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  1. I saw her posting on FB the other day. She no dead.
  2. I guess they assumed I would abuse it.
  3. I was never allowed any sort of power. For some reason.
  4. I need more people so I stop getting wrecked by Gibson.
  5. Problems with original lobby. New lobby is 19B06. Pw 00070006
  6. I don’t think we watched the same video.
  7. I like the part at the end where the cat catches and kills the hamster. Didn’t think it would be so fucking dark with how light hearted and silly the rest of it was.
  8. Seriously though, is everything okay man? I feel like all of this is some sort of defense mechanism triggered by a life stimulus.
  9. When I was a kid, some friends, my cousins, and I found a “dead body”, and kicked it. We then ran away after it got up and started chasing us, apparently it was a hobo in a field with a trashbag blanket.
  10. I mean. We have let this country go to shit. So Trump fits the bill for that.
  11. Technically that’s Pat’s mom’s phone number.
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