh hey it's Blond Sasuke. Wait what. So do they all have to learn the Nen thing? I don't trust this hobo. RIP tree. Whelp, you're boned. So who will take pity on the sexy idiot and let him piggyback off their skills?


Naruto- STOP SHOWING ME THE EYE THING. At least he'll look less stupid with an eyepatch. Hi flytrap guy. Maybe you should have brought out your special powers before he ripped your damn eye out. Snaaaaaakes. What just happened. So none of that even happened? I do enjoy flytrap guy double Travis, show. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON. I give up I'm just here for Travis talking to himself. Please set each other on fire and be done with it. Of course Travis Squared would know all about fire. I always enjoy seeing Sasuke in pain. Why won't this fight just end. It kinda sucks that they used so much of the animation budget on Uchiha whining. This jutsu can't be blocked or evaded, just like the other jutsu he just blocked and evaded.


One Piece- I wonder if that laugh hurts his actor's throat. Oars what the hell. And then everyone died. Sure that makes sense. OARS BALL! Oars is just great. Franky might be dead. Skeletons are very aerodynamic that's just common knowledge. Strawhat teamwork, go! YOHOHOHOHO. Good job Brook I'm proud of you. Brook might be dead...again. I wish Sniper King was here to help. Thank you Robin now snap his spine. FUCKING BATS. Oh you dick. Whelp, you're boned. Aw fuck not Robin too. Oooh Sanji is pissed. FUCKING BATS, AGAIN. Never underestimate the power of a righteous man's boner. Oh hey Chopper figured it out. My ultimate goal in life is not to die naked. Good job Oars. Chopper is best doctor. Aaaand they're dead. Wasn't Luffy supposed to be here?

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Yeah, CSW was fun, but I quit reading their blog after they shit on half the shows I watched in 2012 (Eureka AO, Natsuyuki Rendevous, K and Shining Hearts, specifically). I can only imagine how further down the tubes they went after that. :-\


Love the new Toonami intro. The occasional split-second sound glitch on my recording, not so much.



Interesting way to recap the last two episodes. But I do like how it portrayed Cell returning mere seconds after Goku transported him away from Earth.

Even after 12 years, I’m still not sure if I can do a Kamehameha right.

Oh hey, full OP again.

;D Oh Vegeta, you and your pride.

Okay, didn’t see that apology coming.

AND TRUNKS IS STILL FUCKING DEAD. (Until they use the Dragonballs, that is.)

Who cares what Dr. Gero thinks?

Perfect Cell is a total dick, but his voice actor is great.

I’ll admit, the sky looks beautiful for its last appearance.


:D I love how Piccolo’s antennae are just flopping around like that.

Heh, King Kai’s still sour.

If I understand this correctly… saying “Kamehame” starts the charge-up of the blast, but you can wait however long you want before firing it with the “Ha”?

Oh hey, Goku’s spirit’s there too.

”It looks just like the show.” “Well, it pretty much is the show.” Y’know, except the fact that it’s CG-animated.

Dammit Piccolo go with theeeeeeeeere we go.

Have you prayed to Super Kami Dende today?

“I’m not! This is all I’ve got!” BULLHORN.

Gohan, listen to your father!

Yes, remember the Dragonballs.

Oh goddammit Piccolo.

You know you’re crazy when Vegeta of all people is calling you out on it.

Of course I’m getting Nen vibes from this scene.


Thank god that blast wasn’t really all that fatal!

Character development, bitches.

And of course, Yamcha doesn’t have anything important to say.

I feel like Gohan should start using both hands for this Kamehameha.


Still, I gotta admit, a one-handed Kamehameha is pretty badass in its own right.

And that’s our story. Cell’s dead. Goodnight.

Huh, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Gohan with black hair, hasn’t it?

Wait how’d they know he won? They could probably sense it, I’m sure.

Can you believe that there’s two episodes left of this? Neither can I.



”How do you make this moment last?” You fast-forward to the end to see if it does last.



RATING SCREENCAP #1: A nice exterior shot of Tonpetty’s Hamon training grounds.

REPLY TO ANGEL 1: “I have no idea what year the show takes place so I also have no idea how long ago this flashback is.” Show takes place in 1888. Flashback takes place in 1863. Flashback is 25 years before show. Hope that answers your question.

And now for him to tell you your fortune.

That’s a surprisingly noble reason for wanting to know when you’ll pass.

Now that’s some impressively vague/specific fortune telling.

Well this fight is off to an awesome if not exactly favorable start.

That shadow to Speedwagon’s right doesn’t look too good…


Zeppeli, I can believe, but Jonathan could be either alive or dead at this point. I mean, have you even seen what he’s survived?

Knew it, he’s still kicking.

Ehh, I wouldn’t call surviving a broken neck “importaste”.


Wow, he aged fast.

Speedwagon: supportive of Zeppeli’s final decision, but still distraught at his demise.


;D That insult interruption.

Again with the Nen similarities.

Oh hey, Poco’s awake again. How’d I miss that the first time?

“There’s been nothing like this ever!” As far as you know.


I like the broken-up Alexa ads. Much better than all three following each other.

RATING SCREENCAP #2: You are now manually humming the opening riff to Stairway to Heaven.

Damn, I’m actually tearing up this time… :’(

REPLY TO ANGEL 2: “Dude haven't you known each other for like a week?” In all fairness, it was a very eventful week.

[salutes TV]

And now to see what Dio’s been doing.

Oh this is going to end badly.

And end badly it did. Dio, you’re rat bastard, even if you did keep your word to that woman.

JoJo’s getting serious now.

“Is Wind Knight’s Lot alive, or undead?” Either way, there’s a lot of activity.

I still don’t get what he means by those pointed fingers.

Ewwwwwww tongue.

Did you not see his reaction time? That ain’t no “human speed”. More like superhuman.

Well that guy looks menacing.


Dire and Straitzo? Can somebody say… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwDDswGsJ60

And joining them is none other than Tom Petty. Didn’t expect him to still be alive.

Sorry, Tonpetty doesn’t do handshakes.

One expository filling in later…

I will never not love the fuck out of Roundabout.

Those man-headed cats are freaky as fuck. Like the cat-headed bird, though.

Awwwww shit he’s got Poco’s sister.


The best Christmas carols are the ones that lack actual singing. Hence why this Hershey’s Kisses commercial gets points from me.



They just got to Edmonton and already there’s injuries? Must’ve been some propane convention…

I didn’t really think Makanai was being all that condescending.

What a waste of a perfectly good bridge.

3 straight days of fighting without a food break. Impressive.


Oh hey that kid sounds just like Gon.

This show is trying awfully hard to make us ship Orga with Merribit.

I love it when widescreen and letterboxing mix.

This political stuff is the reason the ratings are dropping isn’t it.

It’s either be risky or be cowardly at this point.


I love how everyone wants Merribit to shut up.

Wait, is that Biscuit’s hat?

Sometimes the wrong thing to do is the only thing to do. Or at least, the only thing that can be done with some chance of success.

Who is driving? Oh my god, Atra is driving, how can that be!?


Of course Gaelio’s involved with this.

Hot Streets looks like it’s from the Zurtrun guys. Certainly looks better.

Not enough damns there, dude.

FUCK YEAH EUGENE. And those other guys too.

REPLY TO ANGEL 3: “Goddammit Kirito how did you even GET here?!” Because he’s Kirito and he can do almost anything.

“I hope I can still get paid for this.” :D

Okay not a minute of screentime and I already hate Mobile Suit Ein.

Well the head got destroyed but that doesn’t me-ohhhhhhhh spoke to soon. :(

Meanwhile, with not-so-mortally-wounded people…

I love bridge fences like that.

Oh shit, more blood, this is gonna end terribly.

And a usual, Mikazuki don’t give a fuck.

As bad as that was for Norba, I love those piston punches. Very Big O.

Shut up, Ein.




