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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. .....I'm just not even sure anymore.
  3. LOL, Ghostie still doing his part to make sure others don't get laid too.
  4. Pretty sure that'll only get you some action with mix.... And by action, i mean a workout.... And by workout, i mean calf sex.
  5. I almost responded to that, but i feel like he's being disingenuous...its not as prominent as the fried chicken and watermelon bullshit, but it's not some obscure shit. I Pick my battles and i didnt think this was even worth the headache
  6. So far just the guy in the video and allegedly sponges even bothered....i dont think anyone here cares
  7. Personally I think he's full of shit now that I've seen one and I want to see him "fuck with it"....Sending it to him alleviates that whole "I can't get one" cop out.
  8. Simple, let's send him one and make him record it.
  9. My homie Bludika says most Koreans are Christian (though I'm not clear if he meant just in America or where his family is from as well).....I took it with a grain of salt because the kid seems to not be that "into" his Asian heritage despite being born there.....They moved to England when he was 6 from .....I assume North Korea, because reasons but I guess I'm not sure about that either.
  10. We're humans....of course it will be violent and i hope they come in peace with weed and hookers but they kick our ass and use our corpses to grow more weed....and hookers
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