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  1. sparks_


    Yeah, he was a clown on the boards, but we grew pretty tight. I was no shit going to ask if it was you, but didn't want to hurt your feelings if it wasn't. Last I heard you were passed out naked on Tate's couch in Iowa. How you been?
  2. sparks_


    That's only half true. It's been all right. I'll still listen to Dwight Yoakam every now and then. Since you were wondering: I haven't talked to Gnome since the boards, but Vintage and I stayed close in touch until a couple years ago. Was RainyDayJizz your username?
  3. sparks_


    I never saved it, but it's pretty hard to forget. I made a video about it years ago that I would probably have to delete before running for office.
  4. sparks_


    It's Dwight Yoakam. By the way.
  5. sparks_


    All of them. Mostly Pero and dposse. I made that video probably fifteen years ago, too, so that's a trip for sure.
  6. sparks_


    Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time. A long time.
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