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  1. As to the plan itself it necessitates getting rid of the Senate filibuster to get it passed, but then again that needs to happen for the federal system to ultimately survive anyway.
  2. You're already taking all the lumpy married white dick. How much will be enough for you?
  3. Zimmerman is lonely

    What made you finally simmer for the Zimmer? I have an educated guess but I want to hear your thoughts.
  4. Zimmerman is lonely

    Interesting logic question, can one pursue a prison bf who isn't in prison?
  5. Disney+ ? More like Disney- !

    Bucket cradling a Vicodin bottle whispering "Donald Cuck" like it's The Rosary.
  6. Baseball is the sport of champions.

    Baseball is the best sport because it's the one where the AM talk radio hosts have the most productive ratio of Captain Obvious day-after advice / beating the wife because the Open Pit is Honey instead of Hickory.
  7. Hoppy Easter

    Happy Easter, ghostrek.
  8. Would the Indiana AIDS epidemic be called a "whiteout?"
  9. A fucking Jingai California hate-boner thread. This gives me the feeling of a JJ Star Wars movie.
  10. I've been pulled over like 12 times but never received a ticket.
  11. I thought in this state the vehicle had to be in motion in order for it to be unlawful, but I guess I was wrong. If all it takes is being in the driver's seat with a cell phone in hand I can see this getting abused in parking lots and such.