For some reason, my dad thinks Kudelia is voiced by Kate Higgins instead of Cherami Leigh. Every loud girl sounds like Sakura to him.


And now it’s McGillis vs. Gaelio.

;D I knew it, that was a wig!


The moral of that movie: don’t fuck with blind people.



And they said we’d only know how Nen works in one episode…

Y’know, people keep comparing these to Beyblades, but I think they’re more like dreidels than anything else.

I love these chibi interpretations.

So you’re saying that he loved tops when he was a kid?

Oof, right in the stomach.

:D He doesn’t care what the ref thinks.

Sumo Tops? Never heard of it.

And then he became the top.

I’d say it’s better that he fights to last than fight to win, since it’s at this point impossible to do the latter.

Wait, since when was Killua in the crowd?

Wing is both disappointed and impressed.


Hisoka totally has a boner right now.

I’m still unsure if the father likes the spicy chicken tenders or if he was just caught off-guard by how hot they are.

Has anyone else noticed that the Heaven’s Arena looks like some type of long gun?

And in the end, he lost with injuries. But at least he didn’t die.

Dammit show quit trying to make me ship these two.

I was actually expecting that slap.

Sometimes I forget that “Nen initiation” is supposed to be a thing.

But didn’t he say it’d take four months?

Well, it’s nice to know that Gon’s understanding of the situation.

And now a flashback to the moment of defeat. Not as brutal as I expected, really.

Hmm, maybe I should quit trying to force these comments.

Meditation time.

This music sounds way too eerie for this scene.

Now to see what Kurapika’s been doing all this time.

Okay, no woman should have that many piercings on her face.

Oh yeah, Gon and Killua don’t know that there’s a part to the Exam after getting the license.


Gotta love this rainy atmosphere.

Sweet, another Nen teacher.

Dang, they keep pulling out new guys for these supposedly important roles, aren’t they?



Last time, on the world’s longest staring contest, things got way edgier than any sane man could think.

Oww, I can feel that in my eyes.

Oh hey it’s one of the Allstate Helping Hands.

Itachi, why are you putting his eye in that jar of urine?

And then things got Off the Air levels of weird. I mean really, that shit looked like it belonged there in DVR Theater. :D

That thing about weapons being as strong as their owner is true when it comes to shounen, take a look at that guy who threw that acorn at Kurapika like it was an explosive-tipped sniper bullet.

;D And things get weirder with a 15-second OP. I swear, someone has to be having some degree of fun with this episode if they pulled a troll like that.

“The air around Itachi has shifted.” Yeah, that’s just him using Ten.

Hey, whatever gets us further away from all those genjutsu piled atop one another.

I love that giant shuriken. Reminds me of better times.

:o Alright, that legitimately caught me off-guard.

It’s moments like this that remind me why Sasuke is, as the German OP calls him, “really cool”.

Zetsu is the Speedwagon of this episode.

Alright, I’m actually kinda invested in this battle.

Part of me thinks Amaterasu should be a genjutsu and not some Sharingan-enhanced ninjutsu.

Hopefully that weird food spray doesn’t turn Bryan Cranston into a giant blueberry.

Oh boy, how’s Sasuke gonna bullshit his way out of this one?

Apparently he didn’t need to.


And now for the bullshitting.

Of all the things I was expecting, I wasn’t expecting him to turn into acid.

Or maybe he just shed his skin. It isn’t eye magicks, so I’ll take it.

Time for a little Talking Heads to set the scene:

Wait, why’s his eye bleeding again?

Last jutsu ever or the last needed to beat Itachi?

I can only imagine what he’ll do to finally take him out. Must be insane, if they’re going all Cliff Hanger on us.

Huh, same ED this time.


If this special is real, I wanna see it.




I have a feeling this is one of those super-long recaps they warned us about.

REPLY TO ANGEL 4: “I wonder if that laugh hurts his actor's throat.” He’s done abridged series before, I’m sure he’s used to it.

Nice gratuitous shot of Nami’s breasts, show.

I know you’re all shocked that Oars can stretch, but is Nami safe?

His neck can stretch too? :o Now that’s just weird.

Oh good the bag of salt is safe.

Yes, let’s all blame Moria. And no, I’m not saying that sarcastically.

Shadow Revolution is admittedly an awesome name.


Do you buy that Moria can do anything with shadows now, Foley?


Alright my dad just saw Moria’s face and he called him the Joker on steroids and meth.

Meanwhile, Franky is still unconscious.


I’m gonna call this attack the Giga Drill Brook. Who else approves?



Taunting isn’t really your strong suit, Oars.

Cuatro Manos: The Four Hands of Fate.

Yesssssss snap his neck.


One bite to the arm and Sanji suddenly gives a damn.


Oh good, Robin’s still conscious. But not for long, apparently.


Wait, how the fuck did he get there? More shadow bullshit?

He wasn’t saying “drama”. He was saying “trauma”! Like the kind he was about to dish out…

You think Doppelman’s flipping them the bird?

Oh shit I recognize those scissors.


“I believe that puts three of your team under my belt.” You mean four, dumbass.

Oh man Sanji’s breaking out the fire legs.

Yes, listen to Oars.



So that’s where Chopper was this whole time.

For a second there, I thought Zoro and Sanji were gonna say that they’d never unsee the vision of a naked Oars.

I had a gut feeling Chopper would disappear from his shoulder.

Every time a door closes for the Straw Hats, a window opens.

“Not feeling any pain doesn’t make you stronger.” An awesome choice of words.

Welp, so much for that open window. Hopefully another one opens next episode.

I just flipped Moria the bird and I have no regrets.

Oh, so by “under my belt”, he meant how many he knocked out. So that leaves the original three additions to the crew left, then.


[if zoro’s out they’re screwed]

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[move]Quick bits; with quicker hits; here's the list...[/move]

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Zeppeli's death certainly made "Sorrowful Successor" a fitting episode title. And how nice of him to pass on his most powerful skills to Jonathan. Also, why did Speedwagon just sit there and watch in horror as the BDSM-fueled antics and torso decapitation just happened? But I liked the episode, which seems to be ratcheting the tension upward as Phantom Blood nears its end.
  • Hunter x Hunter: I guess Gon couldn't beat the Spike Spencer-voiced(?) spinning top dude, but he made a good fight out of it and continued his advancement of learning nen and such. Wing reacted to it like a jerk, though. I'm also curious to see where this new plot with Kurapika goes.
  • One Piece: Boring as shit.
  • [as] Animated Specials: I'll be honest, none of these specials look particularly appealing to me (but maaaaybe Apollo Gauntlet, based on what I've heard of the premise). But I enjoyed Mr. Neighbor's House enough to give another night of pilots a shot.
  • Joe Pera Helps You Find The Perfect Christmas Tree: I still need to watch him talk me to sleep. I haven't done so mostly because I'm waiting for just that opportunity.
  • Cornholed ReclusiveLemming Upload: "
    ", by 4mat.

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This isn't a twofer. It's just the old stuff.


Intruder III - I didn't expect the Sandworms to be helpful, trying to warn SARA and TOM, but scared for themselves and their young. While one of the Sandworms surviving is a nice gesture, it only delays the extinction of the species, unless they can reproduce asexually. Also, they saw how big the Sandworms get. Something that large would need a substantial amount of food and water. Perhaps the Vindication has replicators a la Star Trek to provide for the new addition, but I feel like the little Sandworm will need an actual planet to call home eventually.


The Vindication looks like it's a lot larger than the Absolution was.


DBZK - Yeah, Goku saved the Earth, but he killed Bubbles, Gregory and King Kai. That's a downside to instant transmission - the user must focus on someone's energy, not a location. Otherwise, Goku could've transported Cell to Phobos and maybe even transported himself back. King Kai was right to chastise Goku for depriving the rest of King Kai's overseen planets of their watchman.


