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  1. I was pissed you made it first and I left the thread.
  2. I'm screenshot my dark souls 2 inventory...I'm exactly this idiot.
  3. LOL, this is how dumb you'd have to be to say some shit like this in 2021
  4. I was born there and I have a bit of business to attend to. As soon as I know the dates, I'll hit you up...you owe me El Cholos
  5. The horse with the wig got so many shares
  6. Sawdy's memes be going over like gangbuster on FB.
  7. This alt has 3 very specific Wetfart memories, and it's taking pot shots with the rest....Reeks of board autism...the kind that's usually off a bit.
  8. Well, I still haven't seen it on TV....Just on the Coke YT channel.....Are y'all sure they didn't just upload this early and it is indeed a halloween spot....I watch a lot of TV and this hasn't crossed my eye even once.
  9. Stay in you lane bitch, some of us can contextually say things you can't because we didn't spend all of our time proving we are racists. You just don't even realize that a Puerto Rican boy's life just saved your own. You really don't fucking know.
  10. What does your furry fetish have to do with Europe?
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