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  1. Thanks to everyone who's sent me good vibes, positive thoughts, and prayers. I truly appreciate it.
  2. Yes, I am. Sorry, but that seems to be the only solution.
  3. I'm afraid to try it, but I probably would anyway. I don't know.
  4. Thanks. Oh, and I'm actually in consideration for two positions, not just one. The second is actually editing video footage of the International Space Station, which sounds even better than the first.
  5. Now, now. Even hateful people need our sympathy from time to time. He's in pain. He's desperate for attention. That's why he resorts to doing drastic things like faking his own death and kidnapping. He's needs a lot of prayer.
  6. I haven't been on here until now. Real life stuff happened.
  7. Always the negative one, eh, he who cries wolf?
  8. God knows I need it. Anyway, any prayers and good vibes sent my way is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. So doing real-life things like work and sleep and spending time with my wife equals running off in your little world? Okay. Whatever. But it's better than being on here with you political circle jerkers. My dad was right. I should've just moved on when the [as]MB finally died. But nooooooooo! I wanted to keep posting with people I at least respected for being who they were. The only problem is they (well....YOU) want me to be just like them: A political robot. Sorry. Life's not that way. Stilgar: If that's the case, the state is wrong for not telling them. (But again, I'm actually trying to hold both sides accountable.)
  10. First, it's not my fault you think my compliment to Beto is backhanded. Second, voter intimidation is wrong. Third, you should realize that some of those who were removed from the voting rolls in Texas are deceased. Also, if they were wrongly removed, they could always, you know, reregister. (But what do I know? I'm apparently stupid.) To everyone else: Get bent. If you don't like the fact I actually have a life outside of this place, well, fuck off.
  11. If you mean when I was trying to compliment O'Rourke, well, what you posted in response wasn't even related to what I was even talking about. You changed the subject. And if going to bed is disappearing, then we're all guilty of it.
  12. When did I disappear? When was I proven wrong? Please tell me.
  13. ... Why do I even try with this fucking board? Seriously, y'all don't care about opposing viewpoints; you just care about stroking your political egos and patting each other on the back when you scream loud enough to drown out the opposition's argument, which, by the way, may in fact be reasonable for all you know. When y'all stop with the political circle jerk echo chamber bullshit and start actually engaging in serious political discourse, people will come to this board. Otherwise, it will fail just like the [as]MB failed, plain and simple. But hey, what do I know?
  14. Let me quote the bridge from "Open Secrets", a song by Rush: I find no absolution In my rational point of view Maybe some things are instinctive But there is something you can do You could try to understand me I could try to understand you You could try to understand me I could try to understand you I'm quoting this because jumping to conclusions about people when you may not really even understand them of have the point of view they have is detrimental and ultimately counterproductive to not only personal growth, but also societal growth. (Oh, screw it. Move this to Dumpster Fires, please.)
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