Shenanigans, Cell. Goku's Kamehameha obliterated your entire head. If you regenerate from this hard kernel of flesh in you head, then that was gone. Maybe Cell can move it to other locations in his body. Still, I guess Cell lives up to his name, since he can evidently regenerate as long as a single living cell from him survives. I guess the post-whuppin'-and-recovery power-up Saiyans get giving Cell the power to regain his Perfect Form without consuming 18 again is plausible, except for the wrinkle that self-inflicted wounds, such as detonating himself with his own energy, don't bring about the power-up.


I liked Vegeta trying to avenge his slain son, but it didn't work.


Ah, so that's how Gohan messed up his left arm in this fight. We're almost to material I saw in DBZ on the previous Toonami.


JoJo - Jonathan used hamon to purify Blueford and heal his wounded soul. Sure. Why not? It is kind of nice that the unlife Dio gave Blueford gave him the chance to let go of the bitterness he harbored when he died, turn toward forgiveness and find peace. I like that Blueford being a decent guy in life played out as him responding to Jonathan's goodness.


I wasn't expecting the Baron and Jonathan to use hamon to make a hang-glider of leaves in order to escape Tarukus, but there it was.


The deathmatch training room struck me as being overly complicated. Sure, it would've been within the technical capability of the Britons at the time, but it was unduly vicious and a waste of good warriors in order to determine who were better warriors.


Good on Poco for mustering the courage to help by opening the door for the Baron and Speedwagon despite the danger.


I see no logical problem with the chain through the ceiling not being sufficiently contiguous to send hamon through it to Tarukus.


MSG: IBO - Merribit was right that it's bad for kids, especially the younger ones, to be so focused on getting revenge, even if they're only watching it happen.


I'm okay with the idea of Carta and her selected subordinates challenging Tekkadan to a three-on-three duel. Still, I smiled when immediately after Carta stated that she'd give her foes half an hour to prepare, Mikazuki came out attacking immediately. It was smart of one subordinate to try to damage the rails, but Iron Flower had luck on their side in the form of Mikazuki stopping him.


Orga, letting Gaelio evac Carta is not what taking no prisoners and leaving no survivors when your enemies come after you looks like.


Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention earlier in the show, but I get the impression that Carta is sweet on McGillis, and Gaelio is sweet on her. I don't understand why the wounded, maybe dying, Carta thought it was McGillis who came to help her. I guess it was kind of Gaelio to play along, but I don't get how she still thought he was McGillis after hearing Gaelio's voice.


So, Ein got the implants and is already in a mobile suit. I'm curious to know how much of him is still his body and how much is life-support machinery. I get the feeling that outside of some implants and functional prosthetic limbs, cyborgs in this show's universe don't resemble the form of a person very much.


HxH - Wing's dangerous crash course in nen didn't strike me as that perilous. Okay, he opened Gon and Killua's chakra networks nen nodes, meaning it flowed out uncontrolled. I think it was helpful that they were able to see their and others' energy for learning to focus on containing theirs for ten. Still, I'm curious to know whether they will eventually be able to selectively turn the aura-sight off and on. It would be pretty weird for Gon to go back home to visit his aunt and not be able to look at her without seeing her energy trickle out of her.


Good, the boys successfully used ten for defense to get past Hisoka's nen. I'm glad for them that Hisoka determined the usual welcome wasn't needed. I mean, those other hazed guys were perhaps maimed or crippled by it (okay those injuries could've been the results of match injuries, but evidently nen alone could do it). It's a big step up in difficulty that everyone above 200 can use nen.


The registration window lady was cute. It sure is nice of the Arena to give the new registrants up to 90 days to prepare for their first fight, so of course Gon would opt for an immediate match. Back to the rules, when a fight is done, a new 90-day counter starts. That seems like a reasonable amount of time to heal and recover, depending on the extent of the injuries. A fighter needs ten wins to advance and face a Floor Master, and if they win, the challenger becomes the new Floor Master. However, if a fighter gets four losses before reaching ten wins, they're disqualified. I would like to know whether that means they are sent down a little or must restart.


Yay, Cocco's back. Thanks, show.


If nen can be used to impart mechanical energy to things, then sure, the spinning tops could hit like hammers. Regarding Gon's opponent, the peg leg (I think he did have one intact natural leg) struck me as an obvious vulnerability. If Gon could take out the other natural leg, it's unlikely the guy would able to balance on the peg leg and dodge in a fight. Thinking about what they guy said, if he can't predict the pattern, then maybe he's unable to change the trajectory of the tops. I think it'd be worth trying to trick the guy into hitting himself with tops. Still, I'm unsure whether those hits would count for points.


Shippuden - Hm, I didn't expect to get a history of Madara and his brother. It strikes me as strange that the Mangekyo will eventually make the user go blind. Other Uchihas trying to get an eternal Mangekyo the way Madara did with his brother says to me that Uchihas as a clan have been nozzles for a long time. Itachi trying to make Sauce strong enough to get the Mangekyo so he (Itachi) can follow Madara's lead sounds a little too mustache-twirling evil to me. I would like to know that if all this was shown in a genjutsu, why did Itachi not steal Sauce's eyes while he was distracted?


Also, that's not how eye transplants work.


OP - Hi there, Nami. Thanks for showing up to help. It looked like she stole some of Perona's clothes, but I feel like those shouldn't fit her.


What fresh bullshit is this? Did Oars actually stretch? That makes no sense to me for two reasons. First, the Gum-Gum fruit caused a physical change to Luffy's cellular structure. How would energy from Luffy do that to Oars? Second, this goes against the idea of only one person, one body, being able to have a singular Devil Fruit power at one time. Even if two people were to cut up a Devil Fruit and make a specific effort to eat it at the same time, there would still likely be some measurable time difference regarding swallowing the first bite or digesting the first molecule of the Fruit. Thus, one would have eaten the fruit first, and thus should be the one to gain the powers of that Fruit. The only way for Oars having Gum-Gum powers to make sense to me is for Luffy to have lost those powers, and we've seen him, sans Shadow, stretch. The idea of Devil Fruit powers belonging to one person was further shat upon by actual Lola the Proposer's crew grabbing Shadows and stuffing them into Luffy. Can ordinary people grab Shadows in this show? Has anyone other than Moria, who has a Devil Fruit power specifically related to Shadows, ever grasped one, either their own or someone else's, prior to this episode? If not, then this is beyond shenanigans. This is a steaming pile of bullshit.


Um, no. If Oars body is being moved by the bioelectrical signals of his functioning nervous system, then the physical mechanisms of pain should work with Oars. Moria is wrong there. Also, Moria must be harnessed in well not fall out when Oars was on his hands and knees.


I enjoyed the teamwork of the Jenga attack. Plus, thanks, Robin, for catching the falling Nami and pulling Brook clear of an impact area. It's a good thing that Franky is a cyborg. His structural reinforcements might be enough to prevent fatal damage, but there still could have been enough Gs in that collision to cause brain damage or death.


Lola the Proposer was fun. 4,444 rejections including Luffy. :) I think that she wasn't as ugly as Kokoro, but she's still not a looker.


Heh, Luffy Hulk went the wrong way. That must be why Sanji and Zoro don't have their Shadows back yet; they were intercepted *coughhorseshitcough* by Lola's crew.


OPM - I still love Saitama's "boobs" shirt.


I would consider the hit Saitama gave Snek to be a love tap.


Genos v. Saitama is still gorgeous to watch.


How do people in the H.A. not see how creepy and shady Amai Mask is?

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JoJo - Jonathan used hamon to purify Blueford and heal his wounded soul. Sure. Why not?


Well, it is called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for a reason.  ::) Speaking of which...


With the tragic loss of Baron Zeppeli and the addition of his teacher and allies to their party, Jonathan and Speedwagon (and Poco too, I guess) make their way towards the castle looking over Wind Knight's Lot, where Dio Brando lies in wait for their inevitable arrival. As with most villains, armies of the undead block the group's way to their ultimate goal, but even if their numbers prove no match for our heroes, does that mean the same applies to their master himself? Probably not.


