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  1. My daughter hasn't mentioned her father in years

    Yeah I've met my dad three times and he literally never crosses my mind unless someone specifically asks me about him and that's usually just when I'm filling out medical history paperwork. But then I don't sit around thinking about other strangers either so...
  2. speaking of barbie

    There's also cell phone video from two different bystanders which is going to be a blessing for the victims. The first video that popped up on Twitter caught the verbal abuse and the guns on the kids, but missed the part where they knocked the man to the ground. The other angle is from the opposite of the scene and caught it since it had a more directly line of sight to the cop car and the back of their car. This whole thing is just baffling. The police claim no charges were filed because the store got the merchandise back, but I used to work at a Dollar General in Oklahoma. If we caught a shoplifter and called the police they would detain and remove them from the store, but unless the theft hit a certain dollar amount they didn't even get arrested. We just filled out a form to have them banned from the store. I only saw two shoplifters actually arrested the whole time I was there. One admitted to having meth in her purse and the other had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting from another store in the area.
  3. Are these the same pedophiles from the imaginary pizza basement??
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 34
  5. Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

    Thank you for loving my windy son.
  6. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    The Rising of the Shield Hero 23 Sarazanmai 10
  7. How do you feel about ATT?

    I have Suddenlink now because I moved. Before that I was using a local provider in town where I used to live because their internet was fiber optic and they didn't give a fuck how much you used.
  8. Best Soup In The World

    I can't do soup. I gotta have a stew.
  9. How do you feel about ATT?

    This is an old anecdote, but they were my introduction to DSL and I never had a single problem with it.
  10. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    Complaint about myself: Way to be a fucking asshole and not pay attention to what you were doing when you cleared your cache. Now you deleted all your saved username and passwords. I realize that's probably a good thing in the long run given how often shit gets hacked but do you know how much motherfucking work you gotta do now? YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR FUCKING PASSWORD TO ANYTHING. NOW YOU HAVE TO RESET THEM ALL LIKE SOME KIND OF FUCKING OLD PERSON.
  11. Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

    Shit's getting heavy on AoT and TPN tonight~
  12. So what I'm hearing is he drank too much of the gay frog juice water????
  13. speaking of barbie

    The dude who pulled the gun on the unarmed pregnant woman and her child is STILL on patrol.
  14. And nothing of value was lost.
  15. You guys having a good Wednesday?

    Eh, I've had better.