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  1. I've had this tee'd up for over a month and no use for it....I fear this'll be tho only time it's even slightly relevant.
  2. This would have been the only action that made sense, but that is really ONLY given the information we have now. RGB was still effective at her job after Obama left office, but no one could have foreseen the events that have happened, how they augmented, and how this current administration handled/didn't handle things. Hindsight being 20/20 though, I couldn't agree more with you.
  3. Was it beef of any kind...Because I don't fridge thaw beef. Seems like the center never thaws. Chicken and pork are different.
  4. WTF happened...I was in one thread and now....Wasn't this thread about butts...WTF, how did I get here?
  5. It's from Tuesday...I call it abandoned
  6. Uh, what is that I hear.....Is that the cry of the lotion? Ok, I'm done now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiz8veMfY8E
  7. LOL, I was abut to mention RSD....But was like "this has gotten pervy enough as it is....This is no time for series loyalty"
  8. I watched a lot of shit on late night Showtime.....Keeping an eye out for "nudity" or "strong sexual content"
  9. Well, I haven't seen Roy training at all....Mike is building this up all on his own...... Which makes me think there will be some sort of bait and switch later....But that's just decades of cynicism talking.
  10. Settle down, I know you think you know what's going on...but you don't. Amber Rose lives in my head rent free. Donald trump lives in my head rent free The militia of armed thugs with badges live in my head rent free...... I'm just leaving some tender vittles out for my homeless friend because i know he can't resist.
  11. Allow me to recreate the experience Needing and begging for rain because a disproportionate amount of hogs need to constantly congeal in the coolest of environments while it's pure hell outside with no signs of ever being a sustainable desert that so many inhabitants have lulled themselves into thinking they are enjoying. Mere moments away from being nothing more than a wasteland riddled with crumbling strip malls and conservatives who vote blue. I wish I was a carrot. I mean, it's not perfect...but you get the jist.
  12. This would be an awesome segue for Nabs, but he has a character arc to dedicate himself to and he'll have to miss this gold.
  13. They used to sell it in the Sam's back home....It was either good, or just good because of the size of the slice....That was at least 25 years ago though.....No idea what they are pushing now.
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