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  1. What a Grumpy Trumpy

    Unironically the best part of Trump's presidency is the way he publicly humiliates all the other servile right-wing ghouls.
  2. Rep. Omar is going to prison.

    Speaking of, this doesn't warrant a new thread but it's fun enough to share nonetheless:
  3. Marriage Sucks

    Welcome to UE, Sawdy's Wife. You really are making him share everything.
  4. went and got a haircut mini-rant

    I go to a Jamaican guy near the parents' place that plays Marley on the TV all day and takes appointments on Sundays. He's great. He also does free shaves.
  5. This thread is reminding me of this great Patrice bit.
  6. The safe assumption is that anyone with over a million in net worth has fucked a kid at least once to prove to themselves they now reside in the caste where they won't face accountability for it.
  7. PC support and help

    So I have a dead USB port in a laptop and unfortunately, it's connected to the motherboard instead of a daughterboard. Is the general consensus that I'd be better off soldering a new port or replacing the board outright?
  8. I see why this story is the fulcrum of conservative media right now though. it provides for every group they obsess over and hate being put in their place all at once.
  9. speaking of barbie

    Nancy Grace A-block Barbie.
  10. harryfrodo

    He should post again.