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  1. Well you're more than welcome to go to Saw Con. DEEZ NUTZ HASHBROWN GOTTEM
  2. It’s a convention for people who like the Saw Franchise, idiot.
  3. Gottem. Pretty sure the only other thing in Kansas is SawCon.
  4. InsaneFox

    Am I evil?

    Blue Yoshi is the only one that matters.
  5. Good captions everybody. Except Quack, your sense of humor is lacking as usual.
  6. Side note: I think it’s gonna be an upbeat and uplifting session...
  7. Bout to start running Delta Green for some idiots today. But I’m staring at the cover for the player’s book and I’m trying to ascertain exactly what’s going on? I think it needs a caption...
  8. Decided to play Quacks of Quedlinburg. In memory of Quackers, RIP.
  9. Don’t mind the mess. We’re in the middle of stuff so everything is scattered. Have more games in totes in the garage, but we gotta get shelving to display it first.
  10. Ironically it’s not that complicated. I considered teaching Scythe for a day at Gen Con for a free ticket.
  11. Is it? I typically stay away from IP-based board games. Though I do like the Battlestar Galatica boardgame.
  12. Yeah... my copy of Scythe with the inserts and fancy metal pieces and coins weighs 28 pounds and I’m confident it’s sturdy enough to kill a man in a pinch.
  13. My friend was like, “I got a new game, we can punch it out real quick and try to get a game in.” Later: “I didn’t think this was gonna be another Anachrony incident.” (Anachrony was like 15 punch boards of all small but slightly different tiles. Horrible.)
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