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  1. I really should start posting here again lol Thanks for the shout-out! ❤️
  2. Same. Gemusetto had the same energy as PHF and I love that too
  3. Oh yeah. People HATED milk chan. This was around the time of "AS never adds new anime it's always Inuyasha reruns"
  4. Hello fellow 33yo and former AD comrade
  5. Yeah I basically stopped posting around 2012 and then I came back in 2016 to glance around and I was just fucking devastated to see the Reddit-like layout and the archives gone. Thank Christ for Wayback Machine preserving some of it.
  6. Action but I dabbled in OA. I would post in IB to pad out my post count until I got OOTO But yeah AD are my people
  7. Zenigundam you freaking weirdo
  8. I came back when it was reddit and had a heart attack
  9. You work with what you got and we were able to do quite a lot with what we had at our disposal not for nothing.
  10. I remember when they started allowing us to submit our own icons, that was such a game changer. So many of us got so into it. I actually was backing up my Photobucket and I stumbled across the ol' icons I made in MS Paint. I really enjoyed how Trunks's thread was the main hub in Action Discussion. It was the main place most of us would go back to outside of AIM to discuss the block. I also missed how competitive things got for posting episode threads and how there could be only ONE per episode every week. Designing an episode thread was what gave me my first experience in HTML funny enough.
  11. Yeah fr. Everyone thought you were Zeni pretending to be a naive kid
  12. Well well well if it isn't Alastour
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