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  1. I think he settled on those were mushrooms despite saying it was chicken before. I don't really look for honesty out of him any more.
  2. I like it on the cob, but mostly in the context of a shrimp/crawfish/crab boil.
  3. Green beans are awesome...toss all that fucking uncobbed corn bs tho
  4. Awwww, feeling a little less special now, champ.
  5. Women talking to men rarely is based on aesthetics....Most of the time a female is trying to match your energy, not thinking "This guy is out of my league" By him being a comedian, it's probably women amping themselves up to be personable.
  6. Once you eat a 2 lb bag of all pink starbursts, you realize that in this world, you never settle for less.
  7. I read somewhere that a knight removing his helmet without permission in front of the queen wasa way to break the bond or some shit....But since i can't find it anywhere on google, it was probably a video game and it only mattered in that world.
  8. I do like how Nabbie Knoxville also suffers from that skewed course of events.
  9. If he hadn't and Marcellus got out, it would have been that much worse on Butch.
  10. No matter what we name it, it's still Pod6, and this was bound to happen
  11. What..... Wtf even is th..... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
  12. No, I just get ads for it on every possible platform....Do you want to know how sick I am of the Star Wars Christmas special.....You don't want to know how sick I am of the Lego Star Wars Christmas special
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