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  1. Oh the plot thickens.... found something I'd been looking for today 😏
  2. It helped me throughout high school with my girl problems.
  3. Ever realize how that's the sound a clock makes?
  4. Literally, figuratively, and everything in between Who else be about this life? 🤠
  5. Assume that those cliched bubble colonies of science fiction lore which support an artificial atmosphere to protect against radiation are in place.
  6. and virtually everything remained the same, except that you wouldn't see the moon at night, would you live there? Could anything entice you to live there? Dirt cheap real estate? Higher paying jobs? The guarantee of attractive women also living on the moon? Would it take an endless list of accommodations and guarantees or would a few things be good enough for you?
  7. Amazon says that the DVD release became available on January 15th, 2009.
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