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  1. If she's emotionally disturbed and financially downtrodden now is the time to swoop in, not defriend.
  2. Another month and they'll be desperate enough that you can start getting your title loans from them.
  3. Teenage girls get enough. It's my time.
  4. It's about dead parents and then the siblings fuck in their bed or something. I dunno, I just know it had the same Chiaroscuro angst.
  5. You assume there's misogyny involved in my statement due to reflexive project, as if every Tenchi Muyo or Shinji Akari aren't the exact same mirrored concept for the channer set. Anyway this show is going to get Trump reelected.
  6. She's at best a community college silver medal after they remove her abscessed teeth, so no, that's not it. I don't like how frivolous and pandering to the lowest common Hall H denominator things have turned out from the tone of this trailer. I'll actually watch the show and reserve judgment, but from where this stands it looks like the bastard butt baby of Hercules Legendary Journeys and Party of Five.
  7. Everyone knows he's going to kick it before they get done with the series, right? That this is the equivalent of giving grandpa a crossword to do so his last synapse doesn't fizzle out? Gotta say though, plastic surgery and CGI in tandem have done wonders for Jeri Ryan. That being said, if she took off that mom jacket everyone would see that 7 of 9 would now refer to a pant size.
  8. Without having seen a single shot of Sandman I already know it's going to be better. Just wait for that.
  9. I don't know what black people have to do with CW vampires, they're all translucent white people, but no. They're very purposely doing the Bella/Edward thing with Yennifer and Geralt. It's Cinderella pumpkin carriage fat girl wish fulfillment, and if it actually plays out how it's presented here I look forward to the fan base getting trolled as nature intended.
  10. This show is going to suck shit and flop after season 2 at maximum, given that they're trying to aim this adaptation towards fat girls who'd otherwise be watching CW teenage vampires.
  11. That giant sucking sound is the Portal to Hell.
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