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  1. There's a reason guys have pullout games and it's not because women are magically overpower them lol Also if the guys are so worried they should bring and wear condoms.
  2. I think making good AI porn will take a long fucking time. The uncanny valley effect of AI art can be a real boner killer.
  3. I feel like Your Name is a lot easier to adapt than most other anime adaptations. You just got to make sure you're using good actors and direction.
  4. I actually enjoyed that since it basically framed Homer's alcoholism as being ideal lol It was fun.
  5. Yeah really happy they didn't play it completely straight. Some good back to back twists there.
  6. I have been watching Seven Deadly Sins and I actually did like the manga for it despite how bad the last act is. But Netflix had no idea what they were doing with it. The way the seasons were structured made no sense.
  7. Oh okay, because I couldn't believe how lazy they were with the lack of in-between animation. You can't just make a series with key animation frames!!!
  8. Netflix's focus on quantity over quality has generated a lot more content that is either very bad or very good. Very wildly different. Like Beastars and Edgerunners is great, and then they cocked up the Stone Ocean releases and botched productions like Seven Deadly Sins. So yeah, I can see how it would be seen as a gamble with them.
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