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  1. Right and then it gets a lot stickier when we get into commercialization since it could replace stock photos potentially.
  2. Wanted to open a discussion here because it's a very interesting subject. So, artificial intelligence currently works via machine learning. This means that information is fed to an AI and then the AI trains on the information and creates new output based on that information. While this has been tested out in developing algorithms, robotics, etc., it's most publicly famous use case has been creating art. As a result, we've seen AI art bots like DALL-E spitting out its bizarre uncanny art all over the place. And not only visual art but music being produced as well. While AI produced art still looks "off" and is decidedly aesthetic inferior to manmade art, we are starting to see it used by media - for magazine covers and article inserts, but this arguably could eclipse artists who make stock photos for a living. Furthermore, there is little regulation on what kind of input is going into these AIs and some output copies existing copyrighted art to the extent that it could be a violation. So we have two sides of this: AI art is pushing machine learning in a creative direction. It can be used as a tool to aid artists in finding new ideas if they hit a block or they could use it to produce a base for a unique pose. And the other side is AI art could be used to replace artists since it would produce art much more cheaply than a person. Please feel free to share your thoughts!
  3. It's definitely not what I would expect them to make but it's wacky enough that I can see them pulling it off.
  4. Ehhhhh I don't think people really care for the nuance and interchange them anyway.
  5. They really don't haha. MILF and Cougar are fairly interchangeable as are DILF and Daddy
  6. Honestly a dilf doesn't have to be a literal father. After all, he just needs to be a Daddy. 😏😏😏
  7. It's about cooking dungeon monsters into delicacies
  8. And trigger no less! That's going to be interesting. They'll actually have some existing structure to work with.
  9. Funny you mention that with the ProZD video right above your post haha
  10. https://youtu.be/VDyGSdLp98 POWAH!
  11. I have bought exclusive Funko Pops from Funimation. Not from Crunchyroll though.
  12. The single Discovery WB platform will be out by Summer 2023
  13. Discovery WB earnings call today. They're explaining their plans to integrate HBO Max and Discovery+ today
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