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  1. If she's emotionally disturbed and financially downtrodden now is the time to swoop in, not defriend.
  2. Another month and they'll be desperate enough that you can start getting your title loans from them.
  3. He is angry that you broke your promise and didn't make a video review of his FanFictions.
  4. Is there no end to your big dick racism?
  5. Mencia is doing a casino gig in my hometown, which is the metric I use when judging how much one's star has fallen.
  6. Dane actually annoys me a lot less now that it's not 2003 anymore.
  7. Statistically speaking your have a tapeworm.
  8. So I have a dead USB port in a laptop and unfortunately, it's connected to the motherboard instead of a daughterboard. Is the general consensus that I'd be better off soldering a new port or replacing the board outright?
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