In other news, our heroes deal with the aftermath of the Cell Games, IBO's first season comes to a close as Mikazuki and Ein duke it out in the streets of Edmonton, Gon spends part of his recovery time watching one of Hisoka's 200th floor matches, Sasuke shows Itachi how you really do an unavoidable special attack, Nightmare Luffy shows up to take care of Oars for the remaining Straw Hats, and a giant meteor finds its way on a collision course with City A, putting to bed one of the most cliche crises in superhero fiction ever.


12:00 - Dragonball Z Kai #97 - A Bittersweet Victory! Until We Meet Again! - TV-PGLV

12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #8 - Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio - TV-MAV (broadcast), TV-MA (personal)

1:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans #25 - Tekkadan - TV-PGLV

1:30 - Hunter x Hunter #31 - Destiny and Tenacity - TV-14LV

2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #138 - The End - TV-14V

2:30 - One Piece #372 - The Incredible Battle Starts! Luffy vs. Luffy - TV-PGLV

3:00 - One Punch Man #7 - The Ultimate Disciple - TV-14LV


Also of note: double Dragonball coming January 7. Super at 8PM with an 11:30 encore to kick off Toonami, and Kai's Buu Saga (dubbed "The Final Chapters") at midnight. And contrary to popular belief, we will not be getting Mob Psycho 100. At least, not right now.

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And here's one last reply to Angel before tonight's festivities.


Naruto- This jutsu can't be blocked or evaded, just like the other jutsu he just blocked and evaded.


Actually, Sasuke didn't technically block/evade the Amaterasu. Sure, he avoided getting direct damage from it, thanks to that snakeskin-shedding substitution jutsu, but the fact remains that it still hit him/his protective outer layer. Really, when he says that it can't be blocked or evaded, he means that Itachi can't avoid getting hit by it and he can't bullshit his way out of receiving damage.

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You're assuming I care waaaay more than I actually do.


Jojo- Our heroes, standing around while a small child gets slapped around. No seriously Dio what the FUCK are those pets. Don't fuck Dio it won't end well. I like this girl I hope she doesn't die. Ohh this does not look good. Thank you Jojo. SNAKE FACE. Well that's different. Sandwich man just keeps on giving. This went surprisingly well, something terrible must be about to happen. KICK HIM IN THE DICK. You are a liar and a dick, Dio. Don't you dare insult sandwich man. Don't worry, DIRE STRAITS will take care of this. Speedwagon's commentary is the best thing. Whelp so much for that. Oh that is a bad end. Dio is weirdly attractive and I hate myself for it. Wait what FLOWER ATTACK. RIP Dire. PLUCK SWORD is best sword. That is a lot of zombies. Chandelier to the face, bitch! Thank you, Tom Petty. Protect Speedwagon at all costs. That was his jackin' arm, you dick! This is going too well. Oh goddammit. Okay the artery fingering was a bad thing to watch while eating. I don't understand half those words but I think he just said he's gonna fuck him. Eat shit, Dio. Aw fuck. I admire Jojo's resolve. Uh dude your hand's on fire. Oh hey, it worked. Oh what the hell now. LASER EYES. Is he dead this time? Oh yeah, let's remember the good times when Dio assaulted his girlfriend and set his dog on fire. Sing for me, Speedwagon.


Gundam- Kick his ass already. Mika, continuing his proud tradition of giving zero shits. Seriously, nobody should trust Schneizel. We get it you stuck your dick in a robot, nobody cares. Geass boy broke. You beautiful douche. Never fear, the weird old dude is here. I sure hope Orga's not about to jump into a suicide mission. TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF, JAILBAIT. What a surprise, the gorgeous shady douchebag turned out to be a shady douchebag. At least the loli will get out unscathed. Bye Geass boy. I'm glad the cute wife I liked survived. Oh hey that other cute guy is still alive too. Stab him in the dick, Mika. Ohhh them's some fightin' words, robot boy. It took 24 episodes, but Mika finally gives a fuck about something. Fight them with your words or whatever. Orga why is your shirt still on. THE WIVES ARE ALIVE THIS IS A GOOD DAY. Orga never got to bang the cute lady. This is a bad night for arms on the block. Well this went surprisingly well I'm sure it all goes to hell two minutes into the next season. I still don't trust old guy. This all went just great for Schneizel. GODDAMMIT HITLER WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE. Aaaand we're back with the creepy loli engagement. YAY HAREM I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM. Things turned out okay for Mika I guess? Oh boy, homework. I do like that Atra's really pushing for that mini-harem. We'll adopt more child mercenaries!


Hunter- Yaaay he's better. These kids are too cute. Are those tickets to Star Wars? Even better, let's watch the clown fight! Punch him in the face, Gon. Hey you're not studying the magic stuff you're just watching a clown murder someone. It so does not count, guy! Nerd guy can't handle these kids. Gon is such a good kid I love him. I do not like your odds at all, guy whose name I already forgot. Even the snacks are deadly here. NINJA SPEED. Oh shit he knows your name. This guy seems like a good dude it's a shame the clown's gonna slaughter him. Sorry Gon you're gonna have to get in line for punching Hisoka. You know he's got a boner. This is going too well for that guy. Okay this is REALLY not a good night for arms on the block. Well that was unexpected. It's okay, that wasn't his jackin' arm. Clown is unconcerned. Sure that sounds accurate. He's going to murder-fuck both of you. Is there anything more terrifying than an evil clown boner?


Naruto- I still don't care about Sasuke, show. Is it too much to hope that they both just kill each other? So hey does Two Face here have a multi-colored dong too? RIDE THE LIGHTNING, DOUCHE. Sasuke used THUNDERBOLT, it's super effective! I don't think I'm lucky enough for him to be dead. Is anything in this fucking fight actually real? Wow Sasuke looks dumber than ever. Sure bring out the giant skeleton demon or whatever it's not like it's gonna do anything. Oh hey snake Blum! And then he was a Hydra. Please just kill each other already I can't keep track of this fight anymore. And then the lubed-up naked man withdrew himself from the exhausted teenage boy. Well that sure was pointless. Snake has the right idea with getting the hell out of this show. LOOK WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYES. Oh what the hell now. You suck, Sasuke. Well that sure was anticlimactic. Hi snake. Is he actually fucking dead this time? Cut his head off to make sure. Oh man are they both dead it's the best Christmas gift of all.


One Piece- Eat several dicks, Moriah. I hope Sniper King saves the day. Whelp there goes Zoro. You're right Usopp, it's not just size that counts! Poor Oars. Zoro might be dead. Oh man I hope that salt worked. SON OF A BIIIIIIIITCH. Where is Hulk Luffy? Moriah may have gone completely batshit crazy. There he is! KICK HIS ASS, LUFFY. Ooh he looks cool as shit. PUNCH, DENIED. Dude just got the full Saitama. Alright you got like five minutes make it count. Please save the crew. Lola is the best and I love her. Now punch Moriah right in his stupid face. Hey some guys can do a lot in 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile, Jehova's Witness waits to convert everyone. Don't fuck with Luffy. I enjoy seeing Moriah in pain. Aww I wanted Nightmare Luffy to stick around longer. Yaaaay they did it!

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Hey, I make it a priority to answer questions/clarify slightly inaccurate things that are worth my response, regardless of how much the person who brought up said thing cares. That’s just how I am. 8)


Great, more random split-second audio pauses.



Don’t you mean “Super Kami Dende”? Eh, at least he isn’t calling him Little Green.

On second thought, I can see why Gohan did that Kamehameha one-handed. His lame arm is fucked up.

There goes Krillin, thinking with his dick again… ::)

Oh right, Vegeta’s there too.

Do any of you also think it’s weird that Piccolo and Vegeta never fought?

:D Vegeta is the best tsundere ever.

Man, these glitches really make it hard to watch shit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Satan has no idea what the fuck just happened.

