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  1. Given that the earrings seem to be important and are apparently a heirloom... I'm willing to be there's a demon curse involved.
  2. My heartu! 😭😭😭
  3. Twice is legit the best part of the League of Villains and I love him.
  4. Oh shit you're right. The "shirt" shirt is when All Might goes to his apartment to talk to his mom.
  5. Never forget that during this fight... Deku is wearing a shirt that says "shirt" and even the voice actors dragged him for it.
  6. Your first clue that something was up with Camie was her instant obsession with Deku.
  7. I just worked a retail job with a bunch of teenagers and they worked rings around their managers.
  8. Fire Force is pretty good. I like the glasses guy.
  9. So are his lawyers still the one who is supposedly friends with him cause maybe his "friends" don't really consider him a friend. Also re: names... I deal with names on a daily basis and how they look on paper and what comes out of people's mouths when they say it I'm just like "HOW????"
  10. Vinland Saga - I'm trying to not watch all three episodes at once so I don't have to wait for the 4th episode, but I really liked it. I wasn't quite what I expected in a good way. I'm always a sucker for a story that starts with someone as a little kid and then the world breaks them so I'm definitely on board for the season. Given - A very solid first episode. I like the dark haired guy and the other two dudes in the band are super cute. I'm also very impressed with their rotoscoping on the instrument scenes. I'm still so behind on anime in general, but it's come a long way since the very obviously done piano hands in Nodame.
  11. I love this dumb-dumb.
  12. I like that Attack on Titan can be summed up as "Eren's dad fucked it up for everybody."
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