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In rap, people are constantly debating who the GOAT is. let's end this debate.


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It’s Jake Paul. An artist like Jake Paul only comes around once in a lifetime. Here are some reasons why.

He created an iconic dance move. Remember the Jake Paul dance? It was a groundbreaking cultural phenomenon that completely changed the universe as we know it. Everyone was doing it. White dads, The President, The Pope, and even Jesus. Unprecedented. His lyrics are deep and poetic. In It's Every Day Bro, he says “it's selling like a god, church.” I looked up “God Church” on Urban Dictionary. The definition: “To be honest.... I dont fucking know. I think some stupid YouTube star named Logan or Jake Paul made a song with it in the lyrics?” I DARE you to tell me that that isn’t some of the most beautiful lyricism of all time. John Lennon can kiss my ass. He had dozens of hits. Think about all the classic songs that Jake Paul gave us over these past few decades. It's Everyday Bro, Logang Sucks, Big Poppa, Lose Yourself, Hotel California, Stairway To Heaven, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Bohemian Rhapsody, Ambitionz az a Ridah. And that’s just last year. The list goes on and on. He was the political voice of a generation.

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