;D Even if you hate DBZ, you just can’t hate Mr. Satan.



Clearly Yamcha’s never seen a Namek so small.

Piccolo is finally ze proud papa.

Does 18 even know who Gohan is?

I can’t wait until TFS abridges this scene.

;D Out of the mouths of babes.

:’( Poor Krillin… And also goddammit Yamcha.

Oh hey, Trunks’ awake.

Goddammit again Yamcha.

That and Shenron can’t do time travel wishes.

Oh hai spirit of Goku.

Apparently the afterlife is really happening.

That perfect combination of selfless and unintentionally dickish.

:D Oh hey OG Dragonball flashbacks.

And we finally get to see Launch again, even if she’s just a flashback.

Member Frieza?

:D Shenron’s still waiting. That line sounded like it came out of the abridged series too.

Who knew that 2D animation could work so well in video game play footage format?

Oh goddammit Yamcha.

And in comes Krillin with a more reasonable wish than a goddamn necklace, even if it still involves thinking with his dick.

So long, booby bombs!

Oh, Yamcha…

;D Dammit Krillin, did you not realize how incestuous that sounded?

And now you know what I mean by “incestuous”.

Also a tsundere.

;D Oh dammit Yamcha.

Piccolo doesn’t understand love.

Oh yeah, Chiaotzu’s been practically nowhere this arc, hasn’t he?

Tomorrow will be a good day.


Remember, New Namek is still a thing.

:D Vegeta going for the silent farewell.

We will always remember you, Goku. Until Super comes to the block, then there’ll be no real need to ‘member.

TOP BILLING: Yamcha!? ;D Now that’s an end-of-series plot twist! That is, it would be, were there not one more episode left.


The Sriracha Boys look like they’d be one-off characters in Moonbeam City’s nonexistent second season.



RATING SCREENCAP #1: Poco finding himself on the bum end of 19th century parenting skills.

Those man-cats look vicious. But I’m still loving the cat-headed bird. I kinda want one now.

;D Even Dio is disturbed by his man-cats.

Takes a lotta guts to slap Dio in his face like that. Even moreso to slap him and make him bleed.

Eww, zombie sweat.


Why did it have to be snakes? I’m sure someone’s saying right now.

Chockablock with serpents.

JoJo’s about 85% done with this shit.

With Hamon, there’s no need for someone to suck out poison for you; you can just do it yourself!

[hits the Easy Button]

Wow, even the steps up look creepy as fuck.

And so they meet again… for the second time tonight?

“Let my fangs make an impression on ‘im!” I get it!

This is gonna hurt Dio more than it’s gonna hurt Jonathan.

Too soon, Dio.

Yo, check out all the inspirational faces.

This commercial is probably the best thing about the new Toonami comic.

RATING SCREENCAP #2: Dire tagging in for Jonathan.

Dio is unimpressed by your slow-mo kick attack. And yet he’s just standing there, gloating about it.


Oh crap it’s the freezing powers again.


Dio doesn’t hold anything back, and that’s why we hate him so much.

And then Dire’s severed head pulled a Tuxedo Mask before Tuxedo Mask was even a thing.

Even if you’ve only known them for a few hours, the loss of a comrade is still a tough one to bear.

That random Japanese translation box.


I will never not love Speedwagon’s commentary.

Straitzo is his name, and zombies are what he tames.

Those four zombies? Named after the guys in Led Zeppelin.


Tonpetty’s got this.

[angry JYB growl]


It’s fun whenever Dio doesn’t expect things.

Stopped cutting through him right before reaching his dick.

This is probably the first time I’ve heard someone mention the carotid outside of 1000 Ways to Die.

If there’s one thing this dub does right, it’s Patrick Seitz pulling off the English MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA.

Aww man, I wanted to see Speedwagon smash some zombies with a sledgehammer.

:D That one’s just bones now.



Now that’s an admittedly awesome application of regenerative powers.

And out goes the essence.


Yeah, a monkey might not be able to take down a lion, but what about a school of tuna?

Dio sure has a lot of confliction over what he exactly wants Jonathan to be to him upon the latter’s defeat.


Wait, does that mean Dio is the original Third Reich?


Love that cloud-cutting animation.

As evil as Dio may have been, he was still Jonathan’s adoptive brother for seven years. So the tears aren’t exactly uncalled for.

REPLY TO ANGEL 1: “Oh yeah, let's remember the good times when Dio assaulted his girlfriend and set his dog on fire.” I think Speedwagon was referring more to the seven years after that initial dickery.

“But as for me, I could sing a song of joy!” Please don’t…

(The above was actually a comment from my uncle that I watched JoJo with way earlier this year.)

He saved the world, but there’s still more of this story to tell, apparently.



In terms of the English cast of ONE’s anime adaptation, this final battle is like Mob (Mikazuki) fighting Saitama (Ein).

;D They may say IBO’s main characters are unlikeable and unsympathetic, but goddamn do I love Mikazuki.

Wait, who said “Take me, too!”?


Oh yeah, that guy.

It’s rare moments like this that make me realize it’s kinda criminal for Toonami to cut the OPs for most of their shows.

Neat, he’s still alive. Only barely, though, and his red sclera doesn’t really help.

“I recognize that voice…” Inumuta?

Ehhh, he doesn’t look red enough to be a devil.

They’re definitely infamous, I can tell you that.

I’m not sure who I should be rooting for in this conflict.

McGillis truly is the Char and the Schniezel of this show.

:D Even Atra looks intimidating.

Oh shut up you old hag.

What more could there be beyond storming the electoral college of Canada?

Okaaaay kinda leaning towards Gaelio now.

Checkmate. (TL Note: McGillis just made an illegal move in chess…)

Again, he’s still alive. That’s good.

Is that blonde kid gay for him? I’ve been getting that vibe from him for quite some time.

Shut up, Ein.

The katana: the truest Japanese Trump Card there is.

Hey, you alright, Mika? You don’t look so good.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Kudelia’s big speech.

Lafter and Azee are alive too, that’s a relief.

Merribit still feels like she stepped into the wrong show.

Mika’s emotional capacity is now at 100%. Ein is totally fucked now.

Totally… fucked.

Mika, I love you. No homo.

I had a feeling that pink hair was just a wig.

So Carta’s supposed to represent the advertising sponsors? That’s believable.

Yeahhhhhh McGillis doesn’t care what you think.

Still not entirely sure what those two are plotting.

I don’t know why, but I love it whenever Hitler-stache is onscreen.

I feel like someone needs to take a seat over there.

Wait, how’d he get injured?

Naze’s harem remains the best harem.

Hmm, almost forgot that the author of Pet Girl of Sakurasou did scripts for this show.

I was waiting to see who voiced that old lady. Slightly surprised, but mostly content.

Mika/Kudelia/Atra is still the best OT3.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The criticisms of this series were way overblown, leading to a better-than-expected entry in the franchise, not to mention one that was easier to follow and had a better first season conclusion than 00. Could still do without the “permanent Gundam slot” designation… but whatever. 9/10.


This halftime was used to clean up a spill of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. It was grisly.



Wing is trembling… with excitement!


Gon heals fast. That’s the power of main characters, I guess.

Ooh, tickets to watch Hisoka fight. :D

;D Gon’s getting excited now too…


Welp, guess that puts a kibosh on my prediction that Gon would watch Hisoka fight.

Or maybe not, because recordings thankfully exist.

Turning off that TV must have taken a lot of willpower.

I can just feel the hype of this match through at least two TV screens.

That voice doesn’t sound familiar. Either a new guy or a great show of range.


Just what is Killua playing at?

…I’m gonna miss this guy when Hisoka defeats him.

Has anyone else noticed that it looks like Hisoka’s upper torso is connected to his lower torso with what looks like a freakishly large doll joint? Thought that shit was weird ever since the first sakuga MADs I saw that featured HxH.

Twenty jeni says his special power is Instant Transmission.

You know what Hulu also has? A bunch of anime that, even after the “subscribers only” changeover, is still inexplicably free to view.

Or maybe it’s some sort of illusionary substitution technique.

Dang, Hisoka’s getting his ass kicked out there!

Right behind you, dude.

“Kastro has been knocking his opponent around like a rag doll!” So the doll-joint torso was intentional?

That grin is so creepy, it’s almost alluring.

I love this lady’s commentary.

Is that anything like the Wolf Fang Fist?


Turns out it was shadow clones all along.

“Did he have a twin all along!?” No, you’re thinking of the Prestige.

My anime doppelganger is Gainer from Overman King Gainer. I’m still certain Angel’s is Minamo from Real Drive.

Only Hisoka would make exposition sound somewhat molest-y.

REPLY TO ANGEL 2: “Is there anything more terrifying than an evil clown boner?” Twenty evil clown boners.

At this point, whoever wins is anyone’s guess.

Turns out he was voiced by Kain Fuery and Asuna’s sexist guild leader.



What better way to start the episode than a flashback to Sasuke’s childhood angst?

Dang, the Uchihas practically had their own town. Lucky bastards…

Those must be some deep blood stains, if they haven’t been cleaned up yet.

Congratulations, you just created a hot spring!

Sasuke’s mother remains the only decent Uchiha.


Fuck yeah, weather systems.

Sasuke is his name, and lightning is what he tames.

Huh, so that Venus Flytrap attachment was for protection. Seems reasonable.

Even if Itachi didn’t die from that immediately, the resulting injuries should do him in.

Yep, just as I figured, only barely alive.

REPLY TO ANGEL 3: “Is anything in this fucking fight actually real?” After Sasuke managed to break the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it has.

Oh now what bullshit is this.

;D TRUMP CARD COUNT: 1. The cast of Akame ga KILL! would be proud, especially since said Trump Card is named after one of their own.

Sweet, a One Piece movie sneak preview. It was nice, even though it was weird seeing the crew (plus Brook) in their post-timeskip appearances. I miss Robin’s tan skin, but I’m liking Sanji and Usopp’s facial hair. And, of course, Luffy still loves calling dibs on the very front seat (read: the hood of the car). ;D I wouldn’t mind Toonami airing this, no matter how against it Jman might be.

“The real battle’s just beginning.” Is it, now?


Oh hi ghost of Orochimaru. I can only imagine how long he’s been chilling out inside Sasuke’s head.

Yeah, I have a feeling the snakes are gonna win.


And there’s the man himself. He’s more… naked than I expected him to be.

:D Zetsu’s commentary is still great.

Wait, which Uchiha’s Orochimaru gonna kill fist?

…Huh. That was a thing all right.

Only one white snake left, disappearing until the time is once again right.

And then he had a heart attack.

Yep, just as I predicted, the injuries are doing him in.

D-Did I just hear a crying baby?

Even the ghost blade failed to make a difference!

Yep, that was definitely a crying baby. Part of the soundtrack, from the sound of it.

“And then I put the mayonnaise inside the egg. Mayonegg…”

Welp, that’s our story. Itachi’s dead. Goodnight.

Whoop, there goes the Amaterasu again.

Aww, so much for the whitesnake.

And now comes the real storm.

Time to retrieve his club ring, then.


‘Member when “Believe it!” was Naruto’s catchphrase? The Dairy Queen announcer ‘members.



TOP BILLING: Usopp. Because he is the true hero of One Piece. [lu lu la la lu]

I don’t know who I’m angrier at: Oars for doing all the reasonable knockout-worthy damage, or Moria for being a general dickbag.

Ah, shut up Moria.

Yeahhhhhhh Zoro ain’t goin’ down so easy.

[insert stretch of no good comments here]


Love those Popeye arms. :D

Welp, Zoro’s down, we’re all fucked.

Hm. Forgot about the salt.

Usopp, you’re the only one celebrating this.

Sometimes we all forget how little Nami knows about the plot at this point.

Well, if anything, it made Moria frustrated that Usopp had the guts to even do that.


Just be glad that the salt didn’t blow away.

Well, at least until that happened. FUCK YOU OARS.

I’m flipping Moria off and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Thank god someone saved Usopp and Nami.

Holy shit Hulk!Luffy looks freaking awesome.

I love Usopp’s screeching sounds.


Look, in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Oars!

The Rolling Pirates really are good guys.

Don’t act so intimidatingly hateful, random zombie. It doesn’t really suit you.


Lola’s probably the most attractive ugly chick in OP I’ve seen thus far, with young Kokoro in second.

Kuma likes to watch.



I’m going to believe that the “star” he’s referring to is a shuriken.

Who needs salt when you have Luffy?

Welp, time’s up.

Thriller Bark has fallen, and yet we still have a few more episodes of this arc to go.

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Do you buy that Moria can do anything with shadows now, Foley?




Still more old stuff.


DBZK - When we consider that Gohan almost lost due to holding back out of concern for the Earth, he really shouldn't have. Gohan was much shorter than Cell, and thus Gohan would need to fire his Kamehameha on an upward trajectory. That would point it in a general direction away from the planet, and thus he shouldn't have been worried. Still, having Gohan defeat the enemy Goku couldn't was a fine way to pass the torch to the next generation.


JoJo - I was a little saddened to see the Baron go, but he went bravely, knowing it would mean his death to save Jonathan and give him the hamon boost he'd need to win. Dire, Straits, and Tonpeti were regrettably too late to help the Baron, but they were good dudes to agree to give aid in Jonathan's fight against Dio and his zombies.


So, Dio is now both a vampire and an alchemist, since he made that dog/human chimera thing. He's also a liar. He swore to the woman that none of his servants would harm her child. The moment she turned, she became one of his servants. Thus, his promise was broken when he allowed her, one of his servants, to eat her baby. Dio's like Luci, a bag full of dicks. Unlike Luci, though, Dio's no one's brother, and nobody loves him.


At least Poco's sister is alive and well for now.


MSG: IBO - Yeah, the stuff Orga and other Iron Flower people were saying as they incurred substantial casualties attempting to enter Edmonton struck me as creepy cult brainwashing mantras. Yeah, yeah, to keep public sentiment on their side, they couldn't be the first ones to take a mobile suit into the city, but once Ein went after the mobile workers which broke through and skirted around the defenses, it was fair game for Mikazuki to go in after Ein. Still, come up with a less reckless strategy, Orga. I don't blame Merribit at all for being unable to stomach watching this battle.


Wow, Ein's mobile suit was big. It was strange to see Mikazuki actually be on the slowly losing end of a fight. Also, I hope Azee and Shino are okay, but this is a Gundam show, so we can't be sure either way.


What is the big deal with Makenai needing to be at Parliament? That's a pretty shady election process Arbrau (sp?) has going there, that the guy must be present to be a valid candidate, and that's beside the election of the governmental head being by other elected officials instead of the populace, or even the populace selecting electors with the specific duty to vote as their constituents voted.


Atra, you're, what, 4'1"? How can you even reach the pedals to drive Kudelia and Makenai to Parliament?


HxH - Okay, Gido (peg-leg guy) doesn't need to dodge, since he uses nen to spin himself and deflect attacks. Gon was lucky that his experience in the Hunter Exam prepared him to suppress his nen so the tops wouldn't seek him. He was also lucky that his misread of the tops' trajectory with no ten for defense didn't result in a crippling injury.


Cool, Wing agreed to teach Gon, but I feel like Wing was a bit stringent in prohibiting Gon from studying nen for two months. Where's the harm in reading a book or watching a match as long as Gon doesn't try what he reads or copy what he sees in a match?


Oh, Kurapika. Were you trying to be like Gon in losing your License quickly? At least the thief gave it back and offered to train you. I just hope the guy is telling the truth and isn't luring Kurapika to his death or trying to steal his eyes.


Shippuden - I still don't understand why Itachi didn't take Sauce's eyes while he was in the genjutsu rather than psychologically torturing him by making him think that's what was happening.


Amaterasu (sp?) being black flames makes me think of this scene https://youtu.be/erdVrCxrWMo?t=1975, which is so much better. Still, a Fire Style justu which burns until what it hits is consumed sure sounds useful. Just be sure not to hit an ally by mistake.


OP - The fuck is this horseshit, show?! Shadow Revolution should not be able to work that way. I'd be willing to grant that Moria moving a Shadow with his Shadow-Shadow powers could force the body to move if we buy into his bit about the body and the Shadow being bound, but not stretching like that. Oars is made of ordinary, non-rubberized flesh and bone. Those have ordinary physical limits. If Moria tried to make that flesh move in the rubberized stretching fashion, it would tear muscles, dislocate joints, tear tendons from their anchor points, and maybe even break bones (especially the Oars Ball). Recall also what Chopper astutely observed, that Oars' right arm wasn't his original one. It was surgically attached post-mortem, and Oars had been in a freezer presumably ever since that procedure. That means there would have been no opportunity for Oars' flesh to heal from that operation, meaning the new arm bonding to his other flesh, other than the time since his awakening, which has been less than a day. Making his arm "stretch" like that could well tear it off his body.


Oh, but that's not all. Moria switching with his Shadow is fucking bullshit, too. That's nothing short of teleportation. Control over a Shadow does not mean instantly transporting your physical matter from one location to another without moving through space, and it would've absolutely needed to be instantly, since a slow switch would've left enough of his spine there in Oars' cockpit for it to be broken by Robin's Clutch.


But wait, it gets worse, because that ignores that when Robin manifests her arms, hands or other body parts from a surface, they are attached to that surface, not to a set of longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates. When it's on a person in motion, her manifested parts move with them, still sprouted from that portion of their body as they move. We've seen it happen. Thus, Robin's arms, which were attached to Moria, should've still been attached to his relocated flesh, meaning she could still break him with Clutch. There's also a much weaker, but extant, argument to be made that under the principles of the Shadow being bound to the body and Shadow Revolution, then Robin "breaking" the Shadowman's neck should make Moria's body do the same. Sure, it might be that only Moria can apply Shadow Revolution, not that once he's invoked it, it can apply to all unbound Shadows in the area, but if the show is going to throw shovelful after shovelful of livestock excrement at me and call them applications of a Devil Fruit power, I will throw those same shovelfuls right back at it if provided the opportunity.


Oh no, Robin is out, and she has no singular obsession to use to rouse her to wakefulness. She's also defenseless against the coming sun on her own. Someone pick her up and get her to safety.


OPM - Props to Golden Ball for surviving being drug though the street surface like that.


I can't imagine seaweed soup stock would taste good without seasonings.


I'm getting too far ahead of the episodes in my reading of OPM manga volumes to remember any differences for this episode.

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Thought so.  ::)


And upon reading your actual thoughts on the matter, I'm starting to think this tops "swallowing the ball is against the rules of pirate dodgeball" argument you brought up back in the Davy Back Fight arc in terms of One Piece-related bullshit.

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Looney Tunes is a universe where any number of characters at any given moment can ignore physiological limitations or the laws of physics. That's a basic premise of that fictional universe. Outside of certain fantastical elements and quirks which pertain to individual characters exclusively (and S.D. humor. Can't forget the S.D. humor) OP is a world which mostly tries to live in the ordinary physical realm. It even applies limits to some of the fantastical elements, such as only one person having a particular Devil Fruit power at once.


Then there's almost everything with Moria. It's like this arc isn't even trying to live in the same ordinary physical realm that the rest of the show does. I'm vehemently against Moria's crap because 1. he's a terrible excuse for a Warlord since he's A. physically weak, B. lazy, C. reliant on the strength of slaves, D. at risk of losing his army if his ship ever leaves a specific area of the Grand Line (because when the Shadowless people burn up in sunlight, his zombies lose their animating force) and E. annoying to hear laughing, which he does frequently, 2. his power and how he employs it are shenanigans (fine, he can grab a Shadow, but an ordinary physical object he holds shouldn't be able to do anything to it, and if he's the one with Shadow-Shadow powers, other people shouldn't be able to grab Shadows as well), 3. manipulating a Shadow does not change the nature of flesh and bone (after what Moira did to Oars, he should be a broken and mangled mess, unable to move on his own due to the structural damage done to his body. Even with Shadow Revolution, I'm not sure Moria would be able to keep Oars standing), 4. control of a Shadow doesn't equate to Fast Dodge, let alone Instant Transmission, and 5. in order for Moria's power to work to save his life, the show had to slow something as fast as Clutch down several magnitudes. Recall how slowly the Shadowman phased from being the Shadowman to being Moria. That was a much longer transition than the fraction of a second it would take for Robin to break his neck. Even if he were to focus his power and relocate his neck and spinal column first, then he's still killed himself, because now his brain is cut off from the rest of his body, so he can't send the nerve impulse to that flesh to tell it to phase out with his Shadow-Shadow powers. He would also have cut off the autonomic signals to his heart and lungs, meaning he'd asphyxiate in a matter of minutes... which, thinking about it, would be an acceptable outcome.


So, I guess I'm saying that I think Moria and the Shadow-Shadow Fruit's powers were poorly conceived and executed even worse. If I ever start reading OP manga chapters again, I'm inclined to skip Thriller Bark. 

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You'd probably wanna skip the current manga arc too if you think Moria's powers are too outlandish. I could understand the argument but One Piece doesn't really shy away from powers like this going forward. If anything they only ramp up even more. KI-SHISHISHISHI!  ;D

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I would just like to say that I'm glad we saw Moria getting his face punched repeatedly and I hope to see this continue next week.



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The one thing to take away from One Piece is: POWER LEVELS DEVIL FRUIT POWERS ARE BULLSHIT.


The evil vampire Dio Brando's reign of terror, or at least what would have precluded such a reign, has come to an end; and though many lives were lost that fateful night, Jonathan Joestar emerged victorious, ready to face what the future holds. Namely, a future with his newly betrothed as they cap off their nuptials with a honeymoon cruise across the Atlantic. Surely nothing terrible could happen on a crowded boat in the middle of international waters, right?  :-\


Before I spoil too much, Trunks goes back to the future to keep his ruined planet from getting ruined further in the epilogue to Kai's first season, we're out of IBO episodes so have another JoJo (synopsis coming next week), Hisoka continues his battle with Kastro in spite of having his arm off, Tobi's fight with the Leaf Ninja gets interrupted by a message concerning the outcome of Sasuke's fight, Foley if your suspension of disbelief surrounding the Shadow Shadow Fruit's powers hasn't been completely obliterated then prepare yourself, and we get re-introduced to the world's first, last, and only heroic prison rapist.


12:00 - Dragonball Z Kai #98 - Peace for the Future! The Spirit of Goku is Forever! - TV-PGLV

12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #9 - The Final Ripple! - TV-MAV (broadcast), TV-MA (personal)

1:00 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #10 - New York's JoJo - TV-MAV (broadcast), TV-14LV (personal)

1:30 - Hunter x Hunter #32 - A Surprising Win - TV-14V

2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #139 - The Mystery of Tobi - TV-PGLV

2:30 - One Piece #373 - The End of the Battle is Nigh! Pound in the Finishing Move - TV-PGLV

3:00 - One Punch Man #8 - The Deep Sea King - TV-14LV


[angel dash!]

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...Foley if your suspension of disbelief surrounding the Shadow Shadow Fruit's powers hasn't been completely obliterated then prepare yourself...




DBZK - Yep, Goku's friends and family will miss him, but he's fine with being dead, because there's lots of training with great masters to do in the afterlife.


I forgot that when the Dragonballs revived Cell's victims, that included Bubbles, Gregory and King Kai, but I'm glad it did. Taking the bombs out of 17 and 18 was nice and a good thing for public safety in the case of accidental detonation, but I don't understand how reverting the androids to human form was impossible. Shenron wouldn't have to fight them; he'd be restoring their natural anatomy. Oh well.


Alas, Trunks had to go back to his time, but he got a big increase in power while here which will be useful there. It made me smile to see him be pleasantly surprised to learn of Vegeta's furious attempt to avenge him.


JoJo - Regarding the heroes not stepping in to stop Poco's dad from smacking him, I can see three rationales for it. First, they didn't think it was their place to chastise a man for how he chose to discipline his child. Second, they thought it would be a waste of a prime moment for Poco to toughen up and/or man-up and stand up to his father. Third, it was a teachable moment for Poco that actions have consequences, sometimes for other people like his sister, and they thought that intervening might diminish the impact of that lesson.


As our heroes embarked on the rescue mission, I was glad to see Poco's sister refuse Dio so emphatically.


I very much liked Speedwagon's scathing assessment of Dio's supposed sophistication.


It may have seemed pointless, but I think Dire's sacrifice helped Jonathan plan his offense. I would take issue that flesh doesn't freeze that quickly, because it's an insufficiently effective conductor of heat, but eh. I liked that Jonathan decided to use a weapon against Dio, and it worked to maim him. As for the near-bifurcation and the blade of the sword being in a fire, I'm not sure whether it was a sound battle tactic or luck, but I would like to think that Jonathan knew his target and what was beyond it. In the supposedly finishing attack, it was satisfying to see that Jonathan put so much hamon energy into it that Dio couldn't sap it all away. Dio disintegrating was also satisfying. When he fell from the castle, my thought was "go find the body or what remains of it and expose it to sunlight." This can't be the end of things, because there's too much show left for the bad guy to truly be dead.


Jonathan, I say you shouldn't cry for a guy who was never more than a jerk and a murderous usurper at heart.


MSG: IBO - Regarding Kudelia's address to Arbrau, if the Colonies, Mars and Outer Spheres are represented proportionally in Parliament, then pick better representatives to advocate for you. If not, then yes, she has a point regarding policy disparity. I still don't understand why Makanai needed to be there to deliver his remarks. Why not do a video conference? Oh well, Makanai won, so maybe those not on Earth will get a fair shake in the future.


McGillis was fully slimy. He did all this to get the power he needs to effect change in Gjallarhorn, but lots of people died in his plan for reform, including rank and file soldiers for Gjallarhorn, members of Tekkadan, and two of his friends since childhood, one even by his own hand. To me, he sounded extra creepy when talking about how Almiria would have a good life.


Ein, we get it. Michael McConnohie Lt. Zent was a great mentor, but look what's become of you in your quest for vengeance. I'm not certain whether Ein's immersion cockpit is what a proper Alaya Vinjana is like or it's solely for his life support systems.


Mikazuki pushed himself and the interface too far. He only had one line into his spinal implants, but Ein had three, presumably for better signal flow between himself and his mobile suit. Anyway, Mika, with a pep talk of sorts from Orga, won, but sustained nerve damage. His vision is diminished in one eye, but he may recover from the effects of intraocular bleeding. The real problem is that he can only move his right arm in Barbatos. He may be just as capable in Barbatos, but his combat potential outside it is certainly diminished, and his daily life will be much more difficult. While I'm sure Atra would volunteer for it, he'd need help bathing the left side of his torso. It's also a good thing he didn't know much about writing, since he'll need to re-learn how to do that left-handed.


Tekkadan got exposure, and they got a contract with Arbrau. I like that most of the prominent members survived to return to Mars. At least they have a long time on the trip to figure out how to break the news to Cookie and Cracker about their brothers' deaths.


HxH - When we consider that Hisoka has a record of 8-3, and the three losses are no-show forfeits that he had to schedule because he reached the time limit between matches, then we can know that he had been at 200th floor for a long time before the Hunter Exam.


Kastro is interesting. He's the only opponent to survive Hisoka, and Hisoka gave him his only loss. If I remember OG Naruto correctly, that wouldn't be a Shadow Clone, but a Solid Clone jutsu. I like that even Killua couldn't figure it out right away.


It's lame that Gon was forbidden to watch, since Wing said that would count as studying nen during his 2-month prohibition. As for Gon's arm, he clearly heals really quickly. Maybe he's using his nen like hamon to repair his cells, either instinctually or deliberately.


In the match, what I want to know is whether Hisoka will he be able to reattach his severed arm with nen. What would really stink for Kastro is if this has all been some illusion magic on Hisoka's part.


Shippuden - While not a completely reliable tactic, Sauce using fire attacks to generate a thunderhead for the purpose of directing real lightning with his Lightning Style jutsu was imaginative, and the lightning did look cool.


The Susanoo jutsu looked like it has three levels; skeleton, flesh and armor. I'm not sure what Zetsu meant when he said Itachi wasn't at his best the whole time. Was it simply the blurry vision of going blind? Did he have tuberculosis? Did he have some preexisting internal injuries? Anyway, it was an adequate resolution to Orochimaru's fate that Susanoo killed the giant white snake hydra and sealed Orochimaru's chakra with Susanoo's sword. I sure hope the last tiny white snake getting caught and consumed by the Amaterasu flames means we've seen the last of Orochimaru in the present of the show.


I feel like we'll eventually be told Itachi's inaudible dying words. I feel like Sauce was lucky Itachi collapsed first, since Sauce didn't have the chakra to maintain his Sharingan anymore for this fight.


Heh, even Zetzu thought Orochimaru's regurgitation thing was gross. I would like to know if the Kusanagi blade is still out in the physical world for Sauce to recover and use.


OP - Zoro made an opening, and Usopp's shot was accurate. How did Moria's Shadow get inside Oars to pull out the salt bag? The last we saw the Shadowman, it was outside Oars on the ground level where the Straw Hats were. We never saw it enter Oars. This strikes me as more teleportation crap, and I've already made my position on that known.


Luffy Hulk was much stronger than ordinary Luffy, and I liked seeing him beat up Moria and, to a lesser extent, Oars.


You're a decent lady, actual Lola, for getting the unconscious Robin to safety.


Wait, wait, wait. How was Shadow Revolution working after Moria was smashed in the face? It looked like Moria was dazed and unresponsive, if not unconscious, after Luffy Hulk smashed him in the face, but Oars stretched after that. This would mean that either Moria was still conscious and using Shadow Revolution despite his injury, which is difficult to believe unless he proves such in the first few minutes of the next episode, or Shadow Revolution is an area effect, which means Moria should already be dead thanks to Robin.


Okay, Oars is down and Moria appears unconscious. Someone kill Moria before he recovers. I don't care whether it's Luffy, Usopp, Nami or some random member of actual Lola's crew. Just someone do it. However, since Kuma was watching, I doubt he'd allow that to happen.


Haaaa, Lola's crew thought Brook was rendered a skeleton by damage from the battle. They sure will be surprised when he regains consciousness.


Regarding the preview for One Piece Movie Gold, it looked like 1. Chopper was younger, 2. Robin was more buxom, and 3. Nami was prettier (I like the long hair).


OPM - Man, were the Tank Top Brothers loud and obnoxious.


I still feel like the cyborg which trashed Genos' hometown was one of Metal Knight's drones. Perhaps it went out of control. Perhaps it did exactly what he wanted it to do. Who knows?


The manga had an additional threat level lower than Tiger, which was Wolf, and it is defined as "appearance of a life-form or group posing a risk." I would consider that to be like street thugs or gangs, and since those would be common and could be handled by police, many, if not most, Class-C heroes or occasionally ordinary citizens, then I can understand why that threat level wouldn't be announced and would thus be excluded from the show to save a small amount of episode time and production budget.

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2. Robin was more buxom


Eh, Robin's lighter skin tone was more of an obvious difference to me than her increased bust size.

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