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  1. Dynamite: “No more selling drugs to the community” “But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community” lol A hilarious parody movie that Adult Swim really wanted as a show
  2. Yes I bought it on blu ray and it made me bust out laughing.
  3. It’s so funny, and I also loved the live action movie originally. The show was a hilarious follow up to the film and it’s a shame it was canceled after only 2 seasons.
  4. Shippuden at 4:30 and a hour of Samurai Jack reruns at 5am. Reminds me of when the block officially ended at 6am every week.
  5. I think your thinking of The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 or 2
  6. Not these guys because your pretty freaking dead
  7. I feel this has had to air on tv somewhere and sometime before this I know I have seen the dvd cover for this many times before likely starting in Blockbuster in 2010
  8. The animation here is pretty good considering the age of the movie
  9. Not sure about Toonami but since this movie came out in 2010, it's possible this aired on Adult Swim or another tv channel in the past decade.
  10. Jim "It was just my wife and I having to have dinner at my mother in law's house the whole time"
  11. Didn't think I'd be crying about Robin saying goodbye to his Japanese monkey tonight but dammit here I am
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