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  1. Same. Fullmetal Alchemist (both series) was the first one that came to mind that got way better after episode 1 and Monster was the second (though it took me about 10-15 episodes to get really hooked into the mystery).
  2. I've watched lots of fanservice anime too, but this isn't even good fanservice. Hell I don't even think it can qualify as bad fanservice. It's honestly insulting to the audience. Plenty of decent characters exist for fanservice, but Tamaki's whole personality is "gets molested repeatedly" and it's fucking gross.
  3. Enjoy the uselessness every single week now!
  4. Way, way back when this thread lived in OA we would sometimes toss in any Japanese shows we consumed cause there wasn't any other place to put it. I stopped watching dramas a long time ago, but now that I'm here there's a good chance I may jump back into them. It's too niche for a TV thread. 😁
  5. Well I mean it could technically be Dr. Stone if someone gets revived or even Fire Force is the useless blob is there.
  6. Fruits Basket (2019) 25 Stray Kids 9-10 [END] BTS Bon Voyage 3 Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan 1
  7. So I'm gonna be good this season and not bite off a bunch of series that I'll just stay behind on... so I'm just gonna do My Hero Academia s4 and Kabukicho Sherlock in addition to Dr. Stone, Fire Force, and Vinland Saga which will be carrying over from Summer. (Beastars being in Netflix is honestly a blessing in disguise for me.) Hopefully I will get some of my anime backlogs watched between those two shows and all the Korean stuff I'm watching. 😁
  8. The Daimon Devil Bats were the best, most likable shounen boys. It's no wonder Dr. Stone is knocking it out of the park. Senku isn't quite up to Hiruma's level of awesome, but he's close. Really though the writer has a knack for characters. He can make you feel for even the worst of the villains and he can bring amazing depth to a joke character. I shouldn't be surprised that I enjoy the show as much as I do, but I am.
  9. Dr. Stone 10 Fire Force 9 Elsewhere NO.MERCY 4-6
  10. Vinland Saga 9 Kimetsu no Yaiba 22 One Piece 883 Fruits Basket (2019) 23 Elsewhere NO.MERCY 2-3 Bring The Soul: Docu-Series 2
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