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  1. Oh so you don't actually know how anything works. Cool.
  2. Then don't watch it? I mean it's not like non-Hollywood live action adaptions do much better unless it's like a romance series or something reality based.
  3. Japan's insistence to stick with CDs/DVDs always baffled me. Glad to see the tide is turning and they are realizing that streaming makes everything way more accessible to consumers, especially with their weird rental laws.
  4. You know about 2 hours after I posted this and I was getting ready for bed it hit me that they did it. I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes. 😆
  5. Oh so people are still mad about the furry hentai getting pulled. Just watch it on hanime like a normal person.
  6. Bolt.com I cut my teeth on both their club forums and general boards. it was my first social media site too.
  7. That would actually be a really cool thing. Even seeing a blood transfusion would be neat just to see how they'd handle it. I wonder if we'll get a COVID-19 episode. 🤔
  8. Why the fuck would I listen to Thomas fucking Jefferson??
  9. I don't care for Dragonball so I never watched it, but if you mean the one that loves to murder germs then sure.
  10. I honestly think they are about the same lookswise. Honestly I would have just done a Heroes for Hire show.
  11. It was really good and even educational to a point. I would recommend it. White Blood Cell was one of my favorite characters last year.
  12. This is just a depressing blow. I actually didn't know about his break a few years ago because I was out of the loop. I knew he wasn't in much for a while, but I assumed it was just a natural cycle thing. I was honestly taken aback by the news.
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