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  1. Annnnnnnd, it's fucking Saturday.....I seriously hate my life rn. I'll update in the meh blog thread when i feel like really bitching about it.
  2. This just threw me the fuck off because i was sure it was friday and i was sure TG was next week and for a somber 14 seconds, I was wondering did I legit miss thanksgiving.
  3. That parking garage where I met Deepscoob
  4. I keep seeing intentional men's day and I feel like it's just a more honest representation of what's going on here.
  5. I have seen the word ginger so much here this week
  6. *Watches video* Well.... aren't they going to be disappointed
  7. If you're not playing the original, then what's the point
  8. Being a person who grew up on seafood, I mostly ask if it's all seafood or just shellfish because all seafood allergies just make me sad.
  9. ......are....are you serious? Have you literally never seen him use his web to stick cameras around for action shots. Even in the old comic, before timers, he'd shoot the capture with a web as he was fighting and whatnot
  10. Don't think it's a bot...I've seen this way